The Human Right to be Self-sufficient

Weird, is it not, that there seems to be no such thing as a ‘human right’ to just live as you wish. I am talking about INDIVIDUALS. Thus, a person who wishes to live as a hermit and live in a hole in the ground in a forest, MAY get away with it, but a person who wishes get by as best he can, in his own way, is stymied at every turn.

I do admire the gypsies. Weird though it might appear to be, we in the UK still have gypsies who exist beneath the radar. They do not have National Insurance Numbers. They live on what they can scrounge. For example, I have been told that if I leave a metallic object, being a bicycle or a washing machine, outside my house, but on my property, it will disappear after a day or two. That is because gypsies roam around looking for such things.

So the ‘human right’ works simply. I exhibit my metallic junk outside and the gypsies carry it off and trade the metal in for cash. We both gain – I get rid of my junk, and the gypsies do the work of transportation and disassembly and gain money thereby.

I do not know how the ‘gypsy thing’ works, but it seems that many other people know. A neighbour said to me, “Just leave it on the drive (whatever it was). The gypsies will take it away”. Only tonight, I walked to the pub and saw a bicycle left blatantly at the end of a drive, right near the pavement.

Some years ago, we used to get notes pushed through our letter boxes on our estate. I think that our estate was chosen because it is a matte of fact that our estate is comparatively well-off. The notes pushed through our letter boxes were not just from Oxfam and such, but were also from junk dealers.

Apart from Oxfam begging, and similar, the notes from junk collectors no longer appear. And yet, it seems that if you leave metallic junk outside, it will disappear via the gypsies.

‘CONTROLLERS’ hate that. In fact, underlying they way that we live, is a cruel and despotic idea, which is that no one must be permitted to deal in junk. Junk must be declared to be ‘anathema’, to be dealt with only be expensive operators in space suits, at enormous expense.

Trump is attacking the obvious need of the USA to remove Zealots. I cannot understand why that need has not been seen before. Health Zealots are just as bad as Religious Zealots who caused Prohibition. But at least Religious Zealots had The Almighty on their side. The Health Zealots can only appeal to Mamon – Money.

The idea of self-sufficiency imbues ALL our civilisation. Only because of ‘self-sufficiency’ can the needful be cared for.



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