The UK Taxpayer Investment in EU Property

I dare say that there are all sorts of convoluted legal documents concerning who owns the buildings which the EU uses. Those palaces of elegance and much gold must belong to someone or something. How many billions of pounds have British taxpayers invested in those glorious edifices over the years?

When we Brexit, we want to realise our investment. It is quite simple. We shall determine our share of the value of those properties, and all the artwork and equipment therein, for a reasonable sum of money. Let’s say £500 billion. That seems reasonable to me. After all, the EU has offices and buildings all over the world, all of which have been purchased with our money to a greater or lesser extent.

But then again, all those properties, for all we know, might be owned by private companies, and the EU, legally, simply rents them. But which persons in the world could possible afford the costs of building such magnificent palaces? Perhaps they received grants from the EU to do so in the form of loans at interest. Or perhaps Soros owns them all.

I that is so, or something like it, why do the British People not know who owns the buildings and properties which the EU uses? How do we know who else uses those buildings which we taxpayers have paid for? How do we know whether or not the UN, WHO, FCTC, IPCC, etc, have not been freeloading at the cost of taxpayers in the UK? And to what extent have they been freeloading?

Who owns the UN Building in New York? Who paid for it? Who pays the cost of its maintenance?

The British People have always placed their trust in the Government to do the right thing for them. Sure, that trust might have meant the enrichment of the few, but, by and large, that trust benefited the common herd as well. But we have reached a point, thanks to the internet, that The People can inform themselves. And they can ask questions such as those above.

Who owns the buildings that the EU caused to be built in the EU’s honour? Those buildings are hardly simply utilitarian. They are magnificent edifices. They are akin to the wonderful cathedrals which were built centuries ago. And I have no doubt that they are equipped, in every sense, with the most wonderful kitchens, toilets, rest rooms, conference rooms with mahogany tables and chairs. Only the very best. Fuck the rain forests when the EU demands the very best.

We want the other 27 States to reimburse us for our capital investments over the decades. But if the investments are worthless because they were ‘rent’, then we still have the right to know who ripped us all off. I can say that because we were never asked, in party manifestos, to pay for the rents of the EU. We have A RIGHT to know to whom the rents were paid so that we can get our own back by taxing them 95% for any activity in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Has anyone ever seen anything about who owns the EU buildings?

The importance of ‘OWNERSHIP’ cannot be overemphasised. Do the People of America ‘own’ the Capitol Buildings, or are they owned by some private company are rented? Is the Palace of Westminster a private property, rented out? Who pays the rent and how? It is not so much the cost as the principle. How many private Landlords are ripping off the populace, via taxes, because the Government is paying massive rents in the middle of London when, with the aid of modern communications, those offices could be ‘out-sourced’ to wooden huts in the provinces?

We do not know. I have great respect for the ‘Office of National Statistics’. It has defended itself against political subversion again and again, especially TobcoN. I had occasion to telephone Nat Stats a couple of years ago about interpretation of some stats, and they could not have been more helpful, friendly and kind. It is a pity that I cannot remember what my enquiry was about.

And that is what the modern world needs. There is no reason, with modern communications, for Government to be physically centralised in London. Westminster should become a museum. It will so become eventually.

All these ideas encompass freeing us all from costs which impoverish us all – like the EU, UN, IPCC, FCTC, etc. It is THE COSTS, as measured by accomplishments, which matter.

Back to the beginning. To what extent does the UK have a share in the ownership of EU property?


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