The Financial Costs of ‘Confidence Tricks’

One of the costs of flitting through your favourite sites is that cannot remember where you spotted things which subsequently became important, and that you cannot remember the precise facts.

Readers will recall that I was ‘ripped off’ by a confidence trick, which involved several organisations, to the tune of some £140. The ‘trick’ was to to get me to complete a survey with the promise of a reward. In my case, the reward was a selection of various products like perfume, which included an ecig kit. I fell for it and opted for the ‘free’ ecig thing and agreed to pay the postage of £4.95. There was a suspicion in the back of my mind that the postage cost of such a ‘starter pack’ was excessive, but we are ‘hopeful’ are we not? We hope that ‘certainty’ will emerge sooner or later. An advert has just appeared on the TV: Oral TB will ‘help’ keep your ‘mouth’ ‘healthier’.

Disregard my personal experience. I read earlier today (and that is where the difficulty or remembering what sites you have visited come in), that the ‘market’ in financial fraud is alive and doing very well indeed. No real attempts are being made to end it. Financial frauds are netting the fraudsters billions of pounds from ordinary people.

The internet is a prime source of such frauds, especially via Facebook, Ebay and Amazon.

There is an interconnection between all these frauds. If Government machines were not so secretive, then frauds such as SHS dangers would never have closed thousands of pubs.

The latest revelation, via the Spectator, is that Public Health England, a government agency, is hand-in-glove with Alcohol Prohibitionists. Its ‘expert’ committee is packed with prohibitionists.

I have noticed that tendency many times before, especially as regards climate control and such. The ‘Experts’ are ALWAYS prohibitionists of one form or another. Prohibit coal-fired electric power generation. There was a newspaper report that, for the first time in history, coal had not been used in the UK at all for one year, to produce electricity. The propaganda trick, of course, is the assumption that using coal is EVIL.

We have a big problem in our country. We are constantly misdirected. I do not ‘love’ England. I ‘love’ our English attitude and our amusement. England is a part of the surface of the Earth.

We English People have spoken, each and everyone of us. That idea is not to the liking of Politicians. They do not like individuals – they like gangs. Gangs can be directed.

My little experience of being ripped off is as nothing to the way that Government, in every form, permits itself to be ripped off. ‘Expert committees’ are packed with prohibitionists.

What I have noticed is that those committees never include an expert statistician. That is not surprising since their ‘ raison d’etre’  is not ‘truth’. It is ‘political justification’. Nothing else matters.

I see the situation as similar to the collapse of the Soviet. ‘Prohibition’ will collapse in all is forms. But what is just as important is that all the persecutors, such as Arnott, and those who direct her, must be must shamed.

It will happen eventually.


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