The ‘Miracle’ of Trump

Ha! Ha! Ha! one cannot help but be gleeful. One might even be ‘gay’.

Trump has taken on the massed ranks of highly paid destroyers and is clearing them out. The latest thing is that he has attacked the UN. There are probably stupid people who will say that the UN provides lots and lots of jobs, and they would be right. But the only jobs of any value would be cleaning jobs and such. Such jobs come and go. They are of no importance. What matters is the huge drain on American resources by the leaches.

Did the Romans invade other countries, such as Gaul (France), to plunder them? There are lots of indications that they did. It is also pretty clear that the British Empire was founded upon plunder. For example, Indians who did not know the value of  gold in England, might well swap gold for trinkets.Thus, the acquisition of wealth always involves some sort of ‘confidence trick’. Put simply, ‘caveat emptor’ [Beware buyer]. It is up to the buyer to suss out the confidence trick. We do it all the time when we we shop. We check prices and rely upon competition to keep the situation under control.

But few of us go around supermarkets picking and choosing those products which are cheapest in each supermarket. But we are not stupid. We ‘average things out’ to save time. We chose the supermarket which, on the whole, reduces the cost of our weekly shop.

But Trump has thrown a spanner into the machine. He is attacking the HUGE confidence tricksters – those which only central government can rein in. He is attacking and demoting the leaches which have been bleeding America dry.

What does the enjoyment of tobacco, or other pleasurable things, matter when millions of Americans are destitute?

What we are seeing is a revolt. ‘Value’ is moving from ‘experts’ who do nothing to ‘those who make things happen’.

There is a corollary,  which is that ‘experts’ in Universities are useless when it comes to reality. Suppose that ‘University Experts’ said that coffee induced cancer. So what? EVERYTHING induces cancer in old age.

It seems to me that Trump is demanding PROOF! It is a long time since politicians demanded PROOF.

The world is changing. More and more people are demanding PROOF. It is possible to think that ‘Remainers’ could have been successful had they been able to demonstrate that the UK had prospered because of the EU.

The ‘Miracle of Trump’ is that he will not permit the USA to be used as a ‘public convenience’, in the sense that the rest of the world cannot dump its shit on the American continent. If Trump has sense, and I think that he has, he would let the States in the Middle East fight it out. It is their problem. Give refugees sanctuary on the periphery for the time being until they could go back home.

Why is it that such obvious solutions evade the minds of politicians? Why is there a Calais problem? What is wrong with France as a place to settle?

Will Trump spell it out, unlike European States? Thus it becomes a question of integrity. Trump seems to have integrity.

What he needs to watch out for is ‘academics’ who have nothing to lose by undermining his base. He has shown that he is not afraid of such blatherers.

I hope that he calls out ALL academic blatherers. One thing that distinguishes them is lack of useful work, apart from those who carefully try to establish real TRUTHS. Most of them produce nothing of value – they are negative, and that is what they are paid for. Climate Change is entirely negative. Why should not an increase of CO2 be beneficial?

I hope that Trump ‘drains the swamp’ of wasted taxes.

Would it not be lovely if Theresa May does likewise?




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  1. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    Certainly would Junican. I think Trump is doing a super job. We should do the same here.

    • junican Says:

      It seems that Margaret Hodge has been letting the cat out of the bag. She has said that the Civil Service is like the Masons – they protect each other. Maybe Whitehall (home of the civil service) should be broken up and dispersed throughout the UK. I’m sure that some nice offices could be built in the Shetlands.

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