Tobacco Control and Children

Regular readers will recall that I have often wondered what motives the likes of Arnott, CEO of ASH. I find it very odd that a normal human being could accept the job of ‘Chief Flagellater’. For those who would describe themselves as ‘deplorables’, ‘flagellate’ means ‘whip’, preferably removing flesh in the whipping. Demanding more and more taxation of tobacco is just another form of ‘flagellation’. Cruelty is cruelty, no matter what form it takes. A fine might be less cruel than flagellation, but it is still cruel. Duty taxes are cruel, especially upon those who are poor.

I have wondered often how decent people, which could include Arnott, can possibly demand cruel impositions of taxes. How do their consciences cope with what they are demanding? “Increase taxes and thus force the poor to stop smoking”. That sentiment is shrouded by words like ‘help’.

But an idea popped into my mind tonight which might explain. It is that any exaggerations and lies are justified if they are ‘FOR THE CHILDREN’. In fact, TC has said so, again and again, in no uncertain terms, but we smokers simply do not see it. We do not see it because we are hung up by the horrors of smoking bans on ADULTS. As far as I know, there is no law in the UK which forbids ‘juveniles’ (under 16) from smoking. Only supplying such ‘children’ is criminal.

So, perhaps, we can see what drives the Zealots, and what justifies all the exaggerations and lies. They intend to SAVE the children, and that objective is so important that nothing else matters. Logic, ethics, science, etc, are irrelevant. “The Children” have to be saved from a life of addiction to nicotine. Arnott and Co can justify, in their own minds, ANY persecution of smokers – for the sake of ‘the children’. Thus, they can lie by saying that they only want increased taxes on the poorest people to ‘save the children’.

But that rationalisation falls apart when the shit hits the fan. And the shit hits the fan when someone says, “WHOSE CHILDREN?”

I remember a ‘phone-in’ radio program when a female Zealot was talking about how ‘children’ needed to be protected against SHS, or something similar. Someone rang in and asked, “WHOSE CHILDREN are you talking about?” The Zealot poo-pooed, but the caller insisted, “WHOSE CHILDREN are you talking about?” And then the Zealot asked the caller if he had children. The caller refused to answer. He said, “WHOSE CHILDREN are you talking about?” The Zealot became hysterical. The bluff had been called and found wanting.

Tobacco Control has no rights whatsoever over children. Parents have duties, as is recognised by law, in the sense of caring for them and ensuring that they go to school. It is in no way acceptable for the State, and especially groups like ASH ET AL, to dictate.

But the depths of childish brainwashing have yet to be plumbed. Nazi Germany plumbed the depths, and so did Soviet Russia. It is incredible to me that The State, post WW2 and the collapse of Communism, can wish to emulate those cruel and vindictive decades.

For heaven’s sake! Parents love their children. ASH ET AL do not love any child at all. They USE a child.

Is it possible they “do not know what they do?” NO!! They know exactly ‘what they do’. But they have a ‘cognitive dissonance’, in that they lack humility. They ascend the heights of ‘the moral high ground’ and worship themselves. Meanwhile, back on the ground, parents love their children and do their best. TC does not LOVE children. It controls them, and/or uses them.

I hope that Trump calls out all the epidemiological crap and demands ‘proof’. The latest excretion, as dissected here:

shows, without doubt, that the Zealots have no qualms about using ‘correlation’ as ‘causation’.

There is massive panic in TC. The gravy train is slowing down.

So what is the answer? I do not know. The answer must, eventually revolve around the extent of ‘risk’ and its amplitude. Is swimming in the sea dangerous, and how dangerous is it, and how many people swim in the sea?

Lots of children swim in the sea, but it is dangerous. And the more that they swim in the sea, the more likely that they will drown. Some children, who swim in the sea, drown, and therefore ALL children must be forbidden from swimming in the sea. Even paddling is likely to produce some drownings. THERE IS NO SAFE LEVEL!

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  1. Smoking Lamp Says:

    Good essay! I agree the question “Whose children?” is a good response to the tobacco control exploitation of children as a political tool. After all this is all about politics and feigned concern for ‘health’ is only a lever for gaining power.

  2. Rose Says:

    Regular readers will recall that I have often wondered what motives the likes of Arnott, CEO of ASH. I find it very odd that a normal human being could accept the job of ‘Chief Flagellater’

    Deborah Arnott on her previous life.

    How the FSA got it wrong
    Deborah Arnott – 2009

    “Some 10 years ago, I was employed by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) to set up a consumer education department to enable the new watchdog to meet its obligation to increase public understanding of the financial system.”

    “I left the FSA more than five years ago and went to run Action on Smoking and Health – a much simpler job with the simple objective of working to protect people from the harm caused by tobacco.

    But I learned a salutary lesson while at the FSA, which is that consumer education can never substitute for an effective regulatory system that protects both consumers and the financial system.”

    “consumer education can never substitute for an effective regulatory system”

    Hence the flagellation.

    • junican Says:

      Why bother with the ‘persuasion’ at all if it is simpler to just ‘force’? Arnott showed her qualifications to be a Nazi right there and then.

  3. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    I’ m fed up with hearing all this bollocks about children. We never needed it in the sixties when i was growing up. I used to be able to go in our local Coop and buy loose Woodbines. It gave me a lifelong appreciation of tobacco.

  4. karyyl Says:

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