Is the EU Indestructible?

I personally believe that, towards the end of WW2, there was no doubt that Germany would be defeated. It is hard to know when that realisation occurred. It might have been at the moment when the USA joined in. But the USA, at that time, was not nearly as powerful as it subsequently became. We have to go back to WW1 to understand. The USA came into WW1 in 1917 and changed the balance, which defeated Germany. Suppose that Japan had not attacked Pearl Harbour? Would the USA have joined in WW2?

We do not know. But we tend to think that the USA had an all-powerful navy and an all-powerful army, and an all-powerful air-force. It did not. Those imaginings are the product of films and similar propaganda. Japan was strong and the USA was weak – organisationally. But it was still incredibly stupid for Japan to attack the USA. The attack on Pearl Harbour provoked the USA to assemble its wealth of natural resources. Japan was a bit like the UK – a comparatively small area with limited resources. Once the USA organised, there was no doubt who would win.  It was about space and resources. The only way that Japan could win was by a continuous war on the USA,  and an eventual invasion.

Films about USA heroics have obscured reality. Does any reader remember going to the flicks and watching the heroic American cavalry decimating heroic Red Indians?

What is horrible is the idea that people actually believed the propaganda that Red Indians were evil. Films showed good Americans in their forts, fearing the onslaught of Red Indians. The onslaught happened, but, ALLELUIA!, The Cavalry appeared over the horizon and slaughtered the Red Indians.

My point is that IT IS NOT VERY LONG AGO that such blatant propaganda was accepted as truth.

In the same way, the EU has been promoted as THE TRUTH. It is collapsing and is therefore not THE TRUTH.

But the question of who engaged in the trickery, and why, has not been investigated.

Who will fund a Study into the workings of the EU? Who will investigate the corruption?

There are consequences to the UK escape. It might be that the corruption will be revealed. But I doubt it because we have not elected a Trump.

So the EU will continue, in it morass of corruption, until the UK, France, Spain, etc defund it. The EU apparatus can only continue as long as it has money.

But why has it taken so long discover the mess? Why have the EU bosses been allowed to build magnificent buildings? Who paid for those buildings and to whom do they belong?

It really is incredible that people like PM Blair tossed away Great Britain’s independence with such secrecy and corruption.

It really is incomprehensible.


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  1. Rose Says:

    watching the heroic American cavalry decimating heroic Red Indians

    Watching those old films on the tv probably helped make me who I am.
    When I was small, week after week I used to sit watching them, dressed in my Red Indian feather headdress and wait for the good guys to win.
    But they never did, I realised eventually that the good guys were never going to win, no matter how hard they fought against the bad guys, because the people who made the film wouldn’t let them.

    No one had explained to me that the people having their homes destroyed and their families slaughtered were supposed to be the bad guys and that when the ruthless barbarians with their superior weapons killed them I was supposed to be pleased.

    I still believe that the good guys will eventually win, it just takes a while.

    • junican Says:

      That seems to be vert much the situation of smokers at the moment, Rose. We are the bad guys and the good guys always win. Maybe we will be allowed reservations before too long – our own pubs, our own shops, our own plots of land to grow stuff, our own currency (cigs).

  2. TheBlockedDwarf Says:

    It seems so unlike you to have censored a comment so am I right in thinking that something ate it betwixt thee and me (I had the same problem over on Mudgie’s yesterday)?

    • junican Says:

      I don’t know what happened. No comment from you has been declared to be ‘junk’ or suspended. I have no explanation.

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