Permits to Hold Certain Plant ‘Waste’ Come Into Effect on April Fools Day – 1st April 2017

When ‘Liberty’ is overturned by ‘Tyranny’, this is what happens. Ordinary activities, like growing plants in your garden, become ‘controlled activities’. In bygone times, the ‘King’ would just have said, “Hey you! Gimme yer money or else I’ll chop your head off”. Not today. Today, vastly elaborate processes are required just to grow a few plants.

But wait. Erm…. The ‘controlled activity’ is not the growing. It concerns the dead plants at the end of the season. The dead plants are not permitted to be transported from A to B. But nor can they be held in storage. Despite the fact that they are dead, they are alive and well at the same time. They are so dangerous (probably to children mostly), that these dead plants (‘waste’) thousands of policemen and customs officers have been primed to issue permits for such transportation of the dead plants (‘waste’) and storage of the dead plants (‘waste’) at enormous expense.

Some people have applied for such permits (to hold and transport the dead plants (waste).

It appears that there are some problems. The new regulations which require permits, come into effect on April Fools Day – 1st April.

The requirement for permits to DO ‘controlled activities’ …….

That requirement is akin to requiring a ‘Driving Licence’. But the need for such a licence is obvious. Driving without training is obviously dangerous. But the ‘controlled activities’ which now require a ‘permit’ are harmless. They involve the movement or storage of dead plants. How can such movement or storage be harmful?

So we get to the crux. The then Chancellor, Osborne, probably did not even know that TobcoN had slipped a clause into the Finance Act which required that the movement of dead plants (waste) must only occur if it is permitted to occur.

No wonder that the Police and Customs cannot make head nor tail of the regulations. I have it that people who applied for permits are in a no-man’s land – they cannot ‘transport or store’ because they have no permit, but neither than they dispose of dead plants because there is no ‘regulated activity’ legislation which allows them to burn the stuff. Consider Global Warming.

Oh. I forgot to mention that the ‘waste’ in question is dead tobacco plants, even small, decorative ones which you might have in pots in your garden. They are pretty, and you might not even know that they are of the genus ‘Nicotiana’.

April Fools Day is the perfect day for the fools in TobcoN to display, once again, their overwhelming confidence that they can get away with anything.

What we have to remember is that politicians come and go. It is not the politicians who are to blame for the persecution of smokers. We need to find out who the individuals are and attack them verbally.

The ‘April Fools’ law displays the disconnect between what politicians experience in Parliament as compared with the reality of what they experience in their own lives.

They permit actions which they would be appalled about if those actions affected them.


7 Responses to “Permits to Hold Certain Plant ‘Waste’ Come Into Effect on April Fools Day – 1st April 2017”

  1. michaeljmcfadden Says:

    LOL! Pretty wild eh?

    Did you know that the original Helena study claiming a 60% reduction in heart attacks once the people of Helena were protected from deadly smoke in the bars came on on April 1st 2003?

    Yep. And I spent two days reassuring everyone that it **HAD** to be an April Fool’s joke because NO ONE could possibly be INSANE enough to make such an obviously ridiculous claim.

    I’d underestimated Stanton Glantz.

    He WAS insane enough.

    – MJM

    • junican Says:

      Glantz (aka Grants) would be toast in five minutes if he did not pull in ‘loads-a-money’ for the Uni. If his ‘studies’ were about real life effects, he would be in prison.

  2. Rose Says:

    We must look very closely at every flower bed in public parks.

    • junican Says:

      I’m going to try my little experiment with seeds this summer in the garden. A warmish patch as I described dampened, and seeds just sown on the surface. It would be wonderful if the seeds germinated.

  3. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    Another rule to be totally ignored Junican.

  4. Rose Says:


    Sadly, Parsley is a no, the chemistry is against it.

    Parsley: a review of ethnopharmacology, phytochemistry and biological activities

    “Myristicin, a compound found in parsley oil, is suggested to be in part responsible for the hallucinogenic effect of nutmeg. It is not known whether parsley oil induces hallucinations, but the practice of smoking parsley as a cannabis substitute was well known during the 1960s.”

    Pity, I love parsley sauce.

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