Brexit is On

The letter has been delivered and the die is cast. The green benches were packed when May delivered her oration.

So what now?

There are only 27 (28?) nations (states?) in the EU. At the same time as talking to the Communist elite at EU level, we need to be talking and negotiating with every individual nation (state?). Does Germany want its exports to the UK of its Mercedes cars blocked by excessive import taxes? Of course not! In effect, the EU, as a decision-maker, has no power to make decisions about Brexit. Nor does the European Parliament. If fact, the ‘European Parliament’ is a misnomer. It’s only power is ‘to deny’. It cannot ‘enable’. What sort of ‘Parliament’ is so powerless? The EU ‘Parliament’ is a bit like the House of Lords. It can only send proposals back.

So, parallel to EU shadow negotiations, the real negotiations will be between the UK and each individual Nation (State?).  The wonderful thing about our situation is that we have at least the possibility of clarity. That is what ‘all together’ means. The Scot Nats have done themselves no favours by being antagonistic. ‘Clarity’ means ‘clear objectives’. The EU is not the same as ‘The President of the USA’. It has no such power. The whole organisation is a sham. It PRETENDS to have power. Take the proposal that no Nation, after 1st April 2017,  can leave the EU without consent. Is there anything more likely to create Civil War than that stranglehold? How did such a stranglehold come into existence? Which Nations voted for it?

In the USA, most smoking bans are the result of local government decisions. It is obvious that anti-smokers flood such committees. But the good news is that, given the right circumstances, such as loss of revenue and general dissatisfaction, such anti-smokers can be ejected and replaced, and sensible rules applied. But, most importantly, such changes can be applied very quickly.

That is not the case with the EU. EU ‘laws’ are written in stone and cannot be changed. They are perfect. There is no mechanism to change or repeal EU Directives.

So we wait to see what happens. It should be fun.


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  1. Samuel Says:

    While normally I will choose cigarette tobacco and roll my own (cheaper and tastes better) I often smoke a pipe. I found, many times over the years, as the “climate” has changed from one of permissive common practice and minimal legislation to one of criminalization, regulation and shaming/rejection/expulsion, that at all times and places, when i used my pipe I would find approval from both smokers and non-smokers. Much of the effective “progress” from the “anti-tobacco” people has been in “helping” people to recognize the unpleasant smell of cigarette smoke and form strong negative emotional thoughts toward it and the smokers who produce it. They couldn’t properly focus negativity on cigars because few people smoke them and also couldn’t attack pipe smokers because pipes smell pleasant, few people use them and they leave little mess. Similarly little legislation or propaganda to focus the bleating masses has been applied to snuff or chewing tobacco because, when used properly, few non-users are even aware. It is the ease with which our enemies are able to focus attention onto smokers – because of the negative emotions aroused from the acrid smell of cigarette tobacco (which has gotten worse as the cost of cigarettes has risen because smokers have turned to cheaper and shabbier tobacco to keep their costs down) – that has made them able to exact penalties and enact “laws” to criminalize and impoverish cigarette smokers. A mush sharper and more powerful stink comes from cannabis but legislatures are falling all over themselves to decriminalize that plant and make it into a veritable “right” to smoke it whenever, wherever and around whomever you want.

    • junican Says:

      Very true, Sam. The aroma from pipe tobacco was always more pleasant than cig aroma. And yet, the only complain that I can remember about cig smoke was the quantity. That is, that the boss of a pub had not put a fan on or opened a window. It was not the smell as such but the eye-watering quantity of smoke.
      But even then, the SHS was not dangerous.

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