How the Internet Has Changed Our View of What is Happening in the World

Via a post from Frank Davis here, I heard, for the first time, about a guy named Tommy Robinson. Tommy comes from Luton, a town which is part of the sprawling metropolis of London, but still recognised as a distinct town by its inhabitants. He was an ordinary working class lad without much education, although he was bright enough to get 11 GCSEs. Over his lifetime, he became appalled at what was happening in his town of Luton. More and more and more Muslim immigrants were piling into Luton, so much so that Muslims gradually came to outnumber all other inhabitants of Luton. In the 1980s, there was one mosque – now there are thirty.

T is an intelligent guy. He taught himself and enquired and found that there were several Muslim ‘sects’, most of which were peaceful groups. But there was a Salafist presence, supported financially by Saudi Arabia.

It all becomes extremely complicated, but it is clear that there was an an extreme group of ‘Islamists’, centred in Luton, which was out to cause trouble. It seems that these people were intent upon rendering Luton a Muslim ghetto.

Tommy founded the English Defence League (EDL). He saw his town of Luton gradually ceasing to be an English town and becoming a Muslim caliphate. He cites, as an example, schools having separate play-grounds – a play-ground for Muslim children and one for non-Muslim children. It was against this ‘ghettoisation’ that his EDL was intended to fight. It was not against Muslims as such, but against those factions which which were intent upon destroying the ‘Englishness’ of Luton.

But the press just loves to ‘ghettoise’ groups, so the EDL was characterised as ‘far right’, in the same category as the British National Party (BNP). At the time, the BNP was almost certainly racist with a small ‘r’. The EDL was not. Black, brown, white was not important. What was important was that ‘political correctness’ was blinding the authorities to clear abuses, such as the Rotherham scandal, which involved young girls being groomed and subject to sexual activity by certain Muslim men. What was happening in Rotherham was known to the police and the Local Authority, but nothing was done due to ‘political correctness’.

And so on, and so on.

But what is important is that the National Press just does not want to know. Politicians do not want to know. They do not want to talk about it at all. The point that TR makes is that sweeping these matters under the carpet just makes things worse, and that is what the EDL was created to oppose – the sweeping under the carpet. Not anti-Muslim but anti secrecy.

If readers want to know more, then they can do worse that watch TR addressing the Oxford Union:


There are quite a lot of TR videos, many of which have over 300,000 views. And that is my point. The MSM is gradually being replaced by the internet.

But which can be trusted?

While I was on holiday, being on my own, I vaguely watched TV in my room whilst I was reading. But TV in Mallorca no longer supports BBC1 as it used to do. The TV channels are many and various, but few are ‘English’ (I don’t mean just in the English language). My best option was ‘BBC World News’. I thought that it was rather comical that BBC World News was still pushing the virtues of the EU. But that is another matter.

But I saw, vaguely, a lot of stuff about the Syrian ‘chemical weapons’ thing. I waited and waited for some sort of proof that such an attack had actually occurred. I waited in vain. Some pictures appeared of children being rushed to hospital and lying in hospital bed breathing through oxygen masks or whatever, but there was no evidence that the pics were actually of damage from a chemical weapons attack.

And then Trump fired of 59 cruise missiles costing $1 million each, if not more, at an empty airfield. The pics that I saw of the damage did not include a single destroyed aircraft, nor were the concrete ‘hangers’ destroyed. There was one pic of a hole in a runway.

Where did the 59 missiles land? Might not most of those missiles have hit houses and camels? Who knows?

We smokers have seen how tiny risks (like SHS) can be blown out of all proportion and be used to persecute us. But we have the means to fight back – for the time being. No doubt the Zealots will want the internet to be sanitised. But they have a problem. To shut down one specific topic, they have to shut down the whole apparatus. It cannot be done.

There is only one solution in due course. Politicians must realise that they can no longer get away with kissing babies to secure their tenure. They are awash in the tide of ‘political correctness’ which they themselves created.

I think that the consequences of Brexit have not yet been fully realised. If the EU had been such a wonderful thing, then the vote would have been 75% in favour of ‘remain’. What is not often pointed out is that a marginal vote for ‘remain’ would have been a catastrophe for the EU, even though it would have ensured that we ‘remain’ in the EU. I vaguely feel that Cameron et al expected a marginal victory for ‘remain’ and intended to use the marginality  to put pressure on Germany and France. Cameron et al were shocked by the failure of their plan and had no answer. That is why he walked away.  He did not know what to do.

There is only one answer, and it is not ‘evidence based policy’. It is ‘logical policy’. As we have seen again and again, ‘evidence’ can be and is corrupted. The imposition of PP is illogical because it implies that EVERY POSSIBLE HARMFUL SUBSTANCE OR THING must be treated in the same way. Thus, potentially harmful cars must be yucky brown in colour and 60% covered with medical porn, and they must all be the same size and shape.

It is only via the internet that we can discuss these things and all the ramifications. We cannot do so via the MSM.

What is the future for the MSM? I do not know.


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