The ‘Nationalisation’ of Tobacco Products

In China, tobacco is nationalised. I have no idea how it works, of course, neither am I interested. I guess that smokers have some sort of choice based upon quality, but I do not know. Perhaps the ‘Nationalisation’ only refers to retailing – ‘tobacconist shops’ are state owned, but the Managers can source their wares from wherever the choose. I guess that there is a ‘flat tax’ on whatever products are sold, which goes to the Chinese Government. But the probability is that the ‘flat tax’ is nowhere near the exorbitant rate that it is in the UK.

For is it not the problem, caused by Government after Government, year after year, that the ‘flat tax’ is enormous?  Duty is  a ‘flat tax’, even though there are minor variations upon how it is calculated. Let us take an example. Suppose that you could buy cheap cigars for, say, £1 each. You do not know the origins of the tobacco or the quality. Suppose also that you can buy top quality Cuban cigars for £5 each which are guaranteed to be genuine.

Now, add £100 in duty to the prices. Cheap-muck costs £101, and top quality costs £105. Thus, there is no significant difference between quality and crap. Thus, quality and crap become the same thing – indistinguishable. Thus, there is no longer a ‘market’ for quality, and so quality disappears – everything becomes crap.

Via year after year interference, that also applies to cigarettes and all other tobacco products. Everything is the same.

Tobacco has, in effect, been NATIONALISED! There is not doubt at all. So, despite the hysteria about diseases caused by tobacco, the STATE has decided that the money obtained from smokers is more important than the lives of smokers.

There is a massive disconnect in that respect. It is hard to describe the enormity of the disconnect. Taken to an extreme, you might have prohibition of smoking, and yet encourage smoking to get the tax income. That is what is happening. It is crazy.

Tobacco has been nationalised, but in a roundabout way. Tobacco retailers are Government employees. They ought to be demanding payment for their work.

I am serious about that. In the UK, the State is demanding that we, the citizens, do more and more unpaid work, like separating our waste into different bins. Nobig deal, but the question is: “Where does the State get the authority do demand unpaid work from?” That is slavery. No matter how small the demands, they are slavery. Oh, and there are whips to force you to obey.

There are some fundamental ideas at stake. ‘Freedom’ requires to be visible. If it is not visible, it is not ‘freedom’. I need hardly elaborate upon the consequences of that idea as regards ‘The Children’. ‘The Children’ do not trump the visibility of Freedom.


4 Responses to “The ‘Nationalisation’ of Tobacco Products”

  1. artbylisabelle Says:

    It sure is crazy!

  2. Rose Says:

    Yes, the government owns all tobacco products now from packaging to sales, it is the major profitteer by a huge margin and tobacco companies merely unnamed manufacturers.

    Victory cigarettes have finally arrived, welcome to 1984.

    • michaeljmcfadden Says:

      ‘Victory cigarettes have finally arrived, welcome to 1984.”

      Well noted Rose.


    • junican Says:

      Perhaps it is more true than we imagine. Collusion is not unknown. TobCom profits are enormous – witness their share prices. Taxes are irrelevant as far as they are concerned.
      But TobComs are hugely international, so any particular country could suffer a dramatic and disastrous drop in tobacco consumption without much damaging the TobComs.
      Why does ANYONE in Oz buy the taxed products?

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