“I Lost Four Stones With Weight Watchers”

An advert on the TV just emitted. It extolled the virtue of Weight Watchers.

Is there something about the female of the species which forces them to comply? I have never yet seen an advert for Weight Watchers which features a male person. That does not mean that such ads do not exist. I do not know. But it is true that my daughter N goes to the local edition of ‘Weight Watchers’ weekly, along with her pal. They only attend for a few minutes to be weighed minutely, I think. I suppose that Weight Watches Scales are perfectly accurate. I mean ‘perfectly’ in the same sense that the new electricity meters are being pushed and paid for by taxpayers.

I do not need such a meter. If the elec company want to install one, they can do. It has nothing to do with me. Another utterly crazy ‘initiative’ by Political Zealots.

Political Zealotry is the reason for Smoking Bans and all the subsequent persecutions. The reasoning is that such initiatives are easy. It is very easy to force Electricity Companies to pay the costs of installing accurate meters. But who will pay for the ongoing costs of monitoring the accuracy of the meters?

In the UK, we need a Trump. Will May be a Thatcher? I doubt it. I doubt that she has the courage to defy the Health Zealots for a start. It really depends upon the quality of the individual ministers who negotiate. I fear that they are of the same bent as tobacco controllers. “Will it be Tobacco Control in the EU who will persecute smokers, or will it be Tobacco Control in the UK?” Both are Prohibitionists and both are poisonous.

“Draining the Swamp”.

Never has a truer word been said.



6 Responses to ““I Lost Four Stones With Weight Watchers””

  1. cherie79 Says:

    I refused a smart meter when offered, I input readings every month and didn’t see any need for something that seemed to have a lot of problems and didn’t like the idea of my supply under the control of a company.

    • junican Says:

      Here, here – sort of. I have decades of usage records in my brain. I know what is ‘normal’, give or take a bit. No elec or gas gadgets which have significantly more drain have been introduced. An old gas fire replaced with a new one; an old TV replaced with a new one; that sort of thing. Further, all the new gadgets are supposed to be ‘energy saving’ (even light bulbs), so my ‘usage’ should go down. I do not need a precise quantification any more than I need to know precisely how much petrol I have in my car’s tank.

  2. inisfad Says:

    No, we do not need a Trump over here. While he did run on the idea of ‘draining the swamp’, once elected, and once whatever ‘donor class/shadow government/ruling elite’ got to him – and it wasn’t long – he filled his cabinet with the very people he originally advised that he was going to drain. Makes you wonder if it’s even possible to drain the swamp at all.

    • junican Says:

      LOL!!! If any country needs a Trump, it is Ireland!!! Frankly, I think that the EU should take over the Government of Ireland completely and get it over with.
      But you are right in that Trump faces an uphill task. Gosh, you could even say that the ‘Deep State’ in the USA is much the same as the EU in Ireland.

  3. beobrigitte Says:

    Is there something about the female of the species which forces them to comply? I have never yet seen an advert for Weight Watchers which features a male person.
    Good point. Weight Watchers has been around for quite a number of years.
    I get my “weight loss” much cheaper by being sensible about what I eat. Yes, it’s all in the supermarket but that does not mean I have to buy it. I just cook as I always did. From fresh. I am in control.

    Smart meters? Not having them. No need for it.

    Do we need a Trump? Not really. We need someone to speak for us all and culls the quangos.

    • junican Says:

      I can never quite get my head around the extent of State control. I forget the number but it seems that there are tens of thousands of charities which are being funded by Gov. How many civil servants are involved in checking the activities of those charities? So it is not only the cost of the grants, but also the cost of civil service control.

      We DO need a Trump, in the sense that decades of wasteful activity – people employed to check the cleanliness of dustbins – must be curtailed and de-funded.
      The problem is that you need an Emperor to decide which is which.
      None of our systems have Emperors.

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