Being a ‘Recreational Smoker’

A bit of fun for a change.

I have been accused of not being a ‘proper’ smoker by a friend. This accusation came about because we were discussing an experiment (in the interests of science, of course) with various types of tobacco. One of those types was ‘Prilep’, which I doubt that most smokers have ever heard of. It is an oriental tobacco, mostly produce in Macedonia, Turkey, and similar places. Courtesy of another friend, I had the pleasure of trying Prilep, along with Costello, African Red, and Shirey. All had slightly different characteristics from bland ‘Virginia’. When I say ‘bland’, I do not mean unpleasant. In some circumstances, a cup of tea beats anything else. That is certainly my experience first thing in the morning. When I go on holiday, I do not drink tea at all – I drink coffee. Oh, just a minute, I have forgotten that I take lots of tea bags with me to make tea in my room as and when I want to, which is often. So, you can see how easy it is to deceive yourself. What I really mean is that I do not buy cups of tea in bars and restaurants. If not beer, then it is coffee. That’s what I really mean.

It is easy also to see how surveys can be manipulated. “Which cig packet appeals to you? This one with pics of disease or that one without them?”

But, as regards Prilep,  it is an oriental tobacco. I found it to be a very pleasantly tasting tobacco. But, as my friend pointed out, my METHOD of smoking Prilep was more like smoking a pipe than smoking a cig.

Because of what my friend said, I have only just noticed that I smoke cigs as though I was smoking a pipe. I take short, repeated puffs, and do not really inhale into my lungs. I tend to take a breath before I puff, and then let the smoke escape from my mouth, having experienced the taste. But sometimes I inhale through my nose whilst holding the smoke in my mouth. It is a bit like savouring chocolate. Most people do not put a piece of chocolate into their mouths and chomp it like cabbage. They savour it by letting it ‘melt in the mouth’ (a favourite choc advert from years ago).

For me, the pleasure is in the taste, and not in satisfying an addiction. But that introduces a question: “Does satisfying an addiction produce pleasure, or does it reduce pain?”

What is odd is that I see no contributions from ‘proper’ ‘Scientists’ or ‘proper’ ‘Statisticians’ which matter. TobCon seems to be entirely populated by ‘improper’ scientists and ‘improper’ statisticians. The UK has a plenitude of ‘proper’ statisticians in the organisation known as ‘National Statistics’. NS is populated by expert statisticians.

I had occasion, a couple of years ago, to ask Nat Stats how to use certain stats (lung cancers) to create a graph, or something like that, connected to smoking. They could not have been more helpful. As it happens, I had already solved the problem.

There are a couple of things:

  1. National statistics must not be corrupted.
  2. The statisticians in Nat Stats must be consulted whenever statistics are used by lobby groups.

There is only one glitch in that argument, which is corruption of the personnel of Nat Stats.

Is there, in the USA, an equivalent of uncorrected ‘National Statistics’? For some reason, in my mind, I doubt it. Maybe, possibly, Mr Trump might drain the swamp of ‘National Statistics’ in the USA.

It is amusing to consider the idea of the ‘recreational smoker’. Such smokers do not deeply inhale smoke into their lungs. They just puff for the taste and inhale a tiny amount of smoke. The taste is the thing. I think of it in the same way as drinking whiskey – no one downs a pint of whiskey in one gulp. I think that is what I am – a recreational smoker.

But what is the alternative? It must be that addicted smokers, who demand a ‘fix’, will do anything to get that ‘fix’.

That is a simply ploy which TC has used.

And so we come round again to the idea that tobacco, like beer and cheese, is an enjoyable substance. There is no need to apologise. It is the politicians who need to apologise for their gullibility.

Shove the UN to Somalia. Shove Tobacco Control to Ethiopia. Shove Climate Change to Greenland. See how devoted the Zealots are when they have to suffer a bit.

Bugger the lot of them, and bugger EVERY politician who voted for the smoking ban.



5 Responses to “Being a ‘Recreational Smoker’”

  1. inisfad Says:

    The addiction…..frankly, I think that the concept of the addiction is a bit overrated. From what I understand, nicotine is basically out of your system within 72 hours of not smoking. If that was the only ‘attraction’ to smoking, then it would be simple enough to quit. But there is an entire issue as to the ‘behavior’ of smoking that, frankly, is more ‘addictive’ than the nicotine itself – at least in my opinion. for any of us who have stopped smoking for any length of time, you will understand that it’s the behavior pattern that you miss the most – something to do with your hands, an oral fixation/something to suck or chew on, etc. Of course, this is also an interesting concept, when you think about nicotine patches, gum, etc., which attempt to keep you ‘addicted’ to the nicotine, and profit big pharma, of course, with a whole new source of income, but do nothing for the behavior pattern that accompanies smoking. Or, here’s another experiment – try to only have a cigarette when you actually, really WANT one – that ‘want’ is your nicotine ‘habit’, and you’ll see that most of the time you are lighting up, due to the behavior, instead (ie, lighting up when you get into the car, get on your computer, answer the phone, etc.,etc.). In essence, the concept of how highly addictive nicotine is, may very well be another example of ‘fake news/science’ just in order to promote new pharma products……

    • junican Says:

      Giving up smoking:
      Day one: Horrific! black hole of despond! Just say no, no, no, no, no – I will NOT light up.
      Day two: First thing in the morning – NO! I will not light up. Easier during the rest of the day, but not easy.
      Day three: Not so difficult. The idea of lighting up is not paramount.
      Day four: Goes to pub. Fucking enormous great temptation!! NO, I shall not light up!
      Day five: No problems.

      And so on. If nicotine means pleasure, then I must admit to being addicted to pleasure.

  2. Ed Says:

    Shirey is a cracking variety. It’s classed as a Dark Virginia and taste wise is a little like Virginia Gold on steroids. Very flavoursome on its own, but great in either cig or pipe blends.

    I think Gawith Hoggarth still make a Dark Virginia Cavendish, but specialist tobaccos are becoming much harder to source these days.

  3. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    Yes Junican smoking is very pleasurable. I’m with you on that. I bet the Prilep was beautiful. Like you i go for taste. I very much enjoy the Auld Kendal Gold Turkish which has Izmir in it. I tube it. Its a pity they don’t do the Prilep but i am grateful for what they do sell. Politicians have no idea of our pleasure. I wish they’d butt out.

    • junican Says:

      Absolutely. When tobacco is described as ‘plant waste’, as though the leaves of dying plants turn themselves into tobacco, we can be sure that the instigators are nincompoops.

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