The Amusement Provided by Tobacco Control

Let’s face it. The fact is that THE WORST thing that TobcoN could do to most smokers was to ban smoking. It does not matter where. All that matters is the ban on smoking. Although tobacco taxes are a pain in the wallet, they do not not constrict us.

Having got their indoor ban, TobcoN have nowhere to go. Outdoor bans are clearly stupid and totally unenforceable. In Russia, the actual government has thrown out most of the ‘tobacco control plan’. See:

I must admit that I do not understand why our Gov in the UK did not kick out TobcoN years ago. TobcoN is a type of religious sect, which bases its beliefs on a distorted understanding that children and youths belong to it. Children and youths do not belong to it in any way shape or form. Nor do they belong to Government.

They belong to their parents. Sure, Gov can insist that the kids be presented at school, but even that demand is full of ambivalence – you can educate your kids as you wish, provided that you are wealthy enough. Those parents who are not wealthy enough have to comply.

Individuals are ‘picked off’ unless they are wealthy. That is not ‘equality before the law’. That is inequality in practice.

But such things are symptoms and not the disease.

Anyway,  as regards my heading, it is comical to see TobcoN vying with Brexit for attention. ASH ET AL have been squealing that the latest version of ‘the plan’ has not yet been legislated. That being the case, Arnott and all the rest of the leaches are being paid for nothing. they are producing nothing at all and being paid not to do so. That is why they are so upset. They cannot justify their costs.

So we presently have a situation where ASH ET AL have nothing to do, but the Gov keeps on giving them money.

I have no idea how Gov keeps track of the efficacy of grants. I would imagine that such ideas would not matter, provided that there was no political ground-swell that demanded explanations. That is, the waste of money does not matter until someone BIG ENOUGH objects.

We see the relevance of BIG ENOUGH in consultations. Tens of thousands of objections are as nothing compared with the opinion of some ‘academic’. For, be in no doubt that the ‘academics’ conspire.

But it is true that nothing is certain. The horror is that people like the Surgeon General and the Chief Medical Officer pretend that there is certainty. What they seem to be relying upon in their statements, that ‘THERE IS A POSSIBILITY THAT….’. That possibility is certain, but only as a possibility.

OK. I am bogeyed. I must to bed.


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  1. Samuel Says:

    Unrelated to the above but I thought you might find it of interest.

    • junican Says:

      An interesting read, Sam. But what are Gillespie’s qualifications?

      About David.
      David Gillespie is a father of six, a recovering corporate lawyer, a former co-founder of a successful software company and the author of eight bestselling books.
      His first book, Sweet Poison, published in 2008 is widely credited with starting the current Australian wave of anti-sugar sentiment

      So where has he got his ‘expertise’ in ‘oxidative stress’ and all the other jargon from?
      EG. “Cancer accounts for less than a third of deaths attributable to smoking”. Erm, ‘less that a third’? Well, I suppose that 7% is indeed less than a 33%, but the implication is that cancers attributable to smoking are almost 33%.
      He’s a quack.

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