The Brexit ‘Leave’ Campaign

In the referendum,  I voted ‘Leave’. I am not an ‘expert’ in anything. You might reasonably say that I just had a ‘gut feeling’. ‘Gut feeling’ is much the same thing as ’emotional feeling’, but it was more than that. Being seventy seven years old, I remember, if vaguely, the vote to join the Common Market when Harold Wilson was PM. I remember the vote to join the EU when Heath was PM. By the way, I do not think that Heath was a traitor. At the time, agreement had to be unanimous, which is the epitome of ‘A Treaty’. No matter how many Nations accede to a Treaty, consent of all parties is absolute and can be withdrawn at any time. The only reason to take some time to abrogate a Treaty is so that the transition from ‘order’ to ‘disorder’ does not produce warfare – more in the sense of economic warfare that physical warfare. I would assume that no one would wish to see economic warfare between the UK and continental countries.

When I voted ‘Leave’, I was fully aware that I was voting to leave ‘The European Union’. I regard the EU as a political union, of which I want no part. It is bad enough to have political parties in the UK, without such entities ‘mewling and puking’ in a pseudo Parliament whose members are elected by a small fraction of the population and are manifestly corrupt.

There are probably many variations in the idea of what is ‘A LAW’. That idea – a ‘law’ – is not simple. Many of us must have watched American Westerns in our childhood and youth. We might remember: “WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE. $1000 REWARD” We had no idea whether those statements were real or not, but we accepted them ‘for the time being’.

But who created the ‘law’? And who enabled the murder of the offender?


I must admit to have been simple minded when I voted to quit the EU monolith.

This post is entitled ‘The Brexit ‘Leave’ Campaign’. The full text is here:

It is a long post, but worth reading. There is a paragraph, towards the end of the post, which encapsulates my decision to vote ‘Leave’. It is simple but enormously important. With EU ‘Law’, there is no way back. It is perfect in every way and eternally so, despite the fact that it has been produced by ‘horse-trading’. THERE IS NO WAY TO REVERSE EU ‘LAWS’.

EU laws are perfect. They deny the laws of physics and every other physical axiom.

And yet, had the EU ‘forefathers’ not pushed the EU too far, in terms of conformity, then we could all cooperate for the public good.

There are MASSIVE CONSIDERATIONS, so why has the simple pleasure of enjoying tobacco been so prominent? Is it displacement? Put most simply, ‘displacement’ means transferring blame.

Tobacco Companies are to blame. We should giggle. The CEO of Japan Tob has said that cig taxes should be increased to ‘persuade’ smokers to go to smokeless.

I love it. Because Tobcon HAS NO ALTERNATIVE BUT TO AGREE!

Needless to say, TobCon will squeal and squeal, but there is nothing better than ‘facts’.

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  1. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    Its bad enough Junican having Arnott et all against you but now the tobacco companies !
    Glad i only support the small companies now !

    • junican Says:

      Well, No, Tim. PM is doing what it should have done years and years ago – anticipate TobCon, engage with Government politically, plaster their cig packs with warnings and thus render the TobCon Industry obsolete.
      Do you really think that PM will stop making cigs?

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