Rejecting Tyranny Which Would Deny Me the Right to be a Chocaholic

I think that I am becoming a ‘chocoholic’.

Some months ago, my wife, who suffers from Multiple Sclerosis, had problems with eating. Not physical problems, but loss of appetite. Daughter 2 suggested buying some chocolate. Eating chocolate in any serious quantities is normally confined to the Christmas era. In fact, we rarely consumed chocolate outside that era.

I have always been something of a ‘chocoholic’ in the sense of being unable to resist. Give me a box of chocolates, and I am likely to eat the whole contents until there is nothing left. It requires a real act of will to stop eating them. I cannot help it. The taste and sweetness overwhelms my self-control. I guess that the same applies to sex, but let us not go into that area.

The problem is not that ‘I have been given’ a box of chocolates (which I can blame on the giver), but that I have been buying the chocolate myself.

Daughter 2 was, no doubt, thinking about ‘Energy’. That is, if herself was not eating due to temporary loss of appetite, then the ‘energy’ in the chocolate would compensate. The trouble is that she long ago reacquired her appetite. But both of us DEMAND the chocolate in our weekly grocery delivery.

We are, undoubtedly,  addicted. 

Even worse is that, if I wake up in the early hours, I am quite likely to savour the idea of a ‘strip’ of chocolate squares. I have, believe it or not, crept into the kitchen and raided the fridge, and tottered back to bed with a ‘strip’ of chocolate in my hand. What could possibly be more indicative of addiction than that?

But I decided to ‘get a grip’ when I woke up a couple of days ago with chocolate smeared around my mouth and melted chocolate stuck to my fingers and my watch. I had dozed off with a piece of chocolate in my hand. The first that I knew about it was when daughter 3’s dog was licking madly at my mouth and hand, and refused to be deterred. Only then did I observe the sticky mess around my ring finger and my watch. Somehow, I had squashed a melted ‘square’ of chocolate and spread it around. Further, I have found smears of chocolate on my bed sheets.

I recognise that my addiction is out of control. It is disgusting, filthy, stinking. It is worse than heroin or cocaine. The awfulness of the addiction cannot be measured because the goalposts for a definition of ‘addiction’ have been moved so often that no one knows where the goalposts are.

But there is good news. By my own confession,  I have been able to reduce the addiction of herself. If I am addicted, so must she be addicted. I have limited her to one ‘strip’ per day.

Am I not wise and good?

As for myself, am I not wise and good? Surely I am, since I am King. ‘Do as I say, and not as I do’ is virtuous. I am King, so I make the rules, but those rules do not apply to me. I can change them from moment to moment, if I wish to.

But have I not the right to be a chocoholic if I wish to be so? Who says that I cannot?

And is it not true that I can be a ‘tobacco addict’, in the same sense as a ‘chocoholic’ if I wish to be so? Who says that I cannot?

Our MPs have lost all sense of direction. They do not understand their purpose. Their purpose is to DEFEND the people against tyranny. Enormous tobacco taxes (and, yes they are ENORMOUS – duty in Belarus is 0.65$ per pack) are persecution and always have been. Non-smokers are not paying their fair share.

You see, THE VAST MAJORITY OF SOCIAL COSTS, including the NHS, are immutable. the cost of Old Age Pensions cannot be changed. It is what it is. It is a mistake to think that tobacco taxes pay for tobacco harm. There is no connection.  The fact is that the massive tobacco taxes, alcohol taxes, petrol taxes, sugar taxes, etc, are opportunistic taxes. ‘Health’ is an excuse and ‘The Environment’ is an excuse.

If I decide to become a chocoholic, that is my decision. That ‘addiction’ does not, in itself, harm the ‘body politic’. But if chocolate was taxed as tobacco is, because it is addictive (new definition), then only the better off would be able to afford it. Thus, the better off would be able to strut their plumpness as proof of their superiority.

