“Draining the Swamp”

I think that it is constant problem with Democratically Elected Representatives that they are ignorant. I mean absolutely stupidly ignorant. I mean being put in control of an atomic energy electrical power generator plant without the slightest idea how it works.

I have been wondering about at what point the ‘Civil Service’ became detached from the ‘Cabinet’.

Decades ago, I became aware that the Civil Service accepted only the most highly qualified people at specific levels. Thus, levels which required only ‘ordinary level’ of GCEs, chose who did best and interviewed well. You might say that the system was sexist, racist, autocratic, etc, and you would almost certainly be right. But that system did, at least, produce a competent Administration.

But what was most important was that the Civil Service was not only staffed by the best talent, but also that it was a-political.

Massive changes have occurred over recent years. Personally, I think that those changes have been ‘cosmetic’. I think that the Civil Service is still sound.

What has happened is that, gradually, a new strata has has appeared between Gov and Civil Service. That strata has  been NGOs.

If such a situation had existed in 1939, I doubt that we would have prevailed over ‘The Third Reich’.

‘Draining the swamp’ in the UK is a massive task and is not clearly understood. What needs to be drained? In my opinion, any councillor on a local authority who proposes an outdoor smoking ban is ‘unfit for purpose’. Such people are intellectually inadequate and cannot be trusted to make any sensible decisions. More sensible councillors should demand that those people should resign.

There is a serious problem, which is becoming more and more obvious.

The ‘Power that Be’ want us all to be ‘equal to’ to the poorest Africans and Asians and suffer the same illnesses, such smoking induced LC. Thus, the objective of Public Health in the WHO is to make us all equally ill. That would coincide, neatly, with population control.

It is not the Civil Service which is buggering up our lives and our Freedoms. It is Quangos. They should all be defunded and told to re-apply for funding and decimated if they do not have a sufficient level if public funding. Contributions from ‘Professors and Doctors” would not be acceptable since they are recipients of the funding.

I think that ‘Draining the swamp’ will take decades. Nor will it be easy. But it could be quickly accomplished if everyone agreed that it was needed.

The proposed E-cig regs in the USA are a case in point. The proposed regs are vicious. No reasonable person would have proposed such regs. Therefore the persons who proposed those regs are ‘not fit for purpose’. They sacked themselves.

‘Draining the swamp’ in the UK is much easier, if Theresa May has the courage.

It all depends upon what you mean by ‘HEALTH’.


4 Responses to ““Draining the Swamp””

  1. Samuel Says:

    Unrelated to the above but regarding international efforts to prioritize tobacco controls as a means to recovery from the ravages of war.


    • junican Says:

      Jesus, Sam, I could not read it beyond the first couple of sentences. “DICTATORSHIP” is written large. There is no doubt.

  2. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    Think of the money we could save as a country Junican if we got rid of quangos, PHE, ASH and many aspects of our incompetent local councils. In my opinion all smoking bans should be lifted immediately and so called standardised packaging abolished. Standardised packaging has no place in a free market economy.

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