Tobacco Control Mission Creep

I have used that heading as ‘click bait’, just as newspapers use horrific pictures of burnt toast as click bait. What I really want to talk about is the dire lack of control by Government of the Agencies and NGOs that it sets up.

Once upon a time, food safety fell within the remit of the Ministry “Agriculture and Fisheries”. You can see why that was so. All our food comes from either agriculture (including plants and animals) and fish. All went well for ages. Few food sources were ‘contaminated’. Well, not to the extent that they were dangerous. Everyone knew that a loaf of bread could become contaminated by bacteria, and go mouldy if it was not not eaten within a couple of days. Everyone knew that meat needed to be properly cooked to kill residual bacteria. At the time, hardly anyone had freezers, so food had to be eaten not long after it was produced.

Some time ago, some people who went to certain restaurants suffered from ‘food poisoning’. There were only a couple of such incidents, but they were hyped up by newspapers to the extent that they became veritable plagues of food poisoning. All the publicity demanded that Blair must act, and so he separated food control from agriculture. He created the ‘Food Agency’.

Now, you would think that such an Agency would have specific objectives, and that once those objectives were achieved, then it would disband. But that NEVER HAPPENS!

Why? Because the politicians who voted to create that Agency did not specify the end point. Thus, the ‘Food Agency’ can continue ‘ad infinitum’. There is no specific end to its existence, and it can build itself up into an empire, of which the continuation can be described as massively important. Thus, it needs to find something to do. It needs to justify its continuing existence, and thus it comes up with the idea that slightly burnt toast, slightly burnt potatoes are carcinogens and must be avoided at all costs.

So what is the definition of ‘slightly burnt’?

Once a week, herself and I enjoy a fry-up on Monday nights – fried eggs and grilled bacon and sausages. When the sausages and bacon are grilled, they do not come out uniformally perfect. Some bits are brown and hard, and some bits are are less brown and soft. All sixty million of us KNOW how to judge when the the food is cooked properly. But that does not mean that we will not make mistakes.

My point is that there is no visible or accountable oversight of Government-created quangos. What advantage would such oversight be to politicians who replace others? In the last General Election, masses of MPs were replaced. How do new MPs ‘come up to scratch’? They cannot. They are like schoolchildren who are told to ‘line up’.

I’m not sure that May understands, but I am reasonably sure that Trump understands. To put is simply, there are too many leaches on the body politic.

Would it not be wonderful if May spoke on TV and said: “There are too many leaches on the Body Politic?” She will not, because she does not know, or is afraid. But Trump knows and is not afraid.

Brexit is a wonderful opportunity to rid our Country of leaches. Blood-sucking jobs in Tobacco Control, blood-sucking jobs in alcohol control.

I remain utterly and completely amazed that the UK got sucked into the ‘Framework Convention on Tobacco Control’. It is beyond my comprehension. It is only just in the last few years that Russia and China have emerged from slavery. For be in no doubt that Stalinist Russia was slavery.

Frictions eventually split.  Earthquakes are caused by frictions. Brexit is an earthquake.



4 Responses to “Tobacco Control Mission Creep”

  1. Neil Graham Says:

    It is worse than that with the Food Agency.

    It may indeed have been ´set up´ by Tony Blair but it was not his decision. Neither was it the decision of MPs.

    It was an EU creation, something we had no choice about since our political class had signed us up to the EU. Every EU country has the same agency, set up on the same template.

    Indeed, people may have noticed the points rating system that all ´food establishments have to display in a door or window. Wherever you go in the EU it is the same.

    One wonders if our MPs approve of this. To be blunt I wonder if they are too stupid to be aware … of something their pet project (the EU) is responsible for.

    The ´competencies´of food safety, the environment, etc, of course, have been handed to the EU by our own MPs who often seem unaware of what they have done. TRansport, working conditions are other competencies that have been handed over. There are many others.

    Brexit, indeed, is an earthquake.

    • junican Says:

      Thanks for the comment. I accept your statement about ‘food control’ in the EU. But that does not explain why Blair separated food control from ‘agriculture and fisheries’ and created a new potential empire. Or could it be that he simply used a couple of ‘food poisoning’ reports to take the opportunity?
      I don’t think that MPs are stupid. I think that the malignancy comes from a) ignorance of party leaders, who accept advice from ‘pet’ academics’, and, b) toeing the party line. Toeing the party line relieves individuals from responsibility to even read the legislation which the approve.

  2. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    As Mr Trump says Junican ‘ time to drain the swamp’.
    Get rid of all these blood sucking leeches.

    • junican Says:

      I think that Trump has immediately started to do what Cameron promised but failed to deliver – ‘a bonfire of the quangos’. How can Trump do it? Because he is not afraid of the MSM or vested interests. He knows that the USA is a CONTINENT and has vast resources. It can go it alone if necessary. Maybe he understands that it is better that wealth can accumulate among the ordinary people, even if the total wealth is not as great as it could be, than have wealth accumulating in the bodies of a small number of fat leaches.

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