The Progression from ‘Advice’ to ‘Force’

A small phrase that I read somewhere today set me thinking. I cannot remember the phrase exactly and I would have to re-read loads of stuff to find it. Essentially, is it said that ‘nudge’ and ‘advice’ are completely different things. As I recall, Cameron set us what is called a ‘Nudge’ unit in the Government. So let us think about what a ‘Nudge’ unit is.

A ‘Nudge’ is a push. It can be physical, as in a queue, or it can be mental, as in a complaint. In both cases, FORCE is involved. When Cameron created a ‘nudge’ unit, consciously or not, he created a FORCE unit.

Advice, however, has no FORCE attached to it. You may accept advice and ACT (a form of ‘force’) or not. Thus, a person might accept the advice that smoking causes lots of diseases and will cause you to suffer and die ‘prematurely’. (You may not notice that you will suffer and die anyway, but that is conveniently ignored). So you ACT on the advice, and FORCE yourself to deny yourself the pleasure of tobacco – for decades! That is your decision, one way or the other, and you must accept the consequences. For example, the consequence might be that you are still alive but decrepit and in constant pain. By ‘pain’, I do not mean just physical pain. I mean boredom, loneliness, using a zimmer frame, aching, prostatism, pissing in bed, and all the other unavoidable ‘pleasures’ of old age. You may not need to be hospitalised, but you will most surely be taking vast quantities of pills and medications.

More and more, we see ‘Advice’ turning into ‘Nudge’, and the ‘nudge’ becomes more and more forceful all the time. Our rulers are moving, little by little, into dictatorship. And that dictatorship is no different from Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia. It is precisely the same, except that the ‘punishment’ for being ‘out of line’ is not as severe.

Smokers are experiencing torture. When the CEO of ASH, D Arnott said, “Smokers will be exiled to the outdoors”,  she made a verbal mistake by accident. She accidentally spoke the truth, and the truth is in the word ‘exiled’. People are ‘exiled’ for two (or more) reasons. 1) To punish them, and, 2) to remove them from society so that they have no influence on society.

That ‘advice’ has gradually turned into ‘force’ is illustrated by the torturous regulations on the import of tobacco. Note well, not ‘tobacco products’. Tobacco is CURED tobacco plant leaves.It is not dead and rotting leaves. The latest application of freedom-defying torture is threats of punishment for importing a legitimate product – cured leaves.

Dead tobacco plants leaves are not ‘tobacco’. They are dead tobacco plant leaves. Nor are they ‘waste’. They can go onto your compost heap and rot down into nutrients. There is nothing about the regs which is logical. They are the product of either imbeciles or torturers.

But Parliament passed a law, hidden inside a Finance Act, which enabled the torture. What is the torture? It is worry and fear. It is ‘Nudge’. It is psychological warfare on THE PEOPLE of the UK, driven by the UN and the WHO. But it is so disguised that it has become an epidemic of regulations. It is hard to accept that the originators of the regulations are malign individuals who want to be seen as ‘successful’. “To be seen as” is the the important phrase. Such people are extremely useful in totalitarian and fascist States.

So what can be done?

The best way is for persons who have no ‘troubles’ in their personal lives, ill relatives and such, and have no assets which can be confiscated, to refuse to obey.  But also to look carefully at what Parliament intended when it passed legislation. ‘What Parliament intended’ is very important in legality. Thus, an interpretation of a law which persecutes citizens, can be overturned by the courts. It happens ALL THE TIME! Don’t think that such events are rare. They are not!

So what can a person who imports tobacco do? He can precipitate events. He can procure the import of, say, one kilo of tobacco from Poland and tell Customs of his action. He can surrender that import to customs, even if they have not intercepted it already. He can demand that the ‘system’ follows procedures. But there are no procedures in place. Thus, the law can be seen as window-dressing by Tobacco Control. That is the only way.

The new ‘law’ revolves around the phrase ‘tobacco plant waste’. What is ”waste’? There is no such thing. Nothing in nature is ‘waste’. Plants grow and die. They do not produce ‘waste’.

Tomorrow, I intend, if I have time, to see what the clause in the Finance Act. relating to ‘Raw Tobacco’ (which is not an internationally known description of ‘tobacco’), actually says.

Does it surprise readers that I am very, very afraid of the ‘knock on the door in the early hours’? I think that we should all be afraid. Our country seems to be civilised, but our politicians are driving our country into ‘standardisation’ with every law that they pass.

There is no escape.


3 Responses to “The Progression from ‘Advice’ to ‘Force’”

  1. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    Junican, can an individual import cured tobacco leaf and pay Customs the duty ?

    • junican Says:

      There is no ‘duty’ levied upon cured leaves. They are ‘agricultural products’. Only ‘tobacco products’ attract duty. Thus, you cannot elect to pay ‘duty’ on a product which does not attract duty. I vaguely recall reading somewhere that someone asked The Revenue how they could pay duty on the cigs that they made, but they received no reply.
      The problem is that TobCon has sneaked in all sorts of regulations over the years. For example, in OZ, you have to apply to get permission to grow plants, but you will not get it. Why? Because you lack ‘security’.

      See if you can source what you want, and take the risk. Remember that the ‘bans’ are just political posturing.

      • Timothy Goodacre Says:

        Thank Junican. You are right about bans. I do my best to smoke as much as possible in public now.

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