The Brexit Effect Upon Tobacco Control

ASH has been screaming about the lack of action on its latest tobacco control plan. It has got its tame MPs to ask loads of questions addressed to Health about its latest plans for new laws to persecute and torture smokers. Thankfully, it seems that May’s Government, as compared with the puppet Cameron’s Government, is not prepared to waste time and effort on such fripperies.

As an aside, I still do not understand Cameron. I really do not. He appeared from nowhere. When he stood for the Tory leadership, I do not remember any Tory asking the simple question: “WHO IS THIS CAMERON GUY?” What we saw on the TV of the Tory Conference was staged to promote Cameron. He had learnt his speech off by heart. He had been advised to ignore the lectern and strut about on the stage, thus giving an impression of certitude. And the Tories fell for it. He was an engineered leader ‘par excellance’. Who engineered him? Who were his bosses?

Has he a personal legacy? I think not. Gay marriage and Plain Packaging of cigs is about the extent of it. And you might add capitulation to Academia – ‘the experts’. You would have thought he would have known that for every expert who says ‘A’, there is another expert who says ‘B’.

Think about ‘Cognisant Dissidence’.

There is no doubt whatsoever that, if tobacco smoke tar is the reason for the putative damage to lungs and hearts etc, ecigs remove those dangers. There is no tar in ecig emissions. That is a proven fact in chemical terms. So why is the USA Administration trying to kill ecigs?

It can only be that the Administration has ulterior motives.

We do not know what those motives are.

But what seems to be clear is that May’s Government is not concerning itself with peripheral matters. Thus, ASH ET AL have nothing to do, which is why they are screaming.

The negotiations around Brexit will take years and years. Politically, no European country could possibly see any advantage in antagonising the UK. But we must think about the meaning of the word ‘negotiation’. Very few people have talked about what “LEAVE the European Union” means. No one knows. No one knows, or pretends not to know, when precisely the UK joined the European Union, as compared with the Common Market.

How may people understand that the Common Market was set up, shortly after WW2, so that Countries did not have to invade neighbouring Countries which were rich in resources to get access to those resources? Buying and selling was better than theft.

The UK has to ‘slim’ the Public Sector. Politicians tend to look for simple solutions, such as hitting the NHS budget in big numbers. It never works because INDIVIDUALS get ill, and there is nothing that anyone can do about it. Smoking and drinking are as nothing compared with old age.

An that is something that Doll’ Doctors Study did not address. A 70 year old was the same, healthwise, as a 50 year old. Everyone was perfectly healthy until killed by smoking.

Thankfully, ASH ET AL are in the doldrums for now. They have nothing to do. Their latest wheeze is to demand MAXIMUM sizes of cig packets. So they want no 10 packs, and no 25 packs. Or could it be that they want to ban 200 packs.

The sooner that May and her cabinet outlaw the likes of ASH ET AL the better. They need to be outlawed because they lie and cheat and promulgate snake-oil solutions, such as viscous financial penalties via taxation.

May should create a team to defund all parasites. Millions and millions of pounds could be saved. Perhaps billions.


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  1. michaeljmcfadden Says:

    ::sigh:: Too bad they don’t make nematodes for Antismokers… ;>

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