The ‘Obsession’ of Tobacco Control

A couple of days ago I wrote a post about my descent into the state of a ‘chocaholic’. I wrote about how I take pieces of chocolate to bed and let them melt in my mouth, and how I might wake up and raid the fridge, and take some more chocolate back to bed, and let it sublimate me. For it is truly a drug, and a very powerful drug. It induces very powerful feelings of euphoria. But perhaps I should be thankful that the ‘addiction’ is only to chocolate, even though it might make me ‘overweight or obese’.

As usual, those thoughts led to other thoughts. I pondered upon how easy it is to become ‘obsessed’. Surely, ‘obsession’ is much the same as ‘addiction’?

Well, yes and no. TC (UN, WHO, etc) have redefined ‘addiction’ to suit there agenda. There was a time, not long ago, when the idea of a person being ‘addicted’ was serious. It meant that the person could not escape. The person was trapped and had no way out. If he did not get his ‘shot’ of whatever, he convulsed, shit himself, bled from the nose, shook uncontrollably, had visions, and possibly died.

Obsession is a bit different, but still much the same thing, without the physical effects.

If I might, I ask the reader to think.

In 1990, or thereabouts, the Bank I worked for reorganised and made me and lots of other Managers redundant. As it happened, my wife was suffering from the MS more extensively, and I was very happy to take my leave. My diminished pension and her allowances were sufficient. My ‘lump sum’ paid off most of my mortgage, with some funds left over.

I describe those event only as preliminary ‘evidence’.

Some six months after my ‘retirement’ (reality being ‘a carer’), I was driving into town and there was a bus in front of me. I was DESPERATE to pass it. I cannot describe it in any other way. And, for lack of a better word, I had a ‘vision’. It was that, because I was retired, I never need to rush again.

So, in that situation, regarding the bus, I slowed down and enjoyed just toggling along behind the bus at 20 mph. Sure enough, after a few minutes, the bus pulled into a  bus-stop and I smoothed past it. From then on, I did not rush.

I have another example. Shortly after I retired, I help my daughter out by taking her eldest to school, using my car. But I was ABSOLUTELY DESPERATE to get back home in time for the 10 am news. The utterly ridiculous thing about it was that the 10 am news was 5 minutes. But, for some weird reason, for months, I just had to get back home for that news summary. 

In both of the cases above, it is clear that there was no addiction, but there was ‘obsession’.

I wonder if Tobacco Control, or anyone else, has researched ‘obsession’? If they did, they might find that they themselves are obsessed.

I have this vague idea that ‘obsessions’ are what cause wars. Not ‘addictions’. I have tried to find a reason for WW1, in which the slaughter was horrendous. But I have been unable to find one. It is almost like a couple of guys falling out, after drinking a few beers, and coming to blows.Their friends intervene to try to stop the fight, but get caught up in the fight.

But what was the fight about? In the MSM, what is important is the fight, and not the reason for it.

TC OBSESSION is much the same thing as belligerent physical control.

Is ‘Obsession’ a mental illness? I have said before that it depends upon how obsessed people are. I certainly think that people like Arnott are obsessed.

The real problem is, and always has been, Politicians. What we have seen, since the Smoking Ban, is dereliction of duty. We have seen Politicians passing laws and regulations as demanded by Academics.

What greater recipe for disaster can you possibly imagine?


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