I have been through this before. I tried to establish a ‘Constituency Group’ with at least one person per constituency was in the group. The idea was to demand that our constituency MP stops the persecution of smokers. I think that I got about 100 constituencies. What amazes me is that, surely FOREST has enough members to get at least one person per constituency. One person is enough, if that person demands from his MP protection from tyranny. For example, I like to buy different varieties of tobacco and blend them to see what they taste like. Some are lovely (the Variety ‘Costello’, for example). Others are nondescript. I need my MP to defend my freedom to experiment and amuse myself.

But there is no doubt that we are moving into a Tyranny. It is a tyranny of standardisation. Cucumbers must be straight and thoughts must be straight.

I voted for Brexit in order to leave THE POLITICAL UNION. The European Union. The Political Union is the death of democracy.

And yet I find it terribly sad that the basic idea of cooperation in the sharing of resources via the market, rather than conquest and theft, turned into tyranny.

The tyranny comes from the UN, WHO, World Bank, IMF, and multiple other ‘actors’. The fact is that those organisations should be SLAVES and not BOSSES. And that is where things have gone terribly wrong.

Which Nation will ‘pull the plug’ on the utterly corrupt UN and all its works? Certainly the beneficiaries of Western taxpayers’ taxes will not complain about the corruption. Nor will the contributors of our tax monies, since it is not there own money which is being expended.

Many bloggers have said that ‘we are living in interesting times’. That is very true. Vast amounts of money are being thrown at medical research, and yet not one single product seems to be any good. Even worse is the stranglehold that TC has on Ministers.

It is hard to see any way that the pleasure and putative harm from the enjoyment of tobacco can be reconciled. There is pleasure and there is putative harm.

Which would you prefer:

A) Chocolate is banned.

B) Chocolate is regulated and very expensive.

C) The Health Zealots bugger off.

I hope that Trump defunds the UN and kicks the UN out of its Kingdom. It can reestablish its Kingdom in Alaska, Nigeria, the Gulag Archipelago. It will not happen. But if the dispersion of ‘HEALTH’ does not happen, and almost all of the costs relate to the headquarters  in Switzerland, then it becomes obvious that corruption is common.

Will May demand an end to corruption as a prerequisite in negotiations?

But, as far as I am concerned, I want out of standardisation and uniformity.

Post Brexit, I want our Government to STOP persecuting smokers. If it does not happen, and it will not, then we must continue to disobey.




8 Responses to “Rejecting Tyranny Which Would Deny Me the Right to be a Chocaholic”

  1. michaeljmcfadden Says:

    Junican, I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned it here in the past, but several months ago I did a bit of figuring and realized that I have eaten somewhere over TWO TONS of chocolate in my lifetime. 🙂

    Quite an accomplishment for a bicyclist who weighs 115 pounds soaking wet, no? :>

    I don’t know if you’re familiar with the “Fagerstrom Test For Nicotine Dependence” that the Antis like to wave around while yelling about smoking addiction, but I’ve found that taking the same basic test with reasonable alterations for the differences between the two, that I am FAR more “addicted to chocolate” than I am to cigarettes.

    Some thoughts I had at one point in relating the two for me, with the following based on chocolate:


    consumed regularly at certain times of day
    after certain activities (meals)
    associated w/ special days (easter)
    as a treat
    to cheer myself up
    resent someone taking last one
    different forms
    bright packaging/forms (e.g. choc bunnies) attracted me as a child
    brand loyalty (Hershey’s, not Nestle’s, as a kid)
    urge when seeing someone having it (life or movies)
    ever steal (kids/stores) (probably the ONLY experience of “shoplifting” I ever did in my life!)
    resent being told no
    ever succeeded in quitting for more than a few days
    more likely to marry another consumer/appreciator
    Progressed to harder forms (65%, 70%, even 85% Cacao dark chocolate; close to a pint of syrup per gallon of milk; sometimes taking the syrup straight, as sort of an “oral injection” when milk is unobtainable)


    MJM, who currently has slightly over 290 ounces of semi-sweet chocolate bits and 18 double chocolate chocolate chip muffins in the house — not to mention a dozen or so 4 ounce dark chocolate bars and some truffles and syrup in the fridge…

    • junican Says:

      As far as I know, the “Fagerstrom Test” merely concerns how soon, after getting out of bed, one lights up. I light up as soon as I get my legs off the bed. In that instant, I contemplate the day ahead.
      But I do not do that when on holiday. I get up, throw some clothes on and go for breakfast. After breakfast, I go back to my room and I MAY have a cig before tumbling back to bed for a couple of hours. Or I may not.
      So it all depends upon the circumstances.

