The ‘MOT’

For the information of non-Brits, ‘MOT’ means ‘Ministry of Transport’. We Brits say that we have to pass the ‘MOT’ annually, but what we really mean is that our cars have to pass the MOT test. So, we should really not abbreviate the phrase. We should say ‘MOT test’. The test checks the safety of the vehicle and other things, one of which is ’emissions’.

But you know what we Brits are like. We have been using ‘slang’ since time immemorial. That’s what come from a thousand years of hegemony (despite the civil wars etc).

England has not been violently invaded for 1000 years. Whatever laws have governed the behaviour of The People have come from within. They have not been imposed from outside.

Until just now. (By ‘just now’, I mean in comparison with 1000 years) Now, laws are imposed from EU directives. In theory, those directives are the product of much discussion and consideration, and are just, reasonable, equitable and untainted by corruption, and are agreeably to our own elected representatives.

So why was it that snus was banned throughout the EU except Sweden where it was popular? When did our Gov agree that and why? And why have ecigs been demonised? When did out Gov agree that and why?

It can only be that very minor matters have been elevated out of all proportion, which is exemplified by smoking bans throughout Europe and the world. It’s as though abject poverty was less important that tuning a piano.

A bit of amusement tonight (I hope!). I have heard nothing from my mechanic of 25 years, so I think that I can assume that my car has passed the MOT.


2 Responses to “The ‘MOT’”

  1. TheBlockedDwarf Says:

    England has not been violently invaded for 1000 years

    Rather depends on who you ask and the definition of violence used (is not the very act of sending in troops ‘violence’ even if they behave themselves?). According to a lot of the world the ‘Glorious Revolution’ was a violent invasion.
    And as far as I know all the Smoking Bans in the EU were imposed by national sovereign Governments…as demonstrated by the varying sorts of bans in places.

    • junican Says:

      Come, come, BD. You must know that by ‘violent invasion’ I mean the Roman and Viking conquests, etc.
      As regards smoking bans, in all their forms, weird, is it not?, that they spread like a pandemic all over the world?

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