Frustration in Tobacco Control


For decades, Tobacco Control has been able to claim that their propaganda and bans have reduced smoking prevalence. Mere morsels, such as smoking bans just displace smoking from one place to another, do not bother them. If smokers, and people who go to pubs to sit around expecting to be entertained by smokers and jolly people, as they sip their half of mild, drift away from pubs, that effect is of no interest to them.

But a thought struck me this evening.

Smoking bans in pubs were never aimed at smokers. They were aimed at bar staff. Nor were they intended to ‘protect’ bar staff. They were aimed AT bar staff.’No smoking’ in pubs directly reduced the opportunity to smoke for bar staff. Thus, for a few hours (most pub jobs are part-time), the opportunity to smoke was removed. Thus, tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of people would be deprived of the opportunity to smoke. Expand that idea to all workplaces, and you get a MASSIVE reduction in the opportunity to smoke. Thus, the statistics for purchase and consumption of tobacco MUST show a vast reduction.

Reading the ‘Gulag’ has opened my eyes in many ways. Not least is that there there were ‘quotas’ of ‘arrests’. Remember that ‘arrests’ were themselves, directly, a punishment. Today, we have much the same thing. “The Process is the punishment”. Thus, Cliff Richard, the epitome of non-dissolute, clean-living, virtuous, pop-stardom can have his reputation destroyed merely by innuendo and a raid, much publicised,  on his home.

Quotas of arrests ensured a steady supply of ‘enslaved’ workers for each five year plan. If Engineers were required, then X number of Engineers could be accused of some misdemeanour and given a ‘tenner’. A ‘tenner’ was a ten year sentence – two five year plans.

In the same way, TC has manipulated ‘laws’ not to improve health, but to massage statistics. They make a point about reducing the availability of  the purchase of tobacco products as though that reduction would reduce health consequences of smoking. But the reality is that they merely want to affect statistics. That is Arnott’s job – affect statistics.

The craziness expands and expands. PM Theresa May says that she wants to ‘do something’ about ‘mental health’ and negligence in that area. And yet she, and her like, forbade mental health patients to enjoy tobacco. Tobacco smoking relaxes. It cannot be denied, no matter how TC avoids that fact.

And there’s the pity. The persecution of smokers has come from the ‘The Frustrations’ of TC. A couple of decades ago, The Zealots expected the World to be ‘smoke-free’ by the year 2000, but they keep having to put the date further forward into the future. Therefore, the persecution must be intensified – just like Soviet Russia.

And our elected representatives are too weak to bring the ‘merchants of doom’ to account.

There ought to be a ‘penalty’ for deceit as practised by TC. The trouble is that Politicians themselves are guilty of deceit by permitting the war on smokers.

But there is one thing above all others which is A MASSIVE LIE. It is that second hand tobacco smoke is dangerous. You see, our sense of smell evolved to detect detect tiny amounts of dangerous stuff. Our sense of smell enabled humans to run away from forest fires and such. Our noses can detect stuff at the molecular level.

So it seems to me that TC is panicking.  It is lost and does not know what to do. Ecigs have undermined its ‘raison d’etre’, and it is afraid.

For a change, it is not smokers who are frustrated – it is TC.



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  1. artbylisabelle Says:

    More than afraid they should be unfunded and gone. I agree.

  2. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    Yes if ever an industry committed suicide it was the pub industry who blithely stopped its customers smoking and kowtowed to the TC freaks.I know so many people who used to visit the pub daily and now who are occasional visitors because they like a smoke with their drink and who now solely drink at home.

    • junican Says:

      I hardly ever use to drink at home except on special occasions, such as a special family meal and such like. I could have a bottle of whiskey which sat there for a year, hardly used at all. I used to go to the pub every night for an hour or so, and on Sat and Sun afternoons. Now I go only three times a week. I buy in three litre boxes of red wine and drink when I like and as much as I like.

  3. Vapers Digest 16th Jan | Convicted Vapour Says:

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