Struggling Against the Tobacco Control Dictatorship

It is a common characteristic of a dictatorship that the dictator claims that ‘there is no other way’; that the circumstances at the time are so dangerous, and that there are so many enemies, hiding everywhere, that only complete control brings safety. At first, the ‘complete control’ is pretty innocuous – identity cards, permits for this and permits for that; citizens should report anything unusual. Once such obligations have been established, then comes the rounding up of opponents to the dictator on the grounds that they are ‘enemies of the people’. Gradually, in that way, all opposition is suppressed.

TobcoN has followed that pattern faithfully. First, it quietly went about the business of infiltrating the WHO not long after it was set up when the UN was set up. Easy, peasy. Alcohol and tobacco prohibition in the USA had turned out to be a disaster from the prohibitionist point of view. Why? Because it was all too sudden. To go from a ‘saloon’ culture to a ‘teetotal’ culture in one step was impossible, and that is why prohibition failed.

It ought not to be a surprise that TobcoN took decades to really establish the dictatorship. First, a substantial ‘body of evidence’ of tobacco harm had to be built up; secondly, tobacco companies had to be demonised; thirdly, the ‘verboten’ about talking about ‘The Big C’ had to be reversed; fourthly, new ‘scientific institutions’ had to be founded all over the civilised world; fifthly, some way to fund them was required; sixth, public opinion had to be cultivated in order to put pressure on politicians.

The dictatorship had been thoroughly established by about the year 2000 – the year of the ‘Millennium Goals’.

THERE IS NO WAY TO REMOVE THE DICTATORSHIP AT PRESENT. It is too deeply entrenched. It can only be eroded.

I was standing outside the pub having a fag last night. The publican and another guy came out and lit up. we talked about the dangers of smoking for a few minutes. I told them, very briefly, about the Doctors Study, and how smokers were 15 times more likely to get LC, according to The Doctors Study, but I also pointed out that, in the Doctors Study, only around 7% of the Doctors in the study died from LC – 93% did not. That is, even for smokers of the sort of heavy tar, untipped cigs which were normal in those days, death from LC was a rare event; further, those doctors were not immune from the tribulations of world wars and smogs.

So how can the dictatorship be overcome?

It seems to me that it is pointless trying to argue about, say, the economic effects of smoking bans. TobcoN has all the answers. I remember when ASH said that ‘the hospitality trade’ has not suffered, despite the fact that pubs were closing down in dozens per week. The implication was that cafes were opening up in huge numbers to replace pubs. Maybe that was true, but, before the ban, ASH said that there were millions of people just waiting for a smoking ban to flood pubs with their custom. That did not happen.

ASH ET AL have answers ready for any criticism of smoking bans and PP and anything else that they propose in terms of ‘THINGS AND EVENTS’. What they have no answer to is claims that they are viciously attacking INDIVIDUALS. As with any dictatorship, individuals do not matter one jot – only the system matters.

So it is a mistake to ‘play their game’; to talk in terms of statistical ‘populations’. If you do that, then the persecution of parents who smoke in the presence of their children will inevitably ensue.

What is imperative is to emphasise the harm that TobcoN is doing to INDIVIDUALS: the deliberate describing of non-smokers as victims; the deliberate extortion of taxes on smokers (NB, not on cigs, but on smokers); the deliberate creation of conflicts between non-smokers and smokers; the deliberate criminalisation of publicans and restaurant owners; the deliberate criminalisation of people who want to be self-sufficient by ‘growing their own’.

In general terms, you might say that TobcoN has got away with GENERALISING something which is, in reality, a very personal thing.

To be honest, I do not understand how they have got away with creating the world-wide dictatorship. I really do not know how they have managed it. But I do have a vague understanding.

It is all about the Millennium Goals.

Population Control is essential, although that is not specifically stated. It is perfectly obvious why the ‘World Elite’ think so – and they are correct in the long run. The human population of the World cannot continue to grow exponentially. It cannot! If it does, then only really serious warfare, intended to kill billions of people, will restore a reasonable balance between living people and resources.

So why don’t ‘The Elite’ say so? It is perfectly obvious that the reasonable population of the World is limited.

TobcoN at the highest level of ‘The Elite’, is about freeing up land presently used for tobacco cultivation, for more worthy use – like growing wheat. Millennium Goals.

And yet I would have no objection to those ideas, provided that they were clearly enunciated and promulgated. But they are not. A statement is made, at some convenient time when it will not make the news, and then allowed to lie there for a time until it is forgotten. And then it is gradually put into effect. It is a planned progression. It would not surprise me if Cameron was not one of that Elite.

So who are the the members of ‘The Elite’? We do not know. What we can guess is that they are extremely wealthy. Extremely wealthy. They are so wealthy that they can ‘buy’ Governments.  And the probability is that they ‘own’ the World Bank and the IMF, and the EU Central Bank, and the Bank of England.

Only the likes of Trump can assemble the Might of the USA to combat ‘The Elite’.

Meanwhile, back on the ground, the only thing that we smokers can do is shout about the inequality of tobacco taxation and its effect on poor people compared with wealthy people; the disruption of social intercourse by pub smoking bans;  etc.

