So the CEO of Public Health England Writes to All Hospitals Demanding that They Ban Smoking in Hospital Grounds

The demand from the CEO of PHE smacks of the same desperation as the that from Silly Sally, when she said that she thinks of breast cancer whenever she has a glass of wine. Of course, these people are just lying. They are trying to inject ideas into millions of minds. And, it works. They would not do it if it were not for the fact that it works. Not on everyone, of course, but on large groups of individuals who are insecure. Getting quoted widely in the MSM is a bonus, no matter how silly the idea might be. The message is spread widely – think about breast cancer every time you enjoy a glass of wine.

And that is the objective of the CEO of PHE, Duncan Selbie, when he called for hospitals to ban smoking in their grounds. It is about creating a ‘miasma’ of ill-feeling. It is the reverse of the discovery that malaria is caused by mosquito bites rather than ‘bad air’. Selbie is preaching that ‘bad air’ is especially dangerous near hospitals, but he neglects to mention hospital incinerators:

What is absolutely amazing is that, like Silly Sally, he hits on an absolutely harmless activity, like smoking in the open air outside a hospital, and raises it into a serious problem. THERE IS NO PROBLEM!

But, most of all, what really, really annoys me is that Selbie is TRANSFERRING THE WORK THAT HIS PROPOSAL GENERATES TO SOMEONE ELSE. It was much the same as the smoking ban. ASH et al persuaded the likes of Blair PM to ban smoking everywhere indoors apart from home. None of those creatures suffered from the consequences. Millions of people suffered both economically and socially, but ASH et al and Blair prospered.

So Selbie makes a statement, repeated over and over by the MSM, but who will do the work? Not Selbie or TC. Who will bear the cost? Not Selbie or TC.

It isn’t even that just smokers will bear the costs. Taxpayers in general will bear the costs. Thus, Selbie (and TC) transfer ALL THE COSTS of their useless activities to taxpayers in general. Will a smoking ban in hospital grounds improve NHS efficiency? Perhaps NHS efficiency is not within the scope of Selbie’s department. Perhaps he does not give a shit.

The Donald, in the USA, has promised to ‘drain the swamp’. It is not certain what he means, but the gist of it, I think, is that he is going to take control out of the hands of the ‘deep state’. I hope that he realises that ‘the deep state’ includes all those academics, like Siegel and Glantz, who pretend to be antagonistic to each other, but who secretly conspire. Well, perhaps they do not, but it is odd that Siegel has not admitted that SHS is harmless in normal circumstances. That, I do not understand, because it is so obvious and scientifically backed-up.

Will our own Government in the UK ‘drain the swamp’? We do not have a President, but we do have a Cabinet. In some ways, our Cabinet is more powerful than the President.

Blair said that he thought long and hard about The Smoking Ban and decided to go ahead ‘because the people said that he could’. But the people also DEMANDED the return of capital punishment (hanging), but he refused the wishes of the people. The word is ‘two-faced’.

There is something weird about Blair which I do not understand. Is he going a bit prematurely senile?  Perhaps he is just defending himself. After all, it was he who agreed to relinquish UK control of its laws when he acquiesced to the control of the UK by majority voting in the EU Parliament. How could he do such a thing? It can only be that he was and is a GLOBALIST.

There is nothing wrong with globalism in itself, provided that that means the improvement of the welfare of impoverished societies. But the actual meaning of ‘globalism’, at this time, is commercial mayhem and prohibition. Both of those conditions were created by the EU, World Bank, IMF, etc.

‘Draining the swamp’ requires a simple decision. Stop feeding them with money. Just stop. Just stop. No negotiation – just stop. Let the fraud and corruption collapse – and then start again with better ideas and control.

What Selbie said, “We are not trying to force smokers to quit, but ‘helping’ them” is a blatant lie. If the police patrol hospital grounds, arresting people and fining them for smoking in the open air, then Selbie is a complete shit, and a deliberate liar.

I do not understand how these ‘population control’ people can live with themselves. They constantly move the onus onto someone else, and create antagonism between ordinary people.

That is the swamp. The swamp is in academia, Gov departments, Local Authorities, hospitals, etc. It is been being built up for thirty years or so. But as I said, and as have loads of other people said, the whole thing could be demolished in a moment.

Stop the gravy train.


4 Responses to “So the CEO of Public Health England Writes to All Hospitals Demanding that They Ban Smoking in Hospital Grounds”

  1. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    Yes Junican the swamp needs draining now ! No more public money. This oik Duncan Selbie needs opposing. These are our hospitals paid for by us. All hospitals should have decent smoking facilities as a matter of course.

  2. Smoking Lamp Says:

    I agree, the persecution of smokers must stop. First step should be the elimination of smoking bans and the restoration of designated smoking areas.

  3. junican Says:

    Well, little by little, as the call for bans becomes more and more hysterical, more and more people are getting fed up. There is always a straw which breaks the camel’s back.

  4. brian moore Says:

    As far as l’m aware it is NOT ILLEGAL to smoke in thr open air and most of the visitors and patients to the Leicester Hospitals use this right!

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