The Dangers of Bureaucracy

It has been said that the Roman Empire declined and broke up because its bureaucracy grew and grew until it became unsupportable. I would like to put it another way. The bureaucracy replaced the army. When the Goths invaded Italy and sacked Rome, and were only persuaded to go back home by a massive bribe in gold and other precious metals (and, presumably, the fact that, once Rome had been sacked, there was nothing to keep the Goths there), it is reasonable to assume that Rome had no army to speak of, or that it was an ill-disciplined rabble.

The Brexit UK must change. The EU has created undisciplined rabbles. It is not just hordes of immigrants from a different culture which regards mini-skirted girls as prostitutes and ‘fair game’ for gang-bangs. It is also rabbles of bureaucrats.

It may be that the WHO FCTC rabble, and the EU FCTC rabble, and the UK FCTC rabble should not be the first casualty in the Brexit UK fitness programme. It may also be that the an early casualty should be ‘renewables’ as regards Energy.

I sometimes wonder if Politicians are frightened of their power. I really do. They have been ELECTED. They can do whatever they wish. But they are afraid. They want someone, an Academic or a committee of Academics, to relieve them of responsibility.

But what responsibility do these Academics have? What happens is they are wrong? A classic example is the Poll Tax. Do not tell me that Thatcher personally introduced the poll tax into England without advise. The poll tax had been trialled in Scotland without problems. She must have been advised that the same would happen in England. As we know, the poll tax in England was a complete political disaster. Note the word ‘political’. Little old ladies marched against it. What could be worse?

The ‘Danger of Bureaucracy ‘ is that it is self-serving. Thus we become aware of the ‘Deep State’.

The Americans in Iraq made a terrible mistake. They equated the Bathist party with the Nazi party. They insisted that anyone who was a member of the Bathist party should be sacked and replaced. Very stupid, since being a member of the Bathist party was a pre-requisite to get a job in the State apparatus. That is not the same as being a member of the Nazi Party. A very large group of disaffected workers was thus created. The Yanks misunderstood the nature of a Dictator.

It seems to me that the Smoking Ban is sustained by bureaucracy. No one, except people who never go to pubs, wants pubs to be completely ‘smoke free’. A genuine democracy would repeal the smoking ban as a clear infringement of rights conferred by ‘freedom’.

I really, really do not understand why the Labour Government in 2007, led by by Blair, decided to persecute its base supporters. To help the poorest, tobacco taxes should have been reduced to VAT only.

So, the conclusion is that Government loves to persecute the poorest people, just to slap them hard, again and again.

Is there any Political Party in the UK which is grounded in defending our Nation, spreading the notion of  cooperation, excising parasites like the FCTC TC, and all the other grandiose schemes of World Domination?

EU Domination was always doomed. How on earth did it ever get to such a pass?


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