The Criminalisation of Society

In the not too distant future, there will be no activity which is not criminal unless THE LAW says that it is not. Hate speech is a case in point. A person who feels that some action or word is threatening, is right until proven otherwise. So a person who fells insulted could report that event to the police and the police would be obliged to investigate. Think of the police time and effort, and the cost, of all those investigations. More and more ordinary activities are being criminalised. Assembling in a group can be a crime if a policeperson says that it is. What is the phrase? “Civil nuisance” or something?

Just recently, the powers-that- be rushed a new law/regulation through Parliament, hidden in a Finance Act, that importing tobacco leaf, a substance freely traded as an agricultural product throughout Europe, is a crime if you do not have a permit.  The excuse was that such imports were a ‘controlled activity’. But how can such imports be ‘controlled activities’ and yet still be freely traded? It is impossible since needing a permit automatically stops freedom to trade. You can tell that it was rushed through because it is so full of holes. For example, suppose that someone sent me some leaf as a present or a free sample? Who then would be doing the importing? The exporter would also have to be the importer, unless the aircraft or ship which carried the ‘goods’ was the importer. Last year, I found some decorative nicotiana plants in my local garden centre and bought a few. They looked very pretty in my outdoor plant pots on the drive. Very pretty. When they died, I chucked them in the green bin. It is illegal, so they say, to transport such waste, so will the local authority be charged with a crime if they are found out carrying such waste to the recycling tip? Why not, if they do not have a permit?

But the real nonsense is in the reason given for the law/regulation, which is that there is a risk that a person might be avoiding duty. Obviously, just an excuse concocted by TobCon , which now seems to have control over the Border Force, as well as the Health Dept, Local Authorities, hospitals, and so to be, the streets. When will Government, at all levels, realise that it is being used by  anti-British elements of the UN and the WHO? At least Trump seems to have realised that fact as regards anti-American activities. Note, anti-American and not un-American.

I have been reading quite a lot about economics recently. Economists say that free trade, in the sense that goods produced more cheaply elsewhere, for whatever reason, and imported, make us all better off. I thoroughly understand that. For example, our climate in Britain is not good for the growing of oranges, although it can be done. Better, therefore, to import oranges from those countries where they grow very well. Better to import oranges which can be sold to be public for £1 per kilo than protect home-grown oranges which sell at a price of £5 per kilo. But that is only part of the story. If people are earning good wages, they might not be bothered about paying £5 per kilo for oranges, but if the have no earnings, how could they afford the £1 per kilo?

In other words, there always has to be a balance. I was watching a documentary about the EU earlier on. In the South of Italy, there used to be a Fiat factory. Fiat (surely synonymous with Italy?) moved the factory to Eastern Europe. Thousands lost their jobs and the factory stands empty and derelict. Could anything be worse? Well, yes, it could. It could be made worse if the EU banned the South of Italy from making cars by introducing a law/regulation which criminalised such activity.Oh, they would not be so obvious, as the ‘controlled activity’ description of free trade in leaf has shown. Some other form of words would be used.

In the Trump press conference, he insisted that a new pipeline must be built with American steel. Purists would say that he should insist that the steel used should be the cheapest available (provided that the quality was right), but I have my doubts. If the American steel industry was fully occupied, then out-sourcing would make sense. And what about the use of semi-slave labour in the countries producing cheap steel? The EU Elite have grandiose idea about ‘equality’ which is fine in theory, but, in practice, produces 50% unemployment among youths in Spain and Greece.

What seems to me to be the case, if I may say so in my ignorance, is that money is not everything. Living in a pleasantly warm country, where you do not need central heating, and hardly ever need to wear an overcoat, has massive benefits. It would be even more wonderful if there were not Tyrants forbidding you from growing your own tobacco plants to make cigs and growing your own grapevines to make your own wine. Even better, would be a situation where some people grew lots of tobacco plants and lots of vines, and made products even better than you could yourself. Would that not be nice? Well, it would be, provided that Government left you alone.

