The Organising of Smokers as a Political Entity

How is it that anti-smokers can form a political entity when smokers cannot? At the lowest level, ASH ET AL receive massive funding from the Government. I am not just talking about direct grants to Ash – I am talking about the salaries of university professors, health department apparatchiks, FCTC officials, and all the rest. ASH get somewhere in the region of Β£500,000 per an. In Government finance terms, that is a drop in the ocean – not worth bothering with. It would not matter if ASH was defunded. ASH is just a loudspeaker. Other loudspeakers can replace ASH, as we have seen in Australia. ASH is redundant. It has served its purpose and now has nothing to offer. Its purpose was to elevate smoking to a serious disease, and it has succeeded in doing so. There is no further need for ASH.

So ASH has been complaining that the ‘next logical step’ in the torture, persecution and humiliation of smokers, has not yet been put into effect. It is clear that the Government had much more important things to calculate. I would expect that the idea of a General Election has been on the cards ever since June 1916, after the Brexit vote. How could it be otherwise?

Sometimes, in World Affairs, there is a huge time gap between events and actions consequent upon those events. We ordinary citizens an voters have no concept of what is going on, and it is immensely difficult to find out. But that is what we elect our political representatives to do – to find out what shenanigans are going on and to stop the corruption. That is what MPs are for.

Why does no one talk about the goings-on in the UN? Or the World Bank? Or the The Bank of International Settlements? Or the International Monetary Fund? How is it that those organisations are sacrosanct and can do no wrong?

It really is absolutely amazing that the UN is NEVER EVER DISCUSSED. Nor, until recently, has the EU been discussed. It is as though an enormous castle, citadel, cathedral has been constructed in full view which no one noticed. Think of the Palace of Westminster being demolished and replaced with a shiny modern construction without anyone seeing what was happening.

But The Elite DID know what was happening. Our problem is identifying The Elite. I do not say that The Elite were wrong. I say that they, and their actions, should not be secret.

It is hard to see how the newly elected Government, after the GE, can open everything up, but that is precisely what it should do. We are sick to death about platitudes. The HARD FACTS are that the World Bank has been co-opted, via corrupt manipulations, to support the ‘torture, persecution and humiliation’ of smokers.

The UN is nothing but a POLITICAL organisation. It is weird that such a POLITICAL organisation has no political accountability.

What is clear is that Smokers are not permitted to form a group. They cannot do so because they are weak and easily disrupted. Ideally, Smokers would get together, but they are weak and not intellectually strong. That is a fact.

But Smokers do not have to be a political party. The interesting thing is how Smokers can can undermine the received wisdom. It is possible to do so.


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  1. garyk30 Says:

    ever since June 1916, after the Brexit vote.

    We are getting older, aren’t we.

    • garyk30 Says:

      As another old codger, I knew what you meant.πŸ˜³πŸ˜³πŸ˜³πŸ˜›πŸ˜›πŸ˜›

      • nisakiman Says:

        Heh! Yes, having spent most of my life in the 20th century, I still haven’t got the hang of the latest millennium!

  2. nisakiman Says:

    But The Elite DID know what was happening. Our problem is identifying The Elite. I do not say that The Elite were wrong. I say that they, and their actions, should not be secret.

    The whole concept of ‘democracy’ is a sham, Bread and circuses for the plebeians, to give them the feeling that they have some say in the governance of their nation. In reality, everything is controlled from behind the scenes by an elite who don’t sully themselves with ‘elections’ and such frippery. They hold the reins of power, regardless of who is the titular head of a government. And the UN and the EU are just such collectives of ‘Elites’, who keep their machinations to within a select group, but have the power to influence, nay, order, nations to do their bidding.

    • junican Says:

      Sweeping statements, Nisak. I suspect that the truth is that it all depends upon the quality of your politicians. For example, Boris Johnson is a classical scholar. What was Cameron? I ask again and again, how on earth did he earn the elevation to Chief Tory? He appeared from nowhere. My thinking is that he was ‘designed’, just like a robot.
      Who designed him? And when Brexit was lost, was he discarded? Who is currently being ‘designed’ to take over from May in due course?
      My concerns about the political process is not with the bottom. It is with the top. Cameron said that he was not happy about PP, and then introduced it. Why? Blair said he agonised over the Smoking Ban, but his agonising brought it in.
      It ought to be noticeable that Labour has lost every GE since (I think).

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