Tobacco Control Abuses Children

I was reading Frank Davis’s blog earlier today:

He had an insight. ‘Headlines’ are important.

I personally have a habit of ‘headlining’ my essays with generalised words, such as ‘Hysteria’. Well, yes, that word would describe the story of my essay, but it would not describe what the hysteria was about. It could be anything at all.

It would have been easy to title this essay as ‘Child Abuse’, but that title would have been generalised far too widely. And yet, yesterday, I would almost certainly have titled this essay in just such a generalised way.

So, following Frank Davis’s example, I have been much more direct with the title.

I think that we should all be much more direct in our attacks on ASH ET AL.

The report from Simon Clark today is a case in point:

He reports this:

Primary school children in Coventry are at the centre of a nationwide anti-smoking campaign.

Pupils from Earlsdon Primary School have drawn their own anti-smoking packaging ahead of the country’s plain packaging rollout in May 2017.

Public Health England (PHE) said it hopes the message “resonates” with the UK’s 7m smokers.

The children drew their own front-of-pack messages, with sentiments like, “don’t be the smoker, be the stopper”.

The drawings also feature illustrations of diseases that can be caused by smoking, like heart attacks and strokes.

Erm. Erm.

If you were a parent of a primary school child, would you be happy that your child was being encouraged to draw ‘illustrations of diseases…’? How would such childish drawings look? Would they depict people falling down dead?

When I was a child, born in 1939, I had no idea at all that there was a war going on. The corrugated iron shelter in the front garden was just there. Even as a small child, I wondered what it was for.

Further, we kids were protected from knowing about death and disease. We were not rendered to be afraid. Our parents protected us against such knowledge.

So what would be the response of parents at the ‘Earlsdon Primary School’ when they find out that their children are being taught to draw ‘medical porn’?

We hear a lot about ‘post truth’ and ‘fake news’. I cannot help but feel that this ‘story’ is just that; that no such events have actually taken place. No children have drawn medical porn. It would be interesting to see what would result if the MSM demanded to see the ‘medical porn’ drawings that the children produced.

But the MSM will not so demand. Nor will Forest. It is all just jousting with words.

I must admit that I am sick of it. I really am sick to death of the obfuscation and the ‘fake news’. I would bet a pound to a penny that NO CHILDREN AT THAT SCHOOL DREW MEDICAL PORN PICTURES.

So what might they have drawn? The probability is that they did not draw anything. That the whole thing is made up, just as the pictures on PP cig packets are made up.

In Tobacco Control, nothing is real. Everything is made up. “70% of smokers want to give up”. Erm, no, 70% of smokers object to paying massive taxes.

But even if the Primary school initiative is real, it is an Abuse of Children. The story, put about by ASH ET AL, is an abuse of children even if it is fake news. That is, there could be some five minute childish drawings of stick people with cigs in their mouths and drawing of stick people lying on the ground dead. But even such simple representations are ‘Child Abuse’.

Primary schools are NOT places where TC should have any part. Such influence is Child Abuse.




6 Responses to “Tobacco Control Abuses Children”

  1. Frank Davis Says:

    Good message!

  2. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    Not surprising we are bringing up a generation of uneducated morons when this sort of rubbish gets taught. The Head of this school should be reported to Ofsted. Obviously he/she is not fit to be in control of the education of young people. Also there is a case here for inciting hate against smokers which wouldn’t be tolerated if it was gender or religion.

  3. cherie79 Says:

    Is there no depth these morons won’t sink to? If it was my child I would think of suing the school that permitted it. Poor kids these days will grow up scared of everything.

  4. Smoking Lamp Says:

    Tobacco control exploits children and the ignorant to sow their campaign of hate and mass hysteria.

  5. Some French bloke Says:

    Primary schools are NOT places where TC should have any part

    And this goes way back: I clearly remember reading somewhere that June 1957 was when the UK school system agreed to ‘educate’ pupils as to the hazards of smoking, though I can’t track down a reference right now. See “The Black Lung Mystery” post by Frank Davis, who recounts that he and fellow pupils were subjected to scary animated ‘black lung’ presentations in the early sixties, probably even before the first anti-smoking Surgeon General of the U.S. report of 1964 was published, and its rash conclusions so widely propagated!

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