Where Has Tobacco Control in the UK Got to Go?

No matter what TobCon does in the UK, it has hit the problem of ‘diminishing returns’. Horror stories in the press, nasty adverts on the TV, shutters, and lurid medical porn gradually lose power. And the People who least affected by the propaganda and torture are the poorest people. Why? Because smoking is a wonderful pleasure which you can indulge in all day long without getting ‘drunk’ on tobacco. You can smoke fifty cigs a day without getting ‘high’ or having your driving ability, for example, affected. What you get, from each cig, is some pleasure.

I was reading today a report (call them all reports, and not studies!) which said that around 80% of schizophrenia sufferers smoke. The report went on to explain how nicotine ‘binds’ to receptors which are genetically faulty. See here:


Essentially, nicotine reduces brain activity which is not normal, and thus renders the brain activity ‘normal’. Yes, it is very, very messy intellectually. The simplest way to think about it is that nicotine STOPS harmful ideas, such as suicide. It is the ideas which are stopped by nicotine in the brain.

Tobacco Control has gone as far as it can go in the UK. Banning Smoking on hospital grounds has no merit since no one suffers. In fact, such tricks only emphasise the fakery of SHS danger. It is clear that such outdoor bans are intended to keep ASH ET AL in clover and justify the extraction of money from taxpayers. But, is it not true, that smoking bans in pubs etc were NEVER concerned with THE HEALTH of bar tenders and punters. They were ALWAYS concerned with reducing the opportunities to smoke. THAT IS ALL!!

ASH ET AL do say that opportunities to smoke must be reduced, but it is all so vague that we do not see their demands as ‘here and now’ important. Only when ASH ET AL have made their proposals concrete does the truth emerge. And that TRUTH is persecution and torture of smokers.

“Exile them to the outdoors”, “force them out of hospital grounds”, “tax them to the limit”, “ban them from importing agricultural goods”, “ban them from growing their own”.

Weird, is it not, that not one MP noticed that our STRENGTH as a Nation has been diminished by the EU, the UN, the WHO, the IPCC, and all the rest.

There was a time when “Made in England” meant quality. I was talking to a friend in the pub tonight who works for a machine manufacturer. He said that exports of their products have grown and grown. Why? Because of the QUALITY of the products.

Why not bring back “MADE IN ENGLAND”? In fact, why did “MADE IN ENGLAND” disappear?

There are concepts which really, really matter. Tobacco control is not one of them.



4 Responses to “Where Has Tobacco Control in the UK Got to Go?”

  1. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    Yes Junican i agree with you. Tobacco control has nowhere to go now in the UK. These puritans have been shown as the nasty mean minded people they are. They never frequented pubs anyway. Most English people are fed up with being dictated to as to what they can consume and their time is over !

    • junican Says:

      There is a high possibility that smokers tipped the balance on Brexit. If not, who did? The Zealots have managed to paint smokers a ‘people of low education and who are poor’, but who says that that is true? Only they say that it is true. Most of the smokers I know (of which there are few these days, I must admit) are working and thus earning. Why should they be considered to be ‘people of low education and who are poor’? They may not be rich, but they are not destitute to the extent of having to choose between smoking and eating. That is another trick that the zealots use – equating low income with destitution.
      But smokers are nothing of the sort. In their quiet way (what other way is there?), they have seen the impositions brought on by the EU and global communist regimes and rejected them.

  2. smokingscot Says:

    • junican Says:

      Yay! I hope that my blatherings about ‘Made in England’ did not disturb your Scottish sensibilities. The phrase ‘Made in England’ was a guarantee of quality, and the same could have been said of ‘Made in Scotland’. It’s just that ‘Made in England’ reflects the industrialisation of the time.
      But ‘Made in the UK’ is just as good!

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