Can Parliament Force People to Persecute Each Other?

A few years ago, the ‘owners’ of one of my local pubs had decided to sell up. They were two ‘sisters’ (?). On their last night, they had a bit of a celebration – sort of. But there was still hardly anyone in. At the very end, I decided to see what would happen if I lit a cigarette, and proceeded to do so.

You would think that there would have been laughter and that I would have been handed a saucer or something. But, no. One of the departing ‘sisters’ came around the bar and attempted to snatch the cig from my mouth. There were ructions. There was nearly a fight. And that was on their last night. Even though the sisters were finishing and departing the next day, they were so ‘conditioned’ that one of them could not help herself. She reacted unconditionally in an obedient state. A zombie state.

I think that there are masses of people who exist in a zombie state. I don’t mean that they are unhappy or confused. Indeed, the opposite is true. They are quite happy and content. In a way, the vast majority of the population are quite happy to be serfs.

Not an awful long time ago, say, one hundred year or so, the ‘aristocracy’ still controlled England. I’m not sure that they still not do. It is just that the aristocracy has changed from landowners to academics. Hardly a day goes by without some ‘academic study’ appearing. The latest one that I have seen today is that coffee is dangerous. A couple of cups of coffee per day is OK, but more than that might dissolve your brain cells, or something. Utterly crackers. Perhaps the researchers have not drunk enough coffee to be normal and rational.

The serious bit about my cogitations is TIMESCALES. It is not sufficient to say that second hand tobacco smoke might be dangerous. The Zealots must describe the TIMESCALE over which SHS might actually cause damage. It takes thirty years for SOME people to be adversely affected by smoking. How much longer would SHS take? Everyone would be dead for some other reason before such effect would be felt.

My heading is important because, if we (the zombies) accept that Parliament can pass laws which DEMAND that citizens persecute each other, then there is no end to how far that can go. Citizens can be permitted and encouraged to attack anyone who seems to have done something that offends them.

The swamp must be drained, and ‘the swamp’ is that ‘one size fits all’. For a start (although it will come at the back of the queue) citizens who own bars must, via their associations, refuse to obey. But there is a problem – the top people in their associations are fearful.

Fear is the instrument of control. Control has no other instrument.  in 2007, with the Smoking Ban, Parliament destroyed itself.

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