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A couple of years ago, I tried to establish a ‘Constituency Group’. I wanted to create a Group which contained at least one person from every constituency in the UK. That meant a Group of 650 persons. It would not matter if there was more than one person from each constituency provided that there was at least one from each constituency. Of course, it is likely that some constituencies, would not be represented, but the vast majority would be.

I think that I got about 100 constituencies accounted for. I still have the list of email addresses, but many might be defunct of course. I do not know.

My thinking was that it would be better, theoretically, for 650 MPs to receive a letter from one constituent that for one MP to receive a letter from 650 constituents. We might take an example of a steel factory closing down and hundreds of constituents complaining to their MP. What could he do if none of the other 649 MPs received no complaints? Tobacco Control is not like a steel factory. It is ubiquitous throughout the UN, WHO, EU, World Bank, IMF, IPCC, UK Government and UK Local Government, etc. The cost of all those departments must be astronomical. Who pays the costs?

We smokers like to think that it is us who pay, but the probability is that non-smokers carry most of the burden. Only in a small number of countries is the burden of tobacco duty/tax enormous. Even in the USA, the epicentre of Prohibition, tobacco taxes are nowhere near UK taxes. Spanish taxes are about half, and Chech Republic taxes are about a third.

But I became disenchanted. There are internet bloggers with far greater following that my humble site. Forest, for example, must have thousands of followers. If my humble blog can get 100 persons from different constituencies, should not Forest be able to get at least one person from almost every constituency? And ought not other blogs, like Dick P and Frank S, be able to add many more people?

The answer to those questions is, “YES!” There is no reason that, taken together, such blogs should not have dozens of ‘representatives’ in every constituency in the land, give or take a few.

But it is also true that there would be no ‘Leader’. Does a swarm need a leader? There must be some sort of leader, as Brexit has shown, and as has Trump shown. But that only applies if the swarm is active, as opposed to passive. Generally, swarms mind their own business unto prodded.

It is pity that smokers are not more aware that they are being exploited. There is no reason that they should be taxed more that purchasers of clothes, for example, or golf equipment. The same applies to alcohol and petrol. Millions of people are avoiding tax by not smoking, drinking or driving.

There is a group called Taxpayers Alliance. I get emails from them. What better group could there be to organise a militant Constituency Group?

They do not want to know. To them, smokers are beyond the pail, as are drinkers. Drivers are OK, but only because petrol taxes inhibit commerce.

Tobacco Control has, for too long, controlled Government. It is incredible that such a small group of Zealots has gained such control – witness the Chief Medical Officer claiming that she asks herself about cancer whenever she has a glass of wine. The simple query is: “Why are you still drinking wine?” Tobacco Control, Alcohol Control, Fat Control, Petrol Control, are all the same.

Just as small groups of Zealots have taken control of Government, small groups of constituents could reverse that process.

I don’t know which National Organisation could bring the Constituency Groups together. But I personally must admit a fault – I have never wrote to my MP to complain about the treatment of smokers hereabouts. Why? Because I am one tiny voice.

But it is OBVIOUS that, in the end, the Prohibitionists will lose. They always have lost. Why do they bother? Because it pays so much.

Our local authority sent us all a letter saying that our grey bins, the ones which dispose of our general waste, would be replaced by smaller bins. Because of personal family circumstances (the invalid), I wanted to complain. But the notice did not give a specific phone number or email address to make a complaint. I therefore contacted my local Council member who is UKIP. She passed my complaint on and I was allowed to keep my big bin.

I tell that story because it shows that exceptions are possible. Exceptions to smoking bans were built into the original Bill, but corrupt politicians removed them at the last minute. When I say ‘corrupt’, I mean ignorant and compliant.

Almost all those corrupt politicians are no longer involved, but Tobacco Control continues to exploit and persecute smokers.

The TC Industry can only be destroyed from the top, and only in one way. It is a flimsy thing, just like Climate Control. Defund the CEO and the whole organisation collapses.



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  1. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    This is a brilliant idea Junican.

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