Frustration Brought On by The War on Smokers

I continue with my reading of the Gulag Archipelago I am up to page 281 of 671).

Inevitably, as you read such tomes, ideas of all sorts spring into your mind. ‘Frustration’ has, today, been one such idea. I cannot remember what precise paragraph brought that idea into my mind, but it was quite clear to me as I was reading it. Solzhenitsyn (hereafter, ‘S’) rails in that paragraph about how thousands of Nazis were tried for war crimes after the war, but but no perpetrators of mass suffering and murder in the USSR have been tried since the USSR collapsed. Everyone says, “Don’t stir up the past. It is over and done with”. But S himself was a prisoner and remembers the suffering that he was put through. At the time of his arrest, he was an army officer – artillery.  He was not told why he had been arrested, as was almost always the case. But he was fortunate – his commanding officer told him, to the chagrin of those people who had arrested him. “Did you correspond with X?” X was a friend from university. When X was arrested, the correspondence fell into the hands of the Soviet captors. As young men do, in all innocence, there were quips and comments about what was happening. Such quips and comments were deemed to be ‘plotting against the regime’ and thus traitorous. But at least S had an idea what was going on.

But what caught my eye especially was that S said those curiously common words: “They should be strung up from lampposts”.

It was that expression that set me thinking. We often see words to that effect in comments on a variety of subjects. “I wish I had a strong length of hemp and a lamppost to hand”.

And I thought about that. I cannot say that I like Arnott, or any of the rest of TC fake Zealots, but I would not regard their ‘crimes’ as a ‘stringing up from the nearest lamppost’ matter, and I wondered why so many people think that way. It was when I read the similar sentiment in Gulag that the reason came into my mind.

In almost every respect of Government and Regulations, the ‘little man’ has no say whatsoever. For example, as regards ‘plain packaging’ of cigs, some 500,000 signatures were collected against the idea, compared with roughly half that number in favour. And yet those opinions were totally disregarded; the ‘verdict of the jury’ was ‘guilty as charged’. Further, in Parliament, the vote in favour of PP was overwhelming. When the smoking ban was passed and enforced with the greatest of rigour, the ‘little man’ who enjoyed tobacco was was thrown out into the street.

Thus begins the frustration. There is nothing that you can do. And with every passing day, whenever a smoker goes to the pub, the frustration builds up. Over the last few days, since the beginning of January, that old advert which pictures a cigarette with a tumour growing on the side, has been featured again and again. When it appears, I cannot help but cry, “For God’s sake, FUCK OFF! Stop trying to frighten us to death!” That cry comes from frustration. We smokers are confined within a sort of pit from which there is no escape.

But there are people who are confined within similar pits which are not smoking-related pits. They too are very, very frustrated. But because they have no support, either in the media or in politics, they are seething with frustration.

And so, to the horror of the Elite who do not see the frustration building up, since they exist only within their own bubbles, Brexit and the election of Trump EXPLODED!

Frustration is like a volcano. Or rather, a series of volcanoes along the length of a ‘fault’ in the crust of the Earth. Persecution of smokers is only one of the volcanoes. Under the smoking volcano (!), there was a seething mass of frustration, as was the case with other volcanoes. Brixit and Trump caused those volcanoes to erupt. But suppose that Cameron had not conceded the referendum? It would not have mattered, because, sooner or later, the volcanoes would still have erupted.

The 1960s, 1970s and 1980s have often been sneered at, and yet I think that there was more contentment in those decades than before or since. There was full employment and youths were well paid for working and spent their money on fun, until they married and settled down. We had respected armed forces – not that they were used very well. Apart from the Falklands, they were very often used to shore up Tyrants.

It was around 1990 that the rot began. It was around then that the UN produced its ‘Millennium Goals’. Nations signed up to it without realising that the ‘Millennium Goals’ was actually a communist manifesto.

Why did the UK sign up to a communist manifesto?

Do people know that the person who signed the UK up to the FCTC was an unanimous Foreign Office Official? Do people realise that the person who signed the UK up to the recent TPD was a junior health minister, who did not know what it said? And who has been ‘moved on’? Well, she was ‘move on’, but I suspect that she is no longer a minister.

But all this moving ministers from one position to another and then sacking them does not affect the frustration of disaffected groups. That is true of smokers especially. Forest does the best that it can, but it can hardly be described as a huge pressure (volcanic eruption!) group.

But sometimes such groups actually are counter-productive, in the sense that they can be beaten down. Sometimes, it is better that the volcano should be allowed to blow its top.

But does Theresa May and her Cabinet realise that the volcano has erupted? Do the EU Apparatchiks realise that fact? The frustration in the minds of the ‘little people’ has erupted, and it cannot be subdued.

It may be that the repeal of anti-smoker legislation is at the very back of the queue, but nothing less than the repeal of ALL anti-smoker legislation will relieve the frustration.

That is why such immensely frustrated people demand that Arnott et al should be strung up by a strong hemp rope on the nearest lamppost.


7 Responses to “Frustration Brought On by The War on Smokers”

  1. Vlad Says:

    On what channel do those anti-smoking adverts appear? I’d surely stop paying the licence fee if they were on BBC

    • junican Says:

      Do you know, Vlad, I am not absolutely sure that they are not on the BBC, but I think not. But it is January, and the use of the adverts is intended to shore up ‘New Year Resolutions’. What a stupid idea! Smokers wishing to stop smoking DO NOT want to be frightened into starting smoking again!

  2. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    Yes i would support your last sentence Junican.

    • junican Says:

      Arnott and co are just a symptom of the disease. The CAUSE of the disease lies much further up in the command structure.

  3. Ed Says:

    lol, I noticed that ad had reared it’s ugly head again. It’s wrong on so many levels. According to the ad, the likes of you and I have so many mutations going on we should be starring in the X-men movies.

    In the afternoon it’s usually interspersed liberally with life insurance ads telling us our time is quickly running out and the ones from CRUK telling us we’re all going to die of cancer, so send us more money or take part in a fun run.

    Apparently we can add binge watching TV to the list of things that can kill us too!

    Maybe all the ads warning us of our imminent doom swimming around in our subconscious isn’t doing us much good either.

    It’s a good job I prefer the radio these days.

    • junican Says:

      Our TV is on all day, partly because, as you know, herself is largely confined to bed. Personally, I hardly watch it at all, even though it is on. There are advantages to being a bit deaf!
      “Watching TV” has never killed anyone, anymore than reading a book has ever killed anyone. But sitting all day, every day, watching TV is sure to have an effect on muscular deterioration, especially in old people.
      Well, that’s how I see it.
      ‘Imminent doom’ produces ‘resignation’. So sit there, watch TV and wait to die.

    • kin_free Says:

      Maybe its my over active imagination! This anti-smoker advert, where a gaunt faced man forces himself to smoke someone’s chopped up guts, always makes me think that it is the last scene in an anti-smoker’s horror movie where the ‘smoker’ gets his ultimate revenge. Set just outside of a mental hospital, the camera has just panned away from the bloody, disemboweled body of someone who has told that smoker once too often “you can’t smoke here you filthy smoker – it will kill you you know”. Ha!

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