“Repeat a Lie Often Enough And It Will Be Accepted as Truth”.

But at what point does the repetition have the opposite effect? That is, “Repeat a lie TOO often and it will be seen to be a lie”. But it could go deeper psychologically. Repeat a lie too often, and people begin to suspect that what they have been repeatedly told to be true is in fact false. The reasoning is that what they have been told, again and again and again, over a prolonged period of time, does not equate with their real life experience.

I had such a ‘revelation’ today. I had a dental appointment at 2.50 pm. By the time that the job was done, it was school loosing time. My journey from the dentists to my home took me through densely populated areas. There were loads of school children, with their mothers or minders, all over the streets. I saw hundreds of kids. I saw only one kid which might have been said to be ‘a bit fat’.

How could I absorb such detail whilst driving? It is simple. Wednesday afternoons are not busy times. Many shops close Wednesday afternoon. There was little traffic around 4 pm. I was able to look around as I drove home.

My conclusion is that talk of ‘an epidemic’ of child obesity is perfectly easy to disprove. But who has the NEED to disprove it? There is no opposition to those who claim that childhood obesity exists.

Dick Puddlecote today drew my attention to the idea that constant repetition of a lie can actually, eventually, after being accepted as Truth, work to show that the lie is indeed a lie.

Read this:


Again and again, tame politicians have tried to raise in Parliament an attack on Government for not PUBLISHING their latest demands for the persecution of smokers. PM May has resisted or does not care.

But we must wait and see what the GE produces. Nothing will happen before then. God only knows how ASH ET AL pay their staff when they have nothing whatsoever to do. And is that not the reason that ASH ET AL are so upset about their plan? The fact is that if ‘their plan’ is not accepted, then they might as well go home and get other jobs.

But there is also a ‘tendency’ in the Health dept to want to keep ASH ET AL alive. I do not know why.

Oh shit! I am tired and a bit the worse for red wine. I must to bed. Before I do so, my idea is that ‘A LIE’ has to be maintained indefinitely. It must be supported indefinitely. It is also possible for a LIE to be supported, even though it has been shown to be untrue. SHS is a case in point.

I have a great admiration for Trump so far. As far as I can see, he is ‘cleaning the swamp’ by kicking out incumbents.

As I see it, the USA will be ‘great again’ when it dismisses and defunds the UN. The UN has no place as a decision maker. It has no such power. Monetary funds, world banks etc, must be returned to their original functions – mechanisations. Not sinks of Power.

To bed.


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