General Election June 2017

I cannot resist. A few years ago, before the Parliament Act (?), which enacted the fixed five year Parliament, was passed, the PM would almost certainly have called a General Election in the present circumstances in order to ‘certify’ his/her authority. I thought that the two thirds majority would have deterred May from calling for such an election. I vaguely wonder if PM May phoned Corbin and had a chat with him.

“Hi there, Jeremy! How you doin’?)

“OK, Tess. What can I do for you?”

“Like, I have in mind to call a GE. I reckon that it would be in both our interests to settle matters. You are a bit more Brexit than I am (giggles on both sides), but we both need to get a mandate from the electorate. It’s a sort of shit or bust, doncha think?”

“Right, Tess. I get ya. Yeah, I agree. The Brexit thing is getting in the way. Shit or bust, it needs to be put to bed. And Scotland is a pain in the butt. You wouldn’t believe that agro I have been getting from the Scot Nats. Yeah, let’s have a bust up. Should be fun”

“Cheers, Jeremy. We need a two thirds majority to exempt this GE from the Parliament Act. Can you deliver?”

“Sure. No probs. Let’s have some fun”

It is doubtful that PM May would have made the announcement that she did, had she been unsure of the outcome. Jeremy welcomed the GE.

Nicola Sturgeon, Boss of the Scot Nats was upset. The GE will chuck a huge spanner into the workings of Scottish politics. I cannot help but feel that the huge swing to Scot Nats in the last GE was due to the failure of Scot Labour to do anything for Scotland. If Scot Labour get their act together, the situation is so volatile that they may well reverse all the Scot Nat MPs in Westminster. And so it should be. Imagine that you have an army, devoted to defending the Realm, but a significant proportion of that army only wants to defend their own bit of the Realm. That is the position of the Scot Nats. I suspect that the Scottish People will see that the Scot Nats are fakes. I expect that Scot Labour will take back many of the seats which they lost. No wonder Sturgeon is upset. Her applecart has been overturned. I suppose that, as far as the Scot Nats are concerned, it all depends upon ‘the swing’. They were elected via ‘a swing’ of voters to them. Such ‘swings’ are notoriously volatile. I expect Scot Labour, Scot Tory and Scot Libdem not to be complacent this time round. I expect them to fight like hell.

But I must admit that I faced a quandary personally. If the vote was a referendum, who should I vote for? Such a referendum is like the US Presidential Election. It is a referendum.

My constituency is a Labour. It used to be Conservative until boundary changes took our area out of the conservative (small c) suburban sprawl and put it into the the labour (small l) compaction. So the fact is that, whatever I vote, the Labour candidate will be elected.

In a way, that makes things simple for me. I can vote UKIP just to make a point. But what would I do if I lived in a marginal constituency?

Perhaps it is a terrible thing to say, but I cannot help but think that the way our Democracy works encourages polarisation; left or right, pro or con, East or West, and so on.

But only now is Trump taking on the unspoken conflicts of Global Warming. If anti-coal and anti-gas have their way, then there will be no reliable electricity in Africa.

I see Africa as a global test. Africa is globally ‘ill’. It is the dark continent. My tiny site gets a few hits from all over the world – except the whole continent of Africa. The word ‘dark’, in respect of Africa is right. The ‘powers that be’ pretend otherwise, but the truth is that Africa is just as medieval as is the Middle East.

But who is right? Is it possible that a simple lifestyle is more satisfying than a complex one? How do we know that Theresa May is happier than a Chinese farmer? We do not know and cannot know.

I ponder that the Smoking Ban was a philosophical error. Do not laugh. The ban on smoking in enclosed public premises was predicated upon the idea that there were prisoners who worked in those places. Bar staff is a perfect example. I do not recall my local pub being staffed by prisoners. In fact, the truth is that there was a massive turnover of such bar staff.

The Philosophical Error revolves around the idea that ASH ET AL exist. They should not exist. They are the equivalent of Caesar’s assassins. The important idea is that they have no responsibility. They can say whatever they like and no one will pull them up.

It gets very messy, but that is what we have to pursue.

It is all about freedom and has nothing to do with government.


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