The Inauguration of Trump

No doubt bloggers of all kinds will give their views and there is nothing wrong with that.

I watched the full Inauguration process for the first time today – all two hours of it. I have seen the ‘swearing in’ many times before, but only the actual ‘moment’ of the swearing in.

I must admit to have been quite touched by the ceremony, even to the extent of slight ‘tears in the eyes’. Am I a sucker? Perhaps.

But did not Trump, in his speech, blast the ineffective Washington Elite? “Thay talk but do nothing”, he said.

To my mind, the critical promise that the President Elect makes is ‘to uphold the Constitution of the USA’. Nothing is more important. In the recent past, attempts have been made to ‘re-define’ the Constitution, especially about ‘the right to bear arms’. It has been said that ‘the right to bear arms’ meant only controlled rights by the Elite.

But we must leave that aside.

I think that Trump has a vision, but he does not actually spell it out fully. I think that he sees ‘protectionism’ as a necessary precursor to generosity. America must use its own resources and labour, of which there are plenty, even though it is possible to get those resources from China, or somewhere, cheaper. Only a strong America can be generous.

Also, he decried Education in America. As I recall, vaguely, he said that young people come out of Education knowing nothing. That cannot be true for most students. It is the flotsam and jetsam of ‘gender studies’ and such, which  produce emotions rather than knowledge.

Tobacco Control has used the equivalent of ‘gender studies’ to promote its own continuity. Nothing is real. Studies imply ‘infinite life’ for non-smokers.

I doubt that Trump has the POWER to demolish the Healthism construct, and it may be true that he has no stomach for it. But he has courage, of which there is no doubt.

I was amazed by his inaugural speech. He did not talk in platitudes. He did not preach. He just said that ‘Washington blatherings’ in words will no longer do. ‘ACTION’ is the important thing. I think that there were a lot of frozen smiles on the faces of Obama et al.

Strangely enough, I liked Obama, and even more strangely, I actually liked Cameron when he first became PM. It took some time for me to realise that he was just a tool of The Elite. Did he know that he was a tool? His history reveals that he was an artificial creation, and nothing that he authorised was human. The treatment of smokers has been nasty and vicious. To put it simply, Cameron was THE BORG, and so was Blair.

It is hard to fight against it. The BORG cannot be reasoned with.

I vaguely see a situation where, post Brexit, holiday makers will be forbidden to import more than 200 cigs. That is what the law was a decade or so ago, or even longer. Australia still has such a childish law. But the massive development of tourism must preclude detailed examination of baggage. I remember in 1957 how customs in Dover required my panniers to be laid out on a shelf so that they could  be opened and examined had Customs wished to do so. Imagine the chaos today if similar practices ruled today.

It is obvious beyond imagining that THE PEOPLE of England and the UK must get to grips with the idea that individuals who stand for Parliament are NOT ‘fit persons’.


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  1. inisfad Says:

    I think one of the most interesting, and potentially dangerous, things that we have seen in the US over the course of the past year, is how pervasive the infiltration of the ‘deep state’ actually is, particularly with respect to media. Trump has been President for less than 24 hours – yet there are backlashes, protests, blogs, opinion pieces, etc……based on what? He hasn’t done anything yet. So, all of this, thus far, is solely speculation. And I will guarantee that all of these bloggers and protestors are not politically ‘astute’. They read or see the opinions of those in the media, paid by the corporatists that Trump allegedly opposes, and adopt that opinion….something like seeing a celebrity voice an opinion and saying, ‘yeah, that will be my opinion, too’. Let’s wait and see…..

    • nisakiman Says:

      Yes, it’s very ‘monkey see, monkey do’, particularly with the ‘Left’.

      I couldn’t help but laugh when reading that some over-eager reporter tweeted that Trump had removed the bust of Martin Luther King from the oval office. Of course the lefties lapped it up, and the news went viral. It then transpired that nothing of the sort had happened, and some very entertaining grovelling from said reporter ensued. “It was behind a door with security guards in the way”, he said. Yeah, sure.

      Much disappointment from the Trump haters for the missed opportunity to put the ideological boot into Trump. Heh!

