A Lot of Blather About Brexit

I was quite intrigued by ‘The Great Repeal Act’. I wondered why it was ‘Great’. I vaguely thought that it meant the repeal of vast numbers of EU imposed regulations. I was very disconcerted to find that ‘The Great Repeal Act’ meant, a) enacting laws in the UK which imposed thousands of regulations of one sort or another which were not UK law already, and then, b) repealing the the 1970s law which committed the UK to EU Control. But there is a c), which is the idea of subsequently getting rid of those newly enacted laws which we do not like.

In a way, I understand that. Accept the rules and then abrogate them.

But why accept the rules at all?

I do understand that, and it is quite simple.  You cannot abrogate rules which do not exist. Thus, you must get rid of ‘grey’ areas. You must make everything black and white. So, you enact a law which imposes all the duties, and then you amend the law to repeal those duties bit by bit.

There is much fun to be expected. Trump in the USA intends to get rid of regulations which hamper US Enterprise, such as Environment stuff. I expect that our Government will do likewise, in due course.

But before the Environment stuff can be ejected, “EDUCATION” must be re-orientated. Our planet is HUGE, ABSOLUTELY ENORMOUS. The resources available to us are only limited by our imaginations. Why are not schools describing the enormity of our resources?

If we allow our imaginations freedom, and put resources into those imaginations, then a minimal living standard for all could be achieved.  But while resources are wasted via the ‘Framework Convention on Tobacco Control’, no such UN projects can be envisaged. They will always be ‘controlled’ by the FCTC, World Bank, EU, etc, etc.

Entities such as the UN, WHO, World Bank, etc, were NEVER envisaged as CONTROLLERS. It is an indictment of past politicians that they did not see that they themselves would be relegated to the status of simple voters whilst the UN etc gained more and more power.

So there is a simple point which is paramount. We Brits decide out laws.


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  1. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    Can’t see any of this benefitting smokers though Junican. This country still has weak MP’s dominated by out of control doctors and pressure groups materialising out of everywhere. Action on Salt and Action on Sugar are two prime examples who should be told to butt out of our lives ! Have you seen how are favourite chocolate bars are being fucked up. Won’t be long before these twats have succeeded in having them all covered in plain packaging.

    • junican Says:

      Who swung the balance which triggered Brexit? We do not know, but we can guess that a lot of smokers and vapers were aware of PP and the latest TPD and the massive increase in taxes. The fact that we have no voice, does not mean that we are inactive.It surely must be a basic instinct to oppose oppression. Millions of people are affected by the persecution by TobcoN, and they know it to be so instinctively.
      TobcoN is trying to obliterate the idea of smoking before people wake up and realise that their freedoms to enjoy their lives as they wish are being eroded a little at a time.
      It will not work. It is only a matter of time before the MSM, and politicians, change sides.

      • Timothy Goodacre Says:

        We hope mate !

      • nisakiman Says:

        It would be interesting to know what percentage of smokers voted Brexit and what percentage voted remain. If, as I suspect, the majority of smokers voted out, it would be a useful stick to wield by way of reminding government that they ignore smokers (and by extension, their votes) at their peril.

      • junican Says:

        Perhaps Forest should have added that question to their survey in Wales.

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