People make noises about ‘small’ government, but no one actually does anything. What happened to Cameron’s ‘bonfire of the quangos?’ I suppose that some anonymous Civil Servant, in true “Yes, Minister” style, said, “Well, certainly, Prime Minister, but the chaos could seriously affect your electability. After all, 70% of the people agree with tobacco control”. Oh, wait a minute. There is no ‘tobacco control’ quango. That, in itself, should have raised suspicions. There is a Framework Convention but no quango in the UK.

It cannot go on. It must stop and be reversed. Is Nigel Farage the Leader that this country needs? It is a pity that we have this antiquated system in which the Leader ’emerges’. I still cannot get an answer, in my mind, to the question of ‘where did Cameron come from?’ He seemed to have ’emerged’. Where did he come from? He emerged from Eton, had a job somewhere for a while, became a Tory researcher, got elected as an MP, and then, suddenly became PM. The fact is that he was manufactured. What did he ever do as PM? Bugger all. Oh, he allowed plain packaging and various other persecutions like hate crime and the virtual exhumation of celebs to vilify them, and the prosecution of old soldiers for putative ‘crimes’ when they did their duty, oh and the general furthering of the persecution of smokers – and any other target which his ‘Elite Masters’ told him to.

I don’t think that Industry is as selfish as is made out. Yes, the objective of industry is to make profits. How could it be otherwise? For some reason, which might be justified, we in the UK exempt Health from that equation. As a result, Health costs are constantly under attack.

Is there any way that Health could be made profitable to the Nation? A very interesting question. I’m not sure if it ever actually happened, but I remember reading about a proposal that anyone booking an appointment with a doctor in OZ would be required to pay a small fee. I suppose that children could be exempted, but the requirement would be general otherwise. The fee might be £5. I honestly do not see a problem with that, especially if the prescription fee was dropped. That is, if a person was prepared to pay the fee of £5 to see the doctor, then the consequent costs, if any, would be zero. You would think that a person worried enough to want to visit his doctor would be very relieved to know that there was nothing wrong with him, and that he did not need medicine. I certainly would.

Ah, you might say, but the poorest people would defer visiting the doctor until it was too late. Maybe, but, again, you would exempt people who were on benefits.

The Criminalisation of Society goes hand in hand with ANY increase in the size of the State. The EU itself causes masses of criminalisation. Moving leaves around? Criminal. Allowing terrorists in? Virtuous.

I have been wondering what the UK could do with its fair share of EU buildings. The UK is not committed to ongoing projects since its withdrawal automatically terminates those projects, unless ‘the settlement’ agrees otherwise. Get the idea? Article 50 is irrelevant. We have decided to leave the EU, period. Any negotiations are NOT about ‘the terms’ of leaving. There are no such ‘terms’. They negotiations are about ‘settlements’. What ought to play a huge part is the protection afforded to the EU over the decades by our armed forces. Remember that, immediately after WW2, France, Germany, Italy had almost no armed forces. Despite the sabre rattling, nor did the Soviet Union. All those countries, including Great Britain, were exhausted. Apart from the USA, which profited magnificently from that conflict.

So the EU is crippled. It does not matter what Juncker and co say. A worthy dream of gradual cultural and economic integration has been ruined by the greediness of The Elite.

So what must be done? It is obvious. That Elite must be banished and prosecuted where possible. There must be no Elite.

I think that our UK democracy has to change also. I base that thought upon the idea that around 100 MPs of the major party become Ministers of one sort or another. We have seen how some of these people are totally unequipped either with experience or intellect to deal with their briefs. For example, Milton MP believed that the UK had to obey the FCTC bosses, and Soubry MP thought that ecigs had been removed from the EU TPD. But the real horror of those situations was that IT DID NOT MATTER WHAT THEY THOUGHT. They were powerless.

So when the UK has agreed with other countries in the EU (not the likes of Juncker) what the settlement of assets etc might be, there might possibly be a totally new agreement between those countries and the UK.

It is a total mess, but only because successive UK governments have been careless. Extremely careless. It comes down to this. You cannot allow junior ministers, who know bugger all, to commit the UK.