      • michaeljmcfadden Says:

        First smoke of the day is one of about ten questions in the Fagerstrom test. Here’s a link where you can see the test itself (or one of its several minor modifications):

        and here’s a link where you can see an article by Prof. Molimard on an update to the test (Translated courtesy of Iro Cyr and CAGE Canada):

        On a scale of 0 to 10, with some reasonable modifications, I score a 7 or 8 with regard to chocolate, and a 3 to 5 with regard to smoking.

        – MJM, My name is Michael. I am a Chocoholic.

      • junican Says:

        Thanks for the links, MjM, I had to force myself to read only a short part of the first link. The point is that it is all a toilet-full of bullshit. I get up in the morning, after not smoking for eight or more hours, and enjoy a cig. The important words are “after not smoking for eight or more hours”. I do not find a desperation in not smoking on an aircraft. It does not matter, just like being in bed asleep. It does not matter. But, once I have cleared the airport, I do indulge a little more than normal – but only a little. Maybe I would smoke two cigs rather than one while waiting for the coach to depart. But once on the coach, not smoking for the period of time until arrival at my hotel, does not bother me AT ALL!
        Simply put, there is no possible generalised test for human behaviour. For example, how can a question which asks, “How soon after getting out of bed do you light up?” allow for the multiple motivations which crowd into our minds when we wake up?

  2. Rose Says:

    I was going to do a TC style hatchet job on chocolate by missing out all the beneficial ingredients and only mentioning the bad, throwing in a few scary LD50’s for good measure.
    But these days it’s no longer funny.

    The relevance of theobromine for the beneficial effects of cocoa consumption

    “Traditionally, health benefits of cocoa have been related with the high content of antioxidants of Theobroma cocoa beans. However, the direct psychoactive effect due to methylxanthines in cocoa is notable. Theobromine and caffeine, in the proportions found in cocoa, are responsible for the liking of the food/beverage. These compounds influence in a positive way our moods and our state of alertness. Theobromine, which is found in higher amounts than caffeine, seems to be behind several effects attributed to cocoa intake. The main mechanisms of action are inhibition of phosphodiesterases and blockade of adenosine receptors. Further mechanisms are being explored to better understand the health benefits associated to theobromine consumption. Unlike what happens in other mammals -pets- included, theobromine is safe for humans and has fewer unwanted effects than caffeine. Therefore, theobromine deserves attention as one of the most attractive molecules in cocoa.”

    • junican Says:

      The craziness is the idea that a vague, possible harm will kill people before they are 300 years old. All the blather about Theobromine and such is pointless unless they they have have consequences within normal life-times.

  3. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    Totally agree Junican. Addictions are our own personal business. All public health zealots should be ignored particularly Public Health England and ASH. I don’t see why smokers and drinkers should subsidise the Puritans. Current taxes on tobacco are outrageous in the UK and i fully support tobacco smuggling.
    Like you I am really enjoying blending different tobaccos.

    • junican Says:

      I know nothing about smuggling. I just think that such smugglers should be heroes because they attack fundamental injustices.
      How can a person amuse himself by blending if he cannot legally import the required leaf?
      Thus, if I could import the leaf that I want, I would not be bothered about paying a small tax. But that tax would have to be very small indeed since I have to do loads of work to convert the leaf into cigs. Actually, the only justifiable tax would be VAT. The reason is that we do all the work but do not get paid for our work.

      What is important is that Politicians must kick out the Zealots from their privileged positions in academia.
      The swamp needs to be drained.

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