Toughing Things Out

I suppose that readers will understand what I mean. I mean “accepting the slings and arrows and, by opposing……”. It is not possible to add the words “…end them” at this time. The main thing is “opposing”; that means ‘toughing things out’. Hoping that Tessie May, or Corbin, whoever becomes the next PM, will reverse the persecution and torture of smokers is rather silly; it will not happen.

But tiny cracks are appearing, and that is the best that we can expect. The recent outburst from a Minister, saying that Haringey’s plan to ban smoking in beer gardens is an example of Labour’s ‘spoilsport’ attitude. But note that he did not actually condemn such a ban. Had the Council justified the ban politically, then the Minister would have welcomed the ban, and claimed that he intended to spread it world-wide, and claimed ownership of such bans.

That is how politics works, and that is how ASH ET AL have claimed ownership of ecigs.

I see ASH ET AL as a front group which hides what is really happening. It continuously produces headlines about surveys and 70% of smokers want higher tobacco taxes and such shit. It seems that Public Health England has produced an update to their claim that ecigs are 95% safer than smoking.

Gosh, I’ve lost track.

As regards ecigs, the situation is perfectly simple. Toxicologists have found only minuscule quantities of harmful stuff in the vapour. End of story. No epidemiological studies can, at the moment, refute that fact. The minuscule amounts of harmful stuff are too small to have any effect during the lifetime of humans, even if they lived to be 500 years old.

I find it astonishing that so-called ‘scientists’ pretend that time-scales do not matter. Doll’s Doctors Study DEFINITELY stated, without any doubt whatsoever, that TIMESCALES matter.

What that amounts to is that there is no reason that a non-smoker who lives a sparse  life, not drinking alcohol and exercises, and all that, should not survive for hundreds of years.

So those of us who enjoy tobacco must realise that we have been particularly  targeted as the easiest group to demonise in the New World Order.

But we smokers can ‘tough it out’. It was impossible to defy the smoking ban in pubs etc since publicans rolled over and failed to fight against the demand that they should be enforcers.

So what is the best way to ‘tough it out’?

Just over a year ago, because herself, who suffers from Multiple Sclerosis, succumbed to pneumonia and was hospitalised. I had to cancel a trip to Spain to have a break from ‘caring’ and to stock up with cheap-ish cigs. Shit happens. Because my stocks were low, I had to buy cigs from Asda. The circumstances dictated what I had to do.

But had that not happened, there is NO WAY that I would have contributed a penny to the UK ‘Tobacco Control’ organisation if I could help it.

It strikes me that there are two groups who need not and do not think about how they are being ripped off. They are those poor-ish people who buy one packet of cigs at a time without calculating how much tax they are paying, and those who are wealthy enough not to care.

It is incomprehensible to me that smokers who go to Spain do not ‘factor in’ the purchase of, say, 10 x 200 fags, at least. The interest on Credit Card debt does not obviate the savings on costs.

But it is just as easy to drive to Hull and take the ferry to Ostend or wherever, and buy stuff at half price. The overnight trip is very enjoyable with entertainment on board, and it is not expensive.

What is the overriding idea in the above? It is that people have to take control of their own lives. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES will such people allow the likes of ASH ET AL dictate to them.

‘Toughing things out’ does not mean acceptance of the pain. It means seeking alternatives to the massively taxed products. There are many ways to do so.

What we ‘toughers of things out’ have to accept, for the time being at least, is that NOT ONE SINGLE POLITICIAN supports us. They are all terrified.

What else are they terrified about? I mean that. What terrors make them shiver? War with Russia? War with the EU?

All politicians seem to be terrified. Well, that is what the BBC news tells us.


9 Responses to “Toughing Things Out”

  1. cherie79 Says:

    I have said before that I have never bought cigarettes or tobacco since the hated ban was imposed. Thanks to a website Leggy posted my son managed to get my Black Russian Sobranie, I called the company and managed to buy 200. That’s the first time I have paid UK tax but, as it will not be possible to buy them anywhere now, I didn’t grudge it. I only have one after dinner so they should last a while.

    • junican Says:

      One after dinner? You do realise ‘that there is no safe level’, even in the SHS from your ‘one after dinner’, don’t you? Disgraceful!

      • cherie79 Says:

        Perhaps I should have mentioned the other 20 cigarettes/tobacco I have the rest of the time!

  2. michaeljmcfadden Says:

    Maybe time to move to WLT (Whole Leaf Tobacco) and get a shredder? Junican, what’s been happening with your own crops of late? Ever check out Audrey’s efforts over at ?


    • junican Says:

      I have read Audrey’s experiences.
      You may not be aware, even though I think that I wrote a post about it.The Zealots managed to insert a clause in the recent Finance Act which requires importers of leaf to get a permit, even though such leaf is freely traded throughout the EU. Needless to say, traders are not being given permits. That is, their applications seem to be being ignored. Growing Nicotiana plants is permitted, but disposal of ‘the waste’ is regulated. There is no precise definition of ‘waste’. The only possible interpretation is, like the inevitability of death, the equivalent of what you dispose of in the loo, whether liquid or solid.
      You will have to interpret what follows.
      I have all the equipment I need. I have acquired an ample stock of stuff, sufficient to let the fuss die down. My own produce from the last two years is ageing quietly. This year’s ‘babies’ are developing nicely.
      Some care is required, which is why I have not updated my ‘growing’ post. I have been trying to figure out a way to disconnect that post from the BSC, which is also a factor in ‘the change of name’.

  3. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    Junican, as a lover of good tobacco why don’t you buy a Powermatic 2 from mysmokingshop up near you, a box of Mascotte filters and some Auld Kendal tobacco of your choice, all from mysmokingshop on the internet. Make your own quality cigarettes rather than buying made cigs from Asda. Once you have paid the Powermatic cost its all much cheaper and better quality tobacco. Especially as all the quality UK brands apart from Dunhill and Davidoff have gone now. However i have heard a rumour that Senior Service unfiltered are coming back !

    • nisakiman Says:

      I shudder to think what the Senior Service packs will look like if they do return. I never smoked them apart from occasionally, but the packaging was lovely. Clean lines, simple logo on a white background, those lovely push-up packets; they just exuded understated quality. Did they ever do a version with filters? I only remember the plain.

      • junican Says:

        I last smoked untipped Senior Service when I was in the airforce c 1962. We airmen abroad had an allowance which meant that cigs were dead cheap. I tried almost everything – Sobranie, Capstan Full Strength, Passing Cloud – you name it. You are right about the packets – simple, mostly black and white presentation. Nothing whatever of ‘glitzy’ about them.

    • junican Says:

      As I said above, I have the equipment. My problem at the time was that I had to cancel my trip, which meant that both herself and I ran out of stock. It was only for a short period of time really, before I was able to go and enjoy a week of R & R and stock up again. It is not really about quality in this case. It is about not paying tobacco taxes.

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