“Freedom From Tyranny”

Throughout history, people have struggled against Tyranny. Even the assassins of Julius Ceaser claimed that Ceaser was a tyrant, and that justified the assassination. What is it about tyrants which upsets people? I guess that it is that they always demand that it is their way or no way. Black and white. There have been lots of revolts against tyranny throughout history. In recent centuries, the French Revolution was a notable revolt against the aristocracy, and the Russian revolution was against the Russian aristocracy, which resulted in Communist Russia, which turned out to be just as much a tyranny as what went before, if not worse.

Are we now free from tyranny? Of course not!!! Our elected representatives have imposed a new tyranny – the tyranny of HEALTH.

The vote for the Smoking Ban was approved overwhelmingly in the House of Commons. Those that voted for it made an assumption, which is that it was their way or no way. It was a tyrannous assumption. No pub, club, restaurant or other ‘public place’ could opt out. That is how tyrants operate. Black and white, my way or no way.

Thus, our democratic processes have become tyrannous.

It is a weird thing, is it not? The UN was set up for the purpose of defusing situations which might lead to world war. It enabled, say, the USA to discuss things with Russia and to apportion ‘areas of influence’. It has worked out very well, nasty though it may seem. But it was not the UN which brought about the ‘Peace’ – it was the agreement between Russia and the USA. The UN consists of less than 200 countries, most of whom have no clout at all. The WHO is the same, except that it has been taken over (acquired) by ‘special interest groups’, such as the Zealots who think that all tobacco plantations must be destroyed and the land used to grown lettuces. They disregard that that some land is useless for growing lettuces, but good for growing tobacco plants.

Once you permit a tyrannous act, you open the door to more such acts, and they will become more and more demanding and tyrannous.

So, to get to the point, the EU Tyranny has produced another edict. It can be seen here:


The intro:

Background information

Council directive 2011/64/EU sets out EU rules on the structure and rates of excise duty applied to manufactured tobacco. In particular, it defines and classifies various manufactured tobacco products according to their characteristics and lays down the relevant minimum rates of excise duty for the different types of products. The purpose of the Directive is to ensure the proper functioning of the internal market and a high level of health protection.

 For anyone who wishes to to understand the Tyranny, it is important to clearly differentiate between “the proper functioning of the internal market” and “a high level of health protection”. 

The two ideas are not connected. The market does not need health, nor does health need the market.

I do not know why it is so, but it seems that all systems of Government become Tyrannies sooner or later.

Once upon a time, it was not worthwhile to grow your own tobacco plants, although there was no law against it. There simply was no point, since tobacco companies, big and small, produced a variety of products, not just cigars, cigarettes, pipe tobaccos, chewing tobaccos, snus, snuff, etc at a reasonable price. Imagine trying to build your own car with the parts as compared with buying the car ‘ready-made’. Some people really enjoy building their own cars with parts, and why not, if cars are their hobby. Are such cars ‘safe’ from a ‘Health’ point of view?

So, once again, we have the tyranny of the aristocracy. We are back to square one. Our elected representatives have NO IDEA that they are promoting tyranny.

A particular statement in that edict was especially revealing to me. It was:

“A second problem is that raw tobacco and intermediate products can be diverted to the illicit manufacturing of smoking products or sold in small quantities to consumers for home processing…”

Note the conjunction of ‘illicit manufacturing’ and ‘ ‘sold in small quantities’.


“Freedom From Tyranny” is reaching an important point in history, and it would behove us to elect politicians who recognise that fact.

Perhaps we have an ‘in’ in this respect. Writing to your MP about smoking bans is a waste of time. But perhaps accusing them of enabling Tyranny might wake them up.

I have often thought of writing to my MP, but have always thought that it is a waste of time and effort. But that was when I contemplated writing about smoking bans specifically. I think that it is a different thing when you write about tyranny.

So this new ‘directive’ wants to tax ecigs as though they were ‘tobacco products’, among other things. It is up to vapers to be militant. This is a situation of ‘no quarter’. No negotiations, no blathering. Ecigs are NOT tobacco products. Fight, fight and fight again.

4 Responses to ““Freedom From Tyranny””

  1. Samuel Says:

    Unrelated to the above but I thought you might find it of some use.


    • junican Says:

      Hi Sam. I read most of your link. A breath of fresh air, on the whole. However, the junk science is still there. “Chris Hansen, President of the American Cancer Society Action Network said: “There is no reason for a teen to use any tobacco product. Nicotine exposure at a young age can cause lasting harm to brain development, and the addiction to nicotine often lasts for life.”
      What a load of crap:
      1) No one of any age has ‘a need’ to use tobacco.
      2) Rather a lot of brilliant people ‘used’ tobacco.
      3) there is no reason to juxtapose ‘brain harm’ and ‘addiction for life’. The two things are very different. Addiction is not brain harm – if indeed, enjoyment of tobacco is an addiction.

  2. Ed Says:

    I noticed that June Brown (Dot Cotton from Eastenders) who is close to 90 years old, chose Tobacco seeds as her luxury item on Desert Island Discs the other day. It must have killed the BBC doing the write-up about it, lol


    Let’s hope the duty men don’t pay her a visit!

    • junican Says:

      Read it. LoL! Indeed – I can imagine a certain amount of hysteria. It must have gone right to the top.

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