    • junican Says:

      One thing that we know for sure – nobody has the foggiest idea what is going to happen! That’s the beauty of the situation. But I suppose that some vague conclusions can be brought from his appointees as ‘Ministers’. General Mattis (?), for example, as Defence Sec. He is a tough old bird who tells it as it is.
      I read about the Churchill and MLK busts elsewhere. What a hoot!

  2. Roberto Says:

    I am skeptical on how much the prevailing anti-smoking (and now also anti-vaping) climate in the USA may change in the Trump presidency. Trump doesn’t smoke and does not allow smoking in his premises. Trump seems to be in bed with the pharmaceutic industry.

    Given all this, what could motivate or induce him to get into a nasty fight against the whole powerful medical establishment and pharma industries to press for a more humane and honest approach to smoking and vaping?

    Could it be an opposition to “Big Government” intruding into personal lifestyles? Could it be getting political gains by identifying “anti-smoking” as one of the symbols of the intellectual and cultural elite he has rallied against? Could it be the desire to save the nascent all American vaping industry from being destroyed by FDA bureaucrats mandated by tobacco control and pharma lobbyists?

    Trump is basically unpredictable, so everything could happen. There is no other realistic option but to wait and see.

    Like climate change, anti-smoking is one of the sacred cows of the intellectual and cultural elites in the USA. Trump has already opened a difficult political fight against the climate change sacred cow. Putting up a response to climate changers will take a lot of his time and energy, so I doubt he will be eager to open another political front against another sacred cow. He will have to put up with being called the “pollution president” by climate changers, so I doubt he would like to add on top of this having to put up with being called the “cancer president” by the medical establishment.

    A disclaimer: I believe man made climate change is a real phenomenon that must be tackled, but strongly disagree with the hysterical scare mongering that has transformed it into a political agenda.

  3. junican Says:

    Smoking, global warming, alcohol, etc, became ‘political’ via the UN. If Trump really intends to ‘drain the swamp’, he need to start with the UN.
    The truth is that the Medical Profession has no real power at all. It depends upon the MSM printing its propaganda. And, even then, there are only a comparatively small number of Zealots who make most of the noise in the MSM. Trump could call their bluff anytime he wanted to. “I have four aces; what do you hold?” One of his aces is to bypass the MSM altogether and use social media. Or exclude those newspapers which did everything that they could to undermine him from press briefings.
    But I agree that the persecution of smokers will not be a priority. However, if Trump really believes that Education’ is a priority, we might see a damn sight less of ‘lifestyle’ propaganda in schools.

  4. Roberto Says:

    The zealots and the medical profession may not have power, but this is not the issue: the part of the political establishment that opposes him (which is not powerless) would use the health scare voiced by zealots and medics as a political weapon against him. He could avoid this trouble simply by complying with the prevailing official status quo on smoking. However, so far all of Trump’s transgressions against politically correct views have made no impact on him, so he may easily survive (and even thrive) an assault against him on being soft on “unhealthy” lifestyles. We’ll see.

    • junican Says:

      That sounds about right. We do not know whether or not he wants to put the ‘medical profession’ back in its place. A ‘philosopher king’ would cut funding to the UN, apart from the security Council. He might also insist that it re relocated to The Congo or Somalia before he would give it a penny. The UN is not an economic driver, it is a parasite.

  5. beobrigitte Says:

    But did not Trump, in his speech, blast the ineffective Washington Elite? “Thay talk but do nothing”, he said.

    If Trump is giving powers back to people he is giving it back to smokers, too.
    He owns a casino or two. He KNOWS what the smoking ban does.

    It is obvious beyond imagining that THE PEOPLE of England and the UK must get to grips with the idea that individuals who stand for Parliament are NOT ‘fit persons’.
    they did. And more of them do daily. The BBC’s Trump inauguration proved it. The BBc was trying to make the day about Obama leaving….
    There will be elections again. Here in the UK.

    • junican Says:

      The whole TC establishment is based upon the powerlessness of smokers. and yet 20% or more of the population are smokers. I continue to be amazed that wealthy smokers like Kate Moss humiliate themselves, rather than standing proud.

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