Ireland Sort-of Comes to Its Senses re Ecigs

Buried in Dick Puddlecote’s twitter feed was this report from Ireland:

The Irish HIQA (health Information and Quality Authority) opines that ecigs might just be a bit less harmful than smoking, but, needless to say, they still cannot permit themselves to say that inhaling harmless substances, such as water vapour and nice smells and tastes plus a bit of nicotine, is as near as damn it as safe as inhaling air. When we smell a fragrance, we inhale it, and when we eat nice food, we constantly inhale substances from that food. It cannot be helped since such food gives of gases and aerosols.

But even so, the recognition is very begrudging. If you read between the lines a bit, you cannot but suspect that there is a hidden agenda, which is – wait for it – medicalisation of ecigs. Ecigs could be a useful tool in the stop smoking armoury, along with patches, and especially Varenicline. Here is a lovely quote:

Varenicline was found to be the most effective single pharmacotherapy; more than two-and-a-half times as effective as no pharmacotherapy. Varenicline with NRT was the most effective dual therapy; more than three-and-a-half times as effective as no pharmacotherapy. Combination NRT was more effective than a single form of NRT alone.

E-cigarettes, meanwhile, were twice as effective as no therapy; however, this estimate was based on only two trials including a relatively small number of participants, HIQA noted.

Isn’t Varenicline the same thing as Champix – you know, the stuff that causes loads of people to feel like curing their tobacco addiction permanently, once and for all? Not especially how the quote above claims that Varenicline PLUS NRT is the best ‘therapy’. Perhaps overkill works best. But we should also notice, and this caused me to giggle a bit, the comparison in effectiveness is with NOTHING!

NOTHING is a very peculiar thing in that it does not exist. You cannot say that X is twice as good as nothing. You can say that X is better than nothing, but you cannot quantify the difference. 2 x 0 = 0. When you say that X is better than nothing, what you mean is 2 + 0 = 2.

I suppose that the academics would rescue themselves by claiming that ‘Nothing’ equals just willpower, which they claim to be a miserable failure – three and a half times less successful than Varenicline PLUS NRT. Perhaps we should not be surprised since flooding your body with a suicide inducting chemical PLUS nicotine is quite likely to produce total and permanent success. I suppose that the combination of Varenicline and nicotine could destroy nicotine receptors once and for all – along with many other receptors.

But there is a killer argument. There is an assumption that Varenciline PLUS NRT DOES NOT require willpower. Remember that willpower equals NOTHING in the calculation. That means that a person who has no particular desire either to continue to smoke or to cease is three and a half time more likely to become averse to the enjoyment of tobacco right away if he takes drugs and applies patches. I suppose that the same could be true if you took a constant supply of sleeping pills, or if you were permanently pissed.

The fact is that willpower is ALWAYS required. You really, really have to want to deprive yourself of the comfort, pleasure and relaxation of tobacco.

Another thing in that report is that it talks about ‘cost effectiveness’. It claims that free ecigs will be cost effective on prescription.

But which commercial body will provide the ecigs? Big Tobacco? Don’t make me laugh! The NEW ecig to be prescribed will be a Big Pharma inhaler masquerading as an ecig.

I’m not sure that Trump and May really understand what Brexit and Trump’s election mean. A new excrescence from the EU has appeared. The EU has forbidden, after three years of deliberation, to permit adverts from suppliers of bottled water to claim that drinking water relieves dehydration. And the reason? Because, sometimes, dehydration results from a medical problem in an individual, and such an individual might assume that his medical problem can be ‘cured’ by drinking water. So it is forbidden to say that it is a good idea to drink some water if you are thirsty.

But, there again, the idea of promoting bottled water on the grounds that it relieves thirst is, in itself, a dumbing down. It is incredible that the EU does not think that people are clever enough to recognise that a claim that X bottled water relieves thirst is no recommendation, in itself, for that brand.

Another case has just erupted. James Delinpole wrote an article saying that acidification of the oceans was nonsense as a danger from climate change. A ‘Professor’ complained to the Press Commission that Delinpole, and thus the newspaper, had falsified the facts. The Press Commission rejected the claim entirely on the grounds that Delinpole had every right to state his views, right or wrong.

