‘The Rule of Law’

We are habitually accustomed to regard ‘LAW’ as sacrosanct. It is not created  by gods these days, but it is still ‘holy’. Many people have the idea that ‘Law’ is a creation of gods, even so.

The ‘Laws’ are so powerful that only gods must have created them. That must be so since the laws must be obeyed.

But what happens when people refuse to obey ‘the laws’?

This is a short post because I am tired.

What we have seen in the last few decades is the creation of ‘Laws’ which are not really ‘laws’. They are ‘regulations’.

Such things avoid the inconvenience of ‘Laws’. For example, despite the fact that tobacco leaf is an agricultural product which can be freely traded in the EU (and America, and everywhere else in the world), and that the UK agreed to that definition, the GOD of TobCon has created a SIN.The SIN is to acquire a kilo of dried tobacco plant leaves. There is no similar SIN in acquiring grapes, hops or grains.

I don’t think that Government realises that the more SINS that it creates, the more that the SINFUL dig their heels in and refuse to obey.

What that comes down to is that ‘The Rule of Law’ ceases to exist because ‘laws/regulations’ have become punitive and irrational. What justification is there for rates of duty on tobacco of 70% or so? It makes no sense at all.

The budget is due next week. Smokers will no doubt be singled out to pay even more tax to bail out non-smokers.

But the hegemony is beginning to break up. Today,  a report in the Mail said that,  as part of ‘foreign aid’, UK taxpayers are paying £20,000,000 pounds to ‘foreigners’ to stop people smoking. I suspect that that figure is the UK contribution to the FCTC organisation. But it is the same thing. It is good that it is gradually being recognised where are ‘foreign aid’ is going to. It is going to the salaries of FCTC operatives.

Another report today concerned prison problems created by the smoking ban.At one prison, the electricity supply was cut because a couple of prisoners tried to create a spark by disconnecting, and short-circuiting, the leads to an electric kettle.

TobCon is gradually disintegrating. But what annoys me is that the thugs will walk away scot-free.


2 Responses to “‘The Rule of Law’”

  1. Rose Says:

    If the Government funds them then the thugs are government employees, the Government won’t prosecute itself, it has no money but ours.

    • junican Says:

      Absolutely true, Rose. Government is a monopoly, which is why there are supposed to be ‘checks and balances’. The principle one is that MPs are there to CONTROL government to protect their constituents.

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