Outdoor Smoking Bans Banned

I’m not going to quote chapter and verse. Suffice to say that the Conservative Government, the Political Government, of the UK, has decisively kicked the Labour Government of London in the balls. The Conservative National Political Government has actually dared to call the Labour Government of London ‘Nannies’. That is because the Labour Government of London proposed that smoking bans should be extended outdoors to patios and dining areas.

I personally believe that it is all ‘fake news’ intended to distract our minds. It is easy, easy to propose smoking bans. Such bans could be enacted to cover the whole of the Antarctic. The WHO FCTC Org would be delighted. But what is the point? The idea that SHS is dangerous has long ceased to be the justification for smoking bans. SHS danger evaporates outdoors.

But we must always be aware that SHS danger, during the lifetime of humans, is denied by the very studies which are the bible of Tobacco Control. Doll’s Doctors Study proved beyond doubt that heavy smoking took decades to cause lung cancer and other problems in old age. It follows that it must take centuries for SHS to have a similar effect because of the dilute nature of SHS.

And yet, despite the ‘scientific’ evidence that heavy smoking took decades to cause death, and that moderate smoking caused even less problems, and light smoking appeared to cause no problems at all, non-smoking in the form of SHS was said to be very dangerous to workers in bars and restaurants. Would that danger take effect when those workers were 1000 years old? That idea seems to be true, according to Doll’s Doctors Study.

The Zealots have got away with murder, just as the Prohibitionist of early 1900 did. They have equated smoking with Sin. Smokers are wicked because they just might ‘infect’ someone and cause them to die when they are 1000 years old.

Again and again, I have tried to draw attention to time-scales, but no one seems to be interested.

I shall go to bed.


4 Responses to “Outdoor Smoking Bans Banned”

  1. C.F. Apollyon Says:

    Can we ban the ban ban? Or should we ban the ban ban ban as well?

    Maybe if we ban all bans, the concept of banning will be banned forever! Banished to the depths of non-extense by it own doing. It’s almost…too perfect.

    No wait…we may have missed something there. Or did I miss something here? Or did I miss something there? Did you miss anything here?

    “We/I”…the concept seems to be “who cares when” in that context eh?
    /me shrugs

  2. Roberto Says:

    This is good news, it also illustrates how outdoor smoking bans are not about the fraudulent health claims on which they are allegedly justified, but part and parcel of local and national politics & ideology clashes, not to mention the economical issue (pubs remaining profitable businesses). However, for tobacco controllers this is just a lost battle in an endless crusading war. As soon as the dust settles they will charge again to press for the outdoor ban, and they will not care which political party or ideology they have to court to get it.

    Expect future soundbites like “… oh we can’t take children our to meet friends at beer terraces without exposing them to deadly ETS”. Controllers are likely to put pressure on local councils to demand publicans to choose between (a) preventing children or pregnant women access to terraces or (b) banning the “filthy” habit altogether. Obviously, outdoor ETS poses no danger to children and pregnant women. Hopefully, the need to preserve the viability of their business may help publicans to contend and defeat this hideous & demagogic blackmail. Let’s hope so.

    • junican Says:

      Typo corrected.
      I agree with what you say about battles and wars, but with some reservations. The indoor smoking ban was massive – the equivalent of Hitler’s blitzkrieg at the beginning of WW2. Since then, most battles in the UK have been skirmishes which TC has won – hidden displays, vending machines, PP, no smoking in cars with kids. None of those prohibitions are significant. The Zealots are fighting like mad to get ANY SORT of outdoor ban. Why? Because it would be MASSIVE in its implications.
      The good thing is that the London proposal has been rejected with such vehemence.

  3. Roberto Says:

    Sorry, a typo: As soon as the dust settles they will charge again to press for the outdoor ban, and they will NOT care which political party or ideology they have to court to get it.

    This “NOT” is important because controllers really don’t care which political side is ready to advance their goals. For them the elimination of tobacco usage is the top priority over choosing between political/economical systems & ideologies.

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