Why Does Anyone Buy Taxed Tobacco Products in the UK?

It beats me. I cannot understand. There are all sorts of ways to take a trip abroad. A friend that I was talking tonight in the pub is going on a three day trip to Belgium, or wherever, and is bothered about travel insurance. It might cost him and his wife an extra £50 or whatever. That cost is irrelevant if he were to think about buying hundreds of pounds of cheap cigs in Belgium. It is worth using a credit card to do so. It is not difficult to calculate that the interest charges on the credit card debt are FAR less than the difference between tobacco taxes in Belgium and those taxes in the UK.

But that idea is an fairly extreme example because it requires the use of a credit card. But is it extreme?

The main thing is that you can prove that you can afford to buy the products. That is essential. A bank statement or a credit card statement should be sufficient. If you can afford it, you can afford it, and there is no counter to that fact.

The likes of Hammond MP, Chancellor of the Exchequer, somehow lose human empathy when they take the job. Humans become things and numbers. They are objects. They buy tobacco products and are nicotine addicts and so they can be exploited. They are things.

But, in a way, the ‘addicts’ are their own worst enemy, if they buy taxes products from UK shops. If they have to, they have to, but they should avoid that if they possibly can.

Coupled with ecigs, a dramatic fall in tobacco product purchases, at the silly prices, would be permanent. There would be no way back. The taxes would disappear.

As the prison riots etc have shown, Human Nature trumps mathematical calculations as depicted by epidemiological studies. And it will get worse unless it is stopped.





8 Responses to “Why Does Anyone Buy Taxed Tobacco Products in the UK?”

  1. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    I buy Gawith Hoggarth tobacco in the UK because their Oriental/Turkish range is superb and the best now that Tor Turkish have vanished.

    • junican Says:

      There are still specialist tobacconists around – there is one in Bolton – but I wonder how they survive. I would guess that the internet has been a godsend to many such enterprises.

  2. Vlad Says:

    Spot on. I also don’t get why do people walk around with those horrible packets/pouches instead of using personalized cases or something.

    • junican Says:

      To be honest, Vlad, although I have a cig case and use it when I go to the pub, I must admit that I no longer notice the medical porn. I don’t really look at the packet at all, except the to hold it in the right position to remove the cellophane. I use the cig case because I only take as many cigs as I intend to use with me. Otherwise, I would take the whole packet. As far as I can tell, the smokers who go to the pub act in the same way. They open the packet and take out a cig without actually looking at the front or back of the packet.

      • Vlad Says:

        At the very least I think those packs affect/brainwash people at a subconscious level. And by using them, smokers act as unpaid advertisers for the deranged TC. I feel happy when I see someone using a cig case, pouch or whatever…because there’s someone who gives TC the finger.

      • junican Says:

        Oh, I don’t disagree with the intentions of TobCon. What I disagree with is that there will be any noticeable effect. When did depictions of Christ crucified put people off becoming Christians?

  3. Rose Says:


    The answer to your FOI, Junican.

    Brussels, 16 June 2003

    EU among first to sign Convention on Tobacco Control

    “Health and Consumer Protection Commissioner David Byrne and the Greek Council Presidency are among the first to sign in Geneva today the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) on behalf of the European Union

    Amazing what you find when you are looking for something else.

    “Byrne was nominated to the European Commission by Taoiseach Bertie Ahern in September 1999, serving as Ireland’s EU Commissioner and had responsibility for Health & Consumer Protection in the Prodi Commission. He continued in that role until replaced as Ireland’s Commissioner by Charlie McCreevy in 2004.

    During his time in office, Byrne was a major driving force behind European tobacco control legislation, ”

    • junican Says:

      It is clear beyond doubt that the original thinking which set up the UN, WHO, European Community, shortly after WW2, has been corrupted beyond all recognition. But it is very easy to understand how it happened. Presidents, Prime Ministers, etc, appear and then disappear, but the Quietly Seriously Top People, who really run the WHO, etc, are permanent. If there is a ‘Deep State’ in the USA (and the UK), then that is even more so in the EU, WHO, UN.

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