The De-normalisation of Non-smokers (3)

They say that smokers are now only 20% of the population. That may be true or not. But, true or not, that STATEMENT is the reason that the minority can be persecuted and tortured without a Parliamentary inquiry into the treatment of that minority. But wait. There is something wrong with the above. What is it?

It is true that politicians did not dare to persecute smokers when their were lots and lots of smokers. Only now that smokers have become a sufficiently small minority can they get away with it. But there is another consideration. It is likely that stubborn smokers are getting on a bit. Now, this is all a bit weird, because it seems to me that it is the older smokers who have stopped smoking; that they are being replaced by younger smokers. The people who go outside for a fag are the young and not the old – by and large.

It seems to me that the statistics have been messed about with so much that no one now knows what is the ‘truth’. For example, I was reading a paper tonight which shows that nicotine, in itself, is not very addictive. How can it be when ‘nicotine addiction’ can apparently be treated by more nicotine in the form of patches and gum? More nicotine relieves the cravings caused by nicotine. Eh?!!! But it gets worse. It seems that smokers are quite happy to smoke tobacco cigs which have had the nicotine removed, provided that they were not told that the nicotine had been removed. They have no ‘nicotine withdrawal’ symptoms.

Tobacco Control knows all that. It knows that smokers smoke because of the pleasure of it and because it is relaxing. And it knows that there is nothing wrong with that. Thus, the only way that it can justify its existence is frightening non-smokers. That it the reason for the continuing headlines in the MSM. They are intended perpetuate the fear in non-smokers. It is the only way that smoking bans can be justified politically. It is the fear among the majority, non-smokers, which has contained the back-lash from smokers.

By ‘back-lash’, I do not mean deliberate attempts to disobey smoking bans. I mean alternative sources. It will always be true to that occasional smokers will buy taxed cigs, so there will always be X millions of cigs sold throughout the 60 million population of the UK. But people who smoke a lot will seek alternative suppliers. To create an atmosphere where those alternative supplies are abhorrent, ALL the people must be persuaded that that the suppliers are criminals.

Is there a way for smokers to fight back? I don’t think so. But there is no need to ‘fight back’. Eventually, the general public will get fed up with Healthist propaganda in all its forms. It will become yesterday’s religion – a cult which lasted for a few years.

But what the whole thing indicates to me is that the UN and WHO have lost the plot. It is true, in my opinion, that the human population of the planet cannot grow and grow and grow, and that there must come a point where the population must stabilise.  BUT THE UN WILL NOT JUST SAY SO. Instead, it talks about ‘sustainability’ of resources, when the only real TRUTH is population control.

I do not disagree with population control, but only in a humanitarian way. Industry will have to innovate to avoid the need for more and more workers.

What that means is that there must come a time when basic necessities are free. And that is how it should be. In very ancient times, the human population was minuscule in a huge world. There was no shortage of food. Fruit and vegetables were abundant, and there was plentiful wildlife to satisfy meat-eaters. I should imagine that life was wonderful in those times, which was why places like Stonehenge were built. It seems that the stone pillars which form Stonehenge were transported somehow form South Wales to Shropshire, seven thousands years ago. And then there are the cave paintings in Spain which have been calculated to be  thirty thousand years old.

Sensible people do not want to be harassed. Advise me if you wish, but do not try to force me. Above all, do not persecute and torture me.


4 Responses to “The De-normalisation of Non-smokers (3)”

  1. mikef317 Says:

    Quote: “There was no shortage of food. Fruit and vegetables were abundant, and there was plentiful wildlife to satisfy meat-eaters. I should imagine that life was wonderful in those times….”

    Maybe in summer months, but even then there would be droughts, floods, and other disruptions to the food supply. Surviving winter would require that you had stockpiled (preserved) crops and meat that were available in the summer.

    • junican Says:

      Ok, mikef, but I did mention Stonehenge and the cave paintings! That is, I was really talking about life ten, twenty, thirty thousand years ago. What I was trying to point out was the fruits of nature were free. I rather suspect that people in those far off days would have collected nuts and similar non-perishables to store in case of hard times. But, essentially, I am talking about small tribes living in a world of natural plenty!

  2. Samuel Says:

    You are quite right about smoking being about the *sensation* of inhalation, the rituals involved, the “pleasure” and not “addiction” to nicotine. One piece of evidence that government is only interested in money and power by demonizing and persecuting an artificially created minority is that it consistently targets pre-made cigarettes while, mostly, avoiding increased taxes and penalization on loose tobacco, cigars and pipe tobacco. In the US cigarettes are strictly controlled and heavily taxed and cannot be purchased and shipped by mail (they are even more tightly controlled than firearms). Cigars and pipe tobacco can be easily ordered, by mail, without even needing to prove the age of the buyer.
    When I was younger, and found tobacco more difficult to buy, I tried smoking loose leaf tea in a pipe. It was definitely very pleasant and stimulating (I suppose the caffeine in the tea was aerosolized just as the nicotine is from tobacco) but it tended to burn the pipe as it smoked very hot. Smoking isn’t about nicotine addiction. It is about rituals and short term diversion, taste and aroma and the sensation.

    • junican Says:

      I think that the thing about cigs is that they are so easily manufactured in their billions. It is far easier, politically, to regulate such manufacturers. It seems to me that the top people in TC have been deliberately trying to shut down small operations in order to ‘corral’ big manufacturers for branding and exploiting.

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