Vaping ‘Machines’

I do not know how ecig machines became known as ‘pens’. I can only guess that they look a little like fountain pens of old. But those examples are rather antiquated, aren’t they? Many serious vapers use machines which do not resemble ‘pens’ at all.

It is a matter of visualisation. The word ‘stick’ would have the same visualisation in the sense that a ‘stick’ is a narrow, circular length of a branch of a tree or shrub. A ‘pen’ has the same visualisation.

It surprises me that vapers have not found new words to describe their equipment. (Note straight away that the word ‘vaper’ is a new word, as is ‘vaping’) How can they invent the words ‘vaper, vaping’ but fail to give the machine a sensible name? I think that almost everyone would concede that the phrase ‘electronic cigarette’ was a terrible, terrible error.

TobCon changes the meaning of words over and over again, and it succeeds in doing so by constant repetition. So why do not vapers arrive at their own word for the ‘machine’? It is critically important extract the machine from regulation other than normal requirements for safety of electrical apparatus. It is no big deal. Essentially, ‘vape pens’ are not much different from flash-lights. A battery heats a filament.

But note that I had no alternative but to use the phase ‘vape pen’. What a vacuous word – ‘pen’!

But we do have a simple word, which is ‘heater’. The phrase ‘vape heater’ makes sense, and divorces vaping from smoking. ‘Heating’ is absolutely not the same as ‘burning’. So a vaping device is a ‘heater’.

But my essential point is that the Tyrants are not bothered about the toxins in vape liquid, although they pretend to be so. It is THE MACHINES that they want to ban. They want to ban the ‘heater machines’.

It really is a horrible mess, because no one knows how to define ‘ecigs’ (if we accept that the term means a heating machine).

But this lack of definition horrifies TobCon. It suggests that ‘things are out of THEIR control’. And so they adopt their own definition, which is ‘a gateway’. Damn it! the ecig is a machine!

I was amused to see tonight a video about vaping green tea:

The machine was used to vape tea.

The ‘Masters of Europe’ have decided to poke a snoozing beast. The only thing that matters is how the Masters escape from justice. They WILL escape.

It is so sad that the EU could have been wonderful. But it allowed itself to be hijacked. Nay, the EU is a thing. It was the Politicians who allowed it to be hijacked. If taken slowly, slowly, the EU could have balanced out aggressions and plunder, but it became an instrument of plunder in itself.

Ignore everything that comes from the EU. It is corrupt. Ignore everything which comes from Tobacco Control. It is corrupt. Carry on. Bugger the bastards.

You can get a nice flavour by vaping green tea. Can you get a nice flavour from smoking green tea?

No wonder that the Tobcom elite is hysterical. Smokers have suffered from ‘a thousand cuts’, but TobCon is now on the receiving end of the same ‘thousand cuts’. It may be that ‘stop smoking services’ have traction, but massively paid executives have not.


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  1. castello2 Says:

    E-cigs seems to be a very bad name but the antz would vilify it whatever we called it. The TC folks usually refer to it as ENDS (electronic nicotine delivery system or sss). I like the fact that smokers are drawn to it because of the name. We need the smokers and they need us, as I see it.

    • junican Says:

      “Electronic nicotine delivery system” – a typical verbose fudge. I am surprised that ‘experts’ in ‘electronics’ have not objected strenuously about the misuse of the word ‘electronic’. Only in recent years have ecigs become ‘electronic’ when they started to use ‘electronic’ methods to control temperature and such. Before that, they they were just simple electric fires as compared with gas fires. They were the equivalent of cigarette lighters which use an electrically excited coil to produce a ‘hot spot’. Nor was the device designed to ‘deliver nicotine’ – it was designed to deliver a pleasurable experience, which might replace smoking. Nor is it a ‘system’, except in the silliest simplicity of that word. If you accept that definition of the word ‘system’, then a water tap in your kitchen becomes ‘a system’. No, it is not a ‘system’ – it is a tap.

  2. michaeljmcfadden Says:

    There IS a form of traction that I hope Tobacco Control Executives have in this world…


    P.S. re your main topic… I think e-cigarettes were the original term and stayed that way for several years at least. Hmmm… neither of my two language analysis tools, nor Google’s N-Gram, is showing much of anything in this area, but I think both use databases that are close to ten years out of date unfortunately. They let us see the creation/promotion of such things as “kissing a smoker is like licking an ashtray” but for more recent innovations I don’t know where to look.

    I know “vapers” has been around since at least May of 2010 since I can find refs in my email and information files using the term and variant back then, but nothing before that. Ecig on the other hand began showing up around 2008.

    My general memory of events is that ecig was the original term used by its creators/marketers (possibly with the thinking that it would be a good way to attract smokers to try them, and because the early models tried to stress how MUCH like “real cigarettes” they were) but then the strength of the Antismoker response was so strong that they realized they’d be better off without the reference to smoking. Somewhere around 2010 it seems that the vaping term began to be popularized.

    Personally, I don’t like the square boxy machine thingies at all. The ordinary “clearomizer” type vaping devices — the ones with about the size/shape/heft of moderately small cigars — seem to work quite well for their purpose while also giving those who enjoy them the “feeling” of smoking a cigarette to some extent. The box things look and feel more like a Big Pharma contraption designed to “wean you away’ from smoking rather than designed to actually be enjoyed. Just my own feelings on them though — possibly not widely shared.

    – MJM, actually ending his posting now… no more P.S.s… ;>

    • junican Says:

      You can buy ecigs which are shaped like a pipe. I think that a pipe shape makes sense, assuming that you pick up the pipe, put the outlet into your mouth, press a button and puff. Frankly, a pipe shape makes more sense than any other idea, as I see it. You know – hold the bowl in your fingers, press the button and suck.
      So ‘e-cigarettes’ would have been better described as ‘e-pipes’.

      I could go for e-pipes if the shit really hit the fan.

  3. Lollylulubes Says:

    I believe the reason they were called electronic cigarettes was simply because they were probably the most common descriptive terms that smokers would use when trying to find them online if they’d vaguely heard of them, but had no idea what they were called.

    • junican Says:

      I agree. The original ENDS were designed to vaguely look like cigs for emotional purposes. Thus, at the time the word ‘cigarette’ was appropriate. But that is no longer so.

  4. pandaflop087 Says:

    The “machine” is called a mod. The tops are “atomisers” and a full setup is called a “vape”

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