Why I Voted Brexit

We seem to keep going over the same subjects again and again. In fact, our whole contempt for Tobacco Control is based upon repetition of the basic concept. That concept is ‘freedom’.

It is rare these days to see ‘The Free World’ mentioned in the MSM. That phrase was supposed to differentiate between ‘Un-free’ states which had been conquered by Russia and absorbed into the Soviet Union, and the ‘free’ States which comprised most of Western Europe, along with America.

But what was the main element of the ‘freedom’ of ‘The Free World’? It must be the true ability to throw out the current elite group of individuals who govern and replace them. That ability might be far from perfect, but it exists.

I consider myself to be reasonably intelligent, but I am also an emotional human being. When the Common Market established rules which meant that I did not have to be humiliated by the nasty looks of Customs Officers, and their demands to know if I had bought something or other which comes under the heading of ‘anything to declare’, I thought that it was wonderful.

I remember very clearly the last time that I had to accept the humiliation of Customs. It was when herself and I returned from a cruise in the 1980s. There was a huge hangar with lots of tables. We were forced to process with our baggage past the tables. Customs Officers demanded that you put your suitcase on the table, and they stared at you, and asked if ‘you have anything to declare’. We were not forced to open our suitcase, but a guy next to us was. The Customs Officers found something that he had bought on the ship, not tobacco but a piece of jewellery, as best I can recall. I don’t know what happened after that.

So, these days, if you travel to or from a State in Europe, you can pass from one to the other without hassle. Why? Because you hold a recognised Passport.

The Passport is of ENORMOUS importance. It is what can discriminate between ‘legit’ persons and ‘illegit’ persons. It is crucial because it is the only way to stop ‘illegit’ from gaining entry to this country by pretending to be tourists.

How can you differentiate between ‘tourists’ who will return home, and ‘tourists’ who just camp here?

No one talks about it. The camps in Calais are a distraction – fake news. It is ‘tourists’ who have no intention of going home which are the problem.

You can see perhaps why I personally voted for Brexit. It is because I want the Government that I vote for to have POWER!!!! I do not want my MP to be subservient to EU ‘directives’. Most of all, I want ‘edicts written in stone’, via EU Directives, to become written in chewing gum.

So, my vote was not really about ‘Sovereignty’ as such. It was about ‘CONTROL’.


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  1. Samuel Says:

    A minor quibble, though not minor to those affected. When the “communists” seized control of the Russian empire they released control of much of the lands and peoples the Tsars had brought under their control over the preceding centuries (it was easier to consolidate power if they let the periphery go). During WWII, both before and after the US formally joined the fight, the “communists”, after their Axis alliance ended, were receiving massive amounts of aid from the US. In a very real way the US purchased the victory in that war. The “treaties” that were worked out, in criminal secrecy, between Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin, ceded the territories and the peoples of all those lost lands and all of Poland and all of Hungary and all of “Yugoslavis” – basically everything from the middle of Germany to China to Stalin and his butchers as the price for Stalin driving millions of Slaves to the West to shove the German armies aside. The “Russians” didn’t conquer anything – it was handed to them on a blood stained platter. Naturally, when there was resistance there had to be adjustments. Stalin thought he should get part of Japan also but the US wasn’t willing to allow it. The “Yugoslavs” and “Czekoslovaks” didn’t want to be under a Russian boot so they made up their own “Communism” to keep their “independence” and the Germans had to put up with decades with a dagger splitting their nation in two and all the world was held hostage to the “winners” strutting about while waving nuclear bombs over everyone’s heads. It’s all a farcical game. The “enemies” weren’t enemies and the “friends” weren’t friends. What happened and why (and how) is either not in the “history” books or grossly distorted. Just look at what happened to Patton when he suggested he could really end all wars in Europe by rearming the Germans and setting off for Moscow to finish the job (and save hundreds of millions from a life of misery as slaves to the “communists”). Guess he wasn’t ranked high enough to have been told the deal was done two years before that war ended and the “free” West had already sold the East as slaves to the Slavs.

    • junican Says:

      Interesting Samuel. I have been reading ‘The Gulag Archipelago’. It is not an easy read so I have not finished it yet. The fight for supremacy among the various communist groups in Russia started not very long after the 1917 revolution. ‘The Gulag’ spells it out in considerable detail (which is why it is such a difficult read). After the revolution, and the civil war, there were almost no Tsarist political prisoners. The vast majority of such prisoners were ‘good communists’.
      It does not surprise me that the USA, Britain and Russia agreed to the carving up of Europe. What would have been better at the time? Yes, it would have been nice if the Russian Bear had gone back home, but could that ever have been realistic?

  2. TheBlockedDwarf Says:

    I have a horrible feeling that in 10 years time someone openly admitting to having voted for Brexit will be as rare as finding anyone these days who will confess to having voted for Blair.

    It is because I want the Government that I vote for to have POWER!!!
    You say that like it is a good thing? Unfortunately giving democratically elected politicians unrestrained power, power without oversight, never works out well. People forget that Hitler had more democratic mandate then May currently does. That’s why nearly every democracy ever has had some kind of provision for oversight-often unelected oversight and why Hitler’s first move was to get that oversight removed.
    Someone has to guard the guards and check the balances.

    • junican Says:

      Come, come, my friend! Do we really want to go into a ‘told you so’ contemplation of the future of Great Britain? What is, is. In a day or two, the letter will be delivered and the UK will begin the process of divorce. It has been said that the EU will demand £50 billion. Erm… Wrong way round. We can claim the value of our share of the the billions which we have invested in the glorious temples of the EU bureaucracy. All those wonderful buildings. We want to realise our investment.
      EU laws are written in stone. We could not elect a Government which could repeal those laws. Now we can.

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