Why is the Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP) so Determined to Persecute Scottish People?

It really is weird. Well, I think that it is.

The SNP wants total independence from England. I personally, as an Englishman with Scottish ancestors, am perfectly willing to wave goodbye. It matters to me not one tittle that there may be border controls at the boundary. Perhaps the SNP would build a wall. That would be nice.

But in addition to breaking away from England, the SNP wants to bash its compatriots into submission to a sort of corrupt monastic life; the abbot and his favourites are in complete control and wine and dine, whilst the ordinary monks eat gruel and drink water.

But what really astonishes me is that the SNP seems to have no idea whatsoever that it is severely intent upon persecuting Scottish people. I suppose that Soviet Russia had the same blind-spot.

One might reasonably ask why the SNP funds organisations which tell it what to do. It seems to me to be nonsensical at at Government level. Perhaps the equivalent is something like me asking a fence erector to decide what type of fence I need, but I have already decided that I need a fence without evidence that I need that fence. Put simply, I do not take advice as to whether or not I need a fence. I just take advice about what fence I need.

Basically, one might reasonably ask why the DIRECTORS AND OWNERS of the SNP detest their supporters.

There is something terribly wrong and the situation has been so for years.

And it this.

Nicola Sturgeon had no idea what to do, but she could talk the talk.So much so that she could convert Scottish Independence into subservience to the EU. But all that is theoretical.

What seems to me to be true is that Nicola is being directed. She could rebel, but if she did then she would be exposed. She needs the advisers.

But the question remains – why does the SNP persecute smokers and drinkers? And why does it set up and pay for studies to prove that its cruelty is legitimate?

For be assured that smoking bans, hospital bans, park bans, are intended to be cruel. The 2007 smoking ban in the UK was INTENDED to be cruel. It was designed to pit smokers against publicans and non-smokers. The aggro was deliberate. Further, there was way over the top police and local authority enforcement.

There is a lot more to this discussion, but I am tired both physically and intellectually.

My basic question is:

“Why does the SNP in Scotland want to persecute those Scots who want to live as they please?”

It strikes me that the SNP should change its name to ‘Scottish Bolshevik Party’. I suppose that there would not be much difference.   


6 Responses to “Why is the Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP) so Determined to Persecute Scottish People?”

  1. Smoking Lamp Says:

    It seems to me that Scottish Nationalist Party is somewhat of a misnomer since they advocate globalism and European integration rather than self-determination. They seem to be playing bait and switch since they surrender liberty to the paternalistic diktats of the EU, FCTC and the Temperance movement.

  2. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    As an Englishman i fully support Scottish independence. That will of course mean no more money and subsidy from England. Sooner the better.

    • junican Says:

      But an independent Scotland would be able to wage war on England – rape and pillage. Such fun!

  3. Rachel Roberta Dempster Says:

    It is because they are communist – an ideology that needs to be stamped out!!!!

    • junican Says:

      I don’t know, Rachel. The Scot Nats seem to be in a mess. Do they want to be an independent Nation or a Province of the EU?

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