It is easy to dismiss such a dispute on the grounds that it is peripheral, but that would be very shortsighted. What really happened was that the Press Commission supported criticism of ‘received wisdom’. Had it not done so, then only the statements of academics would be ‘true’. Where would we be then? There would be no ‘truth’ other than the ‘truth’ emanating from academia.

Our politicians must get to understand that academia is riddled with fault-lines. The ideas outlined above about drugs being twice or three times better than nothing reveal the dumbing down of academia.

I am a smoker and I enjoy tobacco. I want to amuse myself. A friend recently provided me with samples of various tobaccos which he had grown and cured himself. They were Prilep, Costello, African Red and Shireh. We had a meeting and amused ourselves smoking the different varieties. All were very pleasant, but there were different flavours, as you would expect. For myself, if was Costello which hit the button, but it was nothing to do with nicotine – it was taste.

What is amazing and incredible is that The State, just like Soviet Russia, has deemed that citizens can no longer amuse themselves by trying different varieties of tobacco leaf. It has succumbed, without knowing what was involved, to the blandishments of a single issue group. What was involved? It was FREEDOM.

We have to fight against it, but that fight has to be intellectual. Tobacco leaf is a freely traded agricultural product within the EU. And yet the Zealots have somehow managed to introduce, into the recent Finance Act, a clause which requires that anyone importing tobacco leaf must register. Does any other State in the EU have such a stricture which inhibits trade in tobacco leaf? NO!!! It is forbidden to inhibit trade in agricultural goods.

But who can fight against such trickery? The ‘Tricksters’ have engineered Government ‘one size fits all’ support. I doubt that any Government Official gave individual choice a moment’s thought.

And in that respect, England is becoming more and more to resemble the USSR. It is even worse in Scotland. In Scotland, there is an intention to torture parents via the ‘named person’ (guardian) scheme.

I think that we have to reconsider what we mean by ‘torture’. Smoking bans are by no means just ‘health initiatives’. They are torture.

The ‘Gulag Archipeligo’ is hard reading because, page after page, it describes cruelty. We naturally do not want to expose our minds to the idea of such cruelty. We cannot understand or accept such ideas.

But the cruelty happened. Just as the Nazis exterminated thousands of Jews, Stalin and his predecessors, exterminated their opponents.

It is hard to describe the anti-smoker laws in the same terms as the the deliberate extermination of minorities in Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia. But they are essentially the same thing. For example, the Zealot imposed section in the Finance Act requires that anyone who imports tobacco leaf must be a ‘proper person’.That is, that such persons must not have a criminal record. But the decision of what constitutes a ‘proper person’ is left to those officials who have an interest in not being wrong. That is, they can refuse permission to protect themselves.

I must admit that I cannot understand at all why PM Cameron was so weak. He had  the ‘chance’ to reverse the academic overlord, but he chickened out. That is why he was weak.

What is the obvious conclusion? It is that politicians must regard academic advice as corrupt, but not unworthy of consideration.

Climate Change is such a subject. The damaging idea must be put back in place for clarity. It must be reversed to Global Warming. That, if it exists, is what the problem is, and not climate change.

The important thing is that the UN, WHO, World Bank, FCTC, etc have to be de-normalised. They are, by definition, dictators.



2 Responses to “Ireland Sort-of Comes to Its Senses re Ecigs”

  1. Ed Says:

    Do you not think by even attempting to “control” raw tobacco leaf and even home growing, they are biting off more than they can chew?

    I wonder how they would react if the smoking population in the UK suddenly cottoned on to the fact that the plant they enjoy smoking comes in a vast array of flavours, all with their own distinct aromas and can be blended together in an infinite amount of ways to produce a unique product that’s far, far, removed and far superior to the bland pablum that “big tobacco” currently offers its customers? They would be truly fucked!

    • junican Says:

      It seems to me that they have the same attitude to leaf as they had to smoking bans. All you have to do is pass a law. In the case of smoking bans, it worked in the sense that smoking was displaced elsewhere than in indoor places. As we know, most smokers gradually stopped going to pubs.
      I agree with what you say. The smoking ban need minimum input of effort by law enforcers, but the registration scheme requires maximum input. It needs masses of customs officers looking for bales of tobacco amongst masses of bales of other vegetable produce.
      I had a thought, Suppose that shops sprang up in Calais and similar ports selling leaf? How many customs officers would be required to check every suitcase for leaf?
      No, such laws can only work if they are self-enforcing. In this case, they are most certainly not.

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