Fighting for Liberty and Against Tyranny

Tobacco Control is the epitome of Tyranny. ‘Banishment’ has been a tool of tyranny since time immemorial. It saves the tyrant from the possible ignomy of executing ‘deplorables’. Galileo was subjected to ‘house arrest’ for the rest of his life, which is much the same as exile. Exile was common in the Roman Empire and has been so ever since. What else was the transportation of criminals to Australia by English courts in the 19th century, but exile? What else was the exile of political opponents in Soviet Russia to the Gulag?

Smokers in England were ‘exiled’ to the outdoors in 2007. Sure, they were not sent to the penal colony of Australia, but the were still ‘excluded’. ‘Exile’ is ‘exclusion’. Thus, Galileo’s house arrest was just as much ‘exile’ as had he been sent to Outer Mongolia. It meant that he was unable to communicate with the wider world. But the Pope at the time was not antipathetic to Galileo’s knowledge of the solar system. In effect, Galileo said that the Earth revolves around the Sun, but it is still the ‘centre of the universe’ as far as God is concerned. Guys like Galileo were not stupid. They could argue that our vision of everything revolving around the Earth was true – in a sense – and that it did not matter if the physical detail was incorrect.

It has become more and more obvious that the ‘exclusion’ of smokers had nothing to do with the health of workers. Further, it is becoming more and more obvious that the ‘evidence’ (the ‘science’) was a morass of lies. Deliberate exaggerations are LIES. For example, if a child nicks a sweet from an open display of sweets in a shop, it is a LIE to say that he was stealing sweets from the shop, without saying how many sweets he stole. One sweet is not sweetS, and a handful is not a bucketful.

TobCon has fooled millions of people into believing that SHS is equivalent to the Sun going around the Earth and to a child pinching a sweet rather than a lorry load.

The Doll Doctors Study showed, without doubt (provided that it was not ‘fixed’, which is far from certain), that SHS is far too weak to cause trouble. Even Doll said so. He admitted that being in a room with a smoker would not trouble him.

There are all sorts of errors. For example, a person who deeply inhales does not retain the smoke. He blows almost all of it back out. Smoke rings? So, since a smoker blows all the smoke back out, does that mean that people who do not inhale much have the same risk? Well, no. According to the Doctors Study, heavy use of cigs ( 25 or more per day) caused death more often and earlier than moderate use (15 – 24), etc, and the mere use of X number of cigs, on average, causes horrible, torturous, exiled, persecuted deaths.

Tobacco Control has been in existence now for some decades. By its nature (free from legal control), it must be corrupt. It is like Lysenko science in Soviet Russia. Put a corrupt person in charge, and you get corruption in every aspect. By ‘corruption’ I do not necessarily mean financial corruption. I mean ‘torturing’ individuals by taxes and bans.

Sure, my use of the word ‘torture’ does not precisely equate to electrodes on genitals and water boarding, but the drip, drip of theft by taxation and bans of all sorts mounts up.  It does not take many of such increments to arrive at gas chambers.

Our ‘elected representatives’ are supposed to be vigilant on our behalf, smokers and non-smokers. They are supposed to watch out for tyranny and block it. That is what they are for, and little else. They do not exist to pit smokers against non-smokers.

But there seems to be no way whatsoever to bring ‘experts’ to justice. They can say what they like and claim ‘authority’. Fine. Even the most cowardly Governing Party could ‘exile’ those ‘experts’.

The USA is going through a thrombosis in Higher Education. Its universities seem to have abandoned factual knowledge, and decided that emotional opinions will advance the human condition. Well, good luck with that.

I don’t know if President Trump or Prime Minister May really know that their DUTY is to reverse persecution. The UN must be massively reformed. The IPCC must be decimated to exclude authority. The FCTC must be demolished to do away with waste.

All these things are OBVIOUS! Only corruption keeps them going.


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