0.7% of UK GDP Goes into Foreign Aid

I am prompted to write about this matter because of the insanity. It appears that the former respected Prime Minister, having the comical surname of ‘Cameron’, that pre-historical clan from the wilds of Scotland, committed the UK ‘BY LAW’ to throw a specific number of billions of pounds at whoever. Thus we have seen a girl group of singers from Nigeria or somewhere funded to the extent of hundreds of thousands of pounds, just for fun.

Erm… “BY LAW”? 

If there was anything that brings the law into disrepute it is such idiocies. Just like smoking bans and PP. They make no sense at all.

The reason is that it is impossible to know, year on year, just what foreign aid projects are worth supporting. If you support those projects which do a lot of good, then you may well not spend the full allocation. How can it be otherwise? But it might also be true, in any given year, that there may be projects worth supporting which require more expenditure than 0.7%. That is a mathematical fact.

So we see the Cameron idiocy for what it is – a play for approval in the World Elite.

But why is May supporting that stupid fixed sum? Despite the fact that she said that it is important to ensure that the money is spent of worthy causes, the fact is that millions of pounds have been splurged on girl bands and such. How did those ‘projects’ get approval? It can only be that there were millions of pounds in the pot that no one knew what to do with.

It is all about, once again, black and white – one size fits all. There was never any need for Cameron to create A LAW to spend that money? Why did he do so, and why did Parliament accede?

Because of the EU. All EU States committed to 0.7% of GDP. That is why it became LAW. 

We start to wonder what a real law is. We lose track. We wonder how a LAW can be just a convenience for the time-being until the EU changes its mind. That is, at what point will the EU decide that Foreign Aid will be 0.8% of GDP for all States in the EU?

Frankly, I think that Cameron was clever but not wise. There again, he might well have been neither clever or wise. He might well have been a snake-oil salesman.

Jesus, the more that you look into the history of these people, the more depressed you become. What wonderful achievements did Cameron display which showed his worthiness to be the Tory Leader?

There were none. None at all. He was ‘constructed’, and the Tory Party allowed it.

But we must accept these historical aberrations and correct the damage.

And that is why our exit from the EU is important. I have little doubt that Theresa May is just as ignorant as Cameron and all the rest, but there is a good chance that she has changed the failed ‘court’.

I was a bit surprised that she said that the UK would adhere to the 0.7%. One might be cynical and assume that she was not going to rock the boat by objecting to something which is small beer in macro terms – for the time being. Frankly, despite the mathematics, I can see the sense. Don’t let small matters get in the way of important matters.

Frankly, it is a good sign that important matters are gaining traction. It would be nice for smoking bans to be relegated to ‘no importance’.


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