I was reading this evening a MSM piece about how ecigs are reducing smoking. Nothing wrong with that. But what really annoyed me was the comments. Time after time, commenters said how wonderful the effect of changing to ecigs was – how wonderful their breathing was after swapping. CRAP!!!! Doll’s Doctors Study showed, beyond ‘scientific’ doubt, that recovery from the effects of smoking is a slow process. After, say, thirty years of smoking,  it might take another ten years for the damage to be repaired – if the INDIVIDUAL survives!

The weakness of ASH ET AL is GENERALISATION. But that principle is very, very hard to combat. It really is. If I smoke in the presence of MY children, will they be damaged? Who knows? The probability is that not, and that probability is almost certainly 99.999% true. But there will always be one child somewhere in England who coughs and splutters.

Essentially, I am saying that ASH ET AL have no right to demand that INDIVIDUALS should be taxed outrageously because they enjoy tobacco. I say ‘have no right to’, and I mean that. Such demands are ‘hate speech’.

The above is a bit disjointed, but it is hard for it not to be. The reason is that no one knows how much the ‘Deep State’ controls Politicians.

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  1. cherie79 Says:

    I was really disappointed that my son was unable to me Black Russian Sobranie as usual for Mothers Day. Due to plain package regulations they are no longer sold in the EU. Another bit of freedom gone. Can’t blame them for refusing to deface their brand for no good reason.

    • junican Says:

      I wonder what would have happened in Oz if tobacco companies had simply refused, rather than going to court?

      • cherie79 Says: have plenty left he said, if anyone else is looking for them.

  2. Rose Says:

    Land Use Futures: Making the Most of Land in the 21st Century.
    Published shortly before the 2010 election on the 8th May 2010

    Climate change report sets out an apocalyptic vision of Britain
    February 26 2010

    “Mass migration northwards to new towns in Scotland, Wales and northeast England may be needed to cope with climate change and water shortages in the South East, according to an apocalyptic vision set out by the Government Office for Science.

    Heathrow would be converted into a giant reservoir by 2035, there could be severe restrictions on flying and driving and farmers would be forced to sell their land to giant agricultural businesses. Greenhouse gas emissions would be controlled by carbon rationing for individuals, which would lead to “significant shifts in lifestyle as everyone tries to stay within budget”.

    The Government would ease pressure on the South East by planning to “disperse citizens to three new towns in Dumfries and Galloway, Northumberland and Powys”.

    The vision is published today in a report entitled Land Use Futures: Making the Most of Land in the 21st Century.
    John Beddington, the Government’s chief scientific adviser, who directed the research, said that climate change and the growing population would present Britain with difficult choices about how it used its land.”

    “Business as usual is not an option over the longer term. The effects of climate change and new pressures on land could escalate, seriously eroding quality of life,” he said.

    The report says that the projected population increase of nine million by 2031 and an increase in the number of single-person households would result in unprecedented demand for land for development and put pressure on natural resources such as water. By 2050, hotter, drier summers could reduce river flows by 80 per cent.

    The report, compiled by 300 scientists, economists and planners, includes three scenarios to “stimulate thought” and “highlight difficult policy dilemmas that government and other actors may need to consider in the future”.

    All the scenarios involve dramatic changes in lifestyles and landscapes in response to climate change. In the most extreme scenario, world leaders hold an emergency summit in 2014 when it becomes clear that the impacts of climate change are going to be far worse and happen much sooner than previously envisaged.

    The Government responds by taking control of vast tracts of land and using it to grow wood and crops for biomass power stations. An agricultural productivity Bill requires farmers to increase yields per hectare but most have to sell up because they lack the resources to comply. “The average farm size in the UK increases from 57 hectares to 500 hectares; farms in the East and South East of England increase to 5,000 hectares.”

    The report says that satellite images in 2060 would reveal dramatic changes in the countryside. “The landscape is mottled with wind turbines; the patches in the patchwork are bigger; there are more forests and fewer animals; there are fewer vehicles moving along the roads.”

    In another scenario, the Government redefines land as a national resource and the rights of landowners are balanced with “society’s rights to public benefits from the services produced by it”.
    Home ownership falls as people begin to embrace the idea of “stewardship” of shared natural resources.”

    • junican Says:

      It really in incredible how much blather can be created by a supposition. Because the whole Global Warming scam is based upon ‘suppose that’.

  3. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    Yes Black Russians gone. Also i haven’t seen Capstan, Senior Service unfiltered brands in the new packaging although i have spotted Gitanes and Gauloise brunes in the new packaging in France. My beloved Tor Turkish and Orientals have now vanished too. I’m now running on my stockpile.

    • junican Says:

      Can you not source the leaf and make your own?

      • Timothy Goodacre Says:

        Possibly Junican. However i am using a Powermatic 2 machine with Gawith Turkish tobacco so all is not lost. Its much cheaper as well compared to packaged fags and i now have 2 nice cigarette cases so no plain packaging !

      • junican Says:

        Sorted for the time being then, as far as reasonably possible.

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