Nor can you allow Special Interest Groups, like ASH, to dictate to the Border Force what is important. ‘Fanatical Islamist Suicide Bombers’ are important, and not importers of dried leaves.

If there is to be truly international ‘free trade’, despite what I said earlier about ‘protection’, then there should be no such thing as ‘Duties’. The whole concept of ‘duties’ is unutterably silly. If a State wants to decrease the competitiveness of its industries in the world, the easiest way is to increase those industry’s costs. It is totally INCOMPREHENSIBLE that we still have petrol duties. It really is incomprehensible.

What activities can really be described as criminal? There are lots and lots, from murder to theft to cruelty. Lots and lots. But we could do without artificial criminalities, like ‘controlled activities’.

Disobedience is the only way. But the problem with disobedience is that it acknowledges that there is something to to be disobedient to. Perhaps there is another way. For example, import a package of leaf of only 500 grams. Who cares? And if and when Border Force intercept such an import, ask why the allowed all the previous similar imports through?  It is only questions like that which bring the stupidity of ‘permits’ to the fore.

I cannot understand why Government does not hate special interest groups. Surely, those groups must make Government harder. They demand that special attention should be given to their project.

The ‘Hospitality Trade’ needs a lift, including pubs, clubs and restaurants. What could be better than a softening of the smoking ban? What is important is that such places should have ‘smoking areas’ and not ‘non-smoking areas’. The probability is that the ‘smoking areas’ would be more popular than the non-smoking areas. The challenge for pubs would be to re-arrange their bars so that employees were ‘protected’ from SHS.

Erm. Such SHS danger does not exist. The ban is not based upon science, but only upon force of law.

We must understand that ONLY law/regulation matters. Opinions and Studies are irrelevant. But such laws/regulations are corrupt and always have been. Why? Because they SINGLE OUT a law-abiding group and criminalise them.

It is beyond my comprehension how this can have happened, even though it has been ‘salami’ sliced.

If you think of smokers, it can only be that politicians, especially those involved with the UN and the FCTC, have decided that such smokers are vermin. That is the only way to understand it. There is no better understanding than that smokers must be ‘exiled to the outdoors’.



7 Responses to “The Criminalisation of Society”

  1. Samuel Says:

    Relating to British oranges…. I couldn’t find a link to a suitable copy to stream but, perhaps, you will have better luck.

  2. Smoking Lamp Says:

    The exile outdoors was only the first step. Tobacco Control now seeks outdoor bans, bans in private vehicles, and bans in apartments. Since there is no health justification for this persecution tobacco control must be destroyed.

  3. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    Tobacco control have bullied me long enough. Best to buy your tobacco abroad if you can and don’t obey any more bans. Smoke in public as much as possible and wind the bastards up. Be a proud smoker.

  4. Nan Says:

    “So a person who fells insulted could report that event to the police and the police would be obliged to investigate. Think of the police time and effort, and the cost, of all those investigations. More and more ordinary activities are being criminalised. ”

    So an indoctrinated healthist loyalist drone, issues a complaint, authorities are obligated to investigate, a new high-tech device is purchased and must be cost justified, it is taken to the scene of the crime (in this case, will eventually be the crime of smoking) and readings are taken, the readings are used as evidence in a court of law against the perpetrator who is fined, later jailed for repeat offences, just like with over the speed limit charges, quantified, thus the judge says the numbers say so and that must have been a crime and so no defence is possible, one must pay the fine or be jailed and the crime now becomes that of offensive outdoor and indoor odors, corroborated by a machine that measures the smell and quantifies it, leading to a citation or an arrest based on that measurement.

    It seems this is already the case, being done in parts of the United states.

    The city has since invested in a device called “Nasal Ranger.” It allows code enforcement officers to scientifically measure a particular smell.


    • junican Says:

      I watched video. Enough. I think that you have proved my contention.
      Innocuous coffee smells might be banned, but dangerous smoke from barbecues is not.
      That machine proves nothing.

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