Holiday Observations of Smoking and Fatties

My hotel was far, far busier than I expected it to be. But it is early season, and so the fact that many hotels were not yet open might well mean that my hotel was busier than it should be. How statistical mumbo-jumbo is created! But there was another factor. Although many of the cafes and bars on the front were not yet open, there were plenty which were. My personal favourite is ‘Tom Brown’s from Manchester’. All week it has been busy, but on Sunday lunchtime it excelled itself – not a single table was available. But even had there been one, it would have been difficult to get service in such a crowd. Putting the two factors together, it is reasonable to assume that the resort was pretty busy for the time of year.

What was also odd was the number of kiddies and families of such in the hotel. The place was inundated with tots. Frankly, I must admit that I found it quite amusing. Many of the little tots were taking responsibility for their own drinks and food, such as using the drinks machine to get a glass of orange juice. It was really funny to see them very slowly making their way to their table with one glass of orange juice, held in both hands very carefully. One ‘couple’ stood out especially. It was what I assume to be a ‘mother and daughter’. The mother was quite glitzy in a deteriorating sort of way, if you get my meaning. But what struck me was how the daughter, who was around 12 or 13, handled herself. she was very self-assured. I do not mean that unkindly. She smiled at me as she passed my table (which was itself charming – don’t fucking accuse me of anything!). The mother did nothing. The girl selected their food from the buffet.

Nice reminiscences.

A couple of observations about smoking and vaping.

It isn’t often that you find yourself in a situation where there are lots and lots of people of varying ages in plain sight. As regards vaping, what struck me was that most of the people that I saw vaping were ‘older’. I only saw one young woman vaping. I have noticed that phenomenon before. It seems to me to be the middle-aged, or older, ‘worried well’ who are stopping smoking and going to vaping. What I saw was lots of young men and women smoking. When I sat outside the nightclub, playing chess, I saw young men and women – adults, and not youths or children – enjoying a fag now and then. But it would be unfair not to also point out that there were loads of older people smoking as well.

No conclusions can be brought from these observations, except that, by and large, it is sort of surprising how many people seem to be very correct, and then spoil it all by taking out a packet of cigs and lighting up.

And so to fatties.

There is nothing more revealing of fatties than holiday attire. And there were lots of fatties. But who defines ‘fatty’? Would it not be more realistic to define plump, middle-aged people as ‘the standard’? Are they not perfectly healthy?

I don’t know if I should say this, but there seems to be some sort of genetic thing with some black girls. I call it ‘The Kardashian Effect’. They have an ‘S’ shape – huge boobs pointing left and huge buttocks pointing right. Again and again, I saw ‘The Kardashian Effect’. But, as far as I could tell, not an ounce of fat.

What I saw, generally speaking, among the youths on display, was athletic young men, who ‘conformed’ to the ordinary expectation of virility. The young women did not conform – their bums were too big and their thighs too fat.

But my observation was that the vast majority of the young women had that physique; that that physique is perfectly normal. It is the women who have slim hips who are abnormal.

And so we ask ourselves ‘to what extent over many years’ has a ‘fake’ female shape been promulgated by the BBC as an ideal shape, using its power to promote news-readers and such as idols?

Enough for tonight. I am tired. It is just that I wish to point out that propaganda can be very subtle.


5 Responses to “Holiday Observations of Smoking and Fatties”

  1. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    Welcome back Junican ! I hope you stocked up on cigs while you were there !

    • junican Says:

      Well, of course. Think 30 x 20 x 10. The cost was a bit more than half-price, but I don’t mind helping the Spanish people out with their terrible youth unemployment situation.

  2. michaeljmcfadden Says:

    Yep, propaganda is sneaky. I’ve found myself several times in life realizing that I “thought” a certain thing, NOT because I had analysed it and found it right, but simply because I’d heard it so many times that it had sunk in as “natural.”


    • junican Says:

      Indeed. “If you smoke, you will easily become out of breath and will not be able to play football very well”. As a young adult, you accept such statements from authoritative sources as being ‘proven beyond doubt’. But they are not ‘proven beyond doubt’ at all. Those statements are just propaganda.
      But what is even more important is that such propaganda causes things like ‘plain packaging’ and even Prime Ministers are sufficiently gullible to fall for the propaganda tricks.

      That Cameron allowed PP speaks volumes. He did not give a shit. And now he is gone, just like the rest of the Ministers. Here today, mess everything up, then gone tomorrow.
      We have a thoroughly crap system of Government.

      • michaeljmcfadden Says:

        Hmm… can I enter a picture here?:

        OK… evidently not.

        It’s a sidebar ad from another site. It invites the reader to date “Beautiful Russian Women.”

        What’s odd about this ad is that the profile pic shows the woman sideways and her butt is a full body width away from her spine and upper half. Picture a capital “P” atop a small “d” … Hmm… no, that doesn’t do it justice. Maybe this?


        In any event, it shows a VERY weird fiddling with a societal standard of beauty. Remember the old “I Think Therefore I Am” as being a statement that could not be doubted? I’m beginning to agree with Descartes: just about anything else may be the product of one’s mind having been screwed with by someone else along the way.

        And, if anyone DOES want to see that pic, jes’ lemmee know ‘n I’ll send it to ya!


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