Keeping the Pot Boiling

It is hard to know if Tobacco Control want objections to continue. You might examine two possibilities:

  1. Objections to TC enable further persecution of smokers because they ‘grow’ antipathy to smoking. Objections are welcome.
  2. Objections are a pain the arse. ‘The science is settled’. The ‘Path’ is laid out.

It is a hard concept to accept, but it is a matter of fact that the fight against tyranny of the ‘Tobacco Control’ variety has to be asymmetric.

Essentially, it has to be about pleasure which might shorten life as compared with misery which might lengthen life. But there is always the possibility that what might be pleasurable might lengthen life and what is miserable might shorten life.

Both can be true for individuals, and the effects upon individuals can vary over time. For example, when I was in the Air Force in Cyprus, we had a cig allowance dead cheap. That is not important. What is important is that the cigs were ‘whole’ tobacco – full of tar.

Over the decades, the tobacco plant has been ‘educated’. The Canadian Government was very instrumental in cooperating with Tobacco Companies in producing a variety of tobacco plant which produced little tar. The idea was ‘Tobacco Harm Reduction’.

Such things are amusing, but are insignificant as compared with the Smoking Ban. Nothing much else matters. In the USA, there are critical actions going on which would prohibit smoking in their own homes, if they are in flats provided by the State.

It WILL happen because the State is full of people with personal agendas. It seems to be the nature of politics that that there is no such thing as ‘natural law’.

Astonishing things happen. Why did Cameron allow two male persons to get ‘married’? Or two female persons.

The Stench is becoming intolerable.


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  1. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    Exactly right